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Graveyard: November and December Empties 2014

14. January 2015

Here are the last empties I’ve got for you from 2014. I also changed the design of my product graveyard cover image. Hope you like it :D I’m still not sure if this will be final though. Now, have fun reading about my emtied products for the last two months (I didn’t keep sheet masks and other masks, and also no sample sachets…it would simply be too much…and also too messy ;)

November and December Empties 2014

1. Laneige Waterbank Essence: Repurchase? Yes, if I can afford it XD

A very nice and moisturizing essence. A pitty Laneige is quite expensive, otherwise I would have bought the fullsized product already. A review is upcoming.

2. Nivea Soft Milk: Repurchase? Yes.

I bought this a couple of times and since it is cheap and locally available I would always get another one when needed.

3. Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumescara: Repurchase? Yes, but I still want to try various different asian mascaras first.

A volumizing and lengthening mascara. You can turn it and change the amount of mascara on the brush by rotating in three steps. See my review >>here<<.

4. Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion? Repurchase? Yes, but I have a lot of new toners to test first.

This water based toner has a light acid pH and not many, but good ingredients, like hylanoronic acid, honey, ceramide and collagen. If you love products with few ingredients which are natural you should check out Tunemakers. Read my review >> here <<.

5. Anatomicals sud the lot of you get lost grime body cleanser: Repurchase? No.

Nothing special about this body cleanser to be honest. The scent wasn’t spectacular either.

6. Dita von Teese Rouge Shower Gel: Repurchase? Yes!

I told you already how much I love the Dita von Teese Rouge Body Lotion and Perfume and I do love the shower gel, too. The scent also lingers quite some time on your skin and is amazing! Love it ♥

7. Lush Sugar Scrub: Repurchase? Maybe.

This scrub was really nice, but I don’t like the packaging because it has no protection for the scrub. If you do not put it in another container it will melt away in the shower as soon as it gets wet. The scent was nice though and the grains did a good scrub on my body.

8. Shiseido Ibuki Softening Lotion: Repurchase? Yes, but it is too expensive…

I really like the scent of the Ibuki line and this softening toner really softens the skin. I did like using it, but it is too expensive to be rebought atm.

9. Donginbi Donginbidam Red Gingseng Aqua Oil & Red Ginseng Aqua Pack Essence: Repurchase? Yes and No.

This set was part of Memebox Oriental Medicine and from the two products I really liked the Aqua Oil better, which was a watery and ungreasy facial oil. The essence was okay, but nothing special. I think this is more on the expensive side which is why I would not repurchase it. Other than this it was an interesting line and brand. Review is upcoming.

10. Avène Cleansing Lotion: Repurchase? No.

This mild cleansing lotion unfortunately didn’t remove makeup as I expected. If you have gentle skin you will like it, and if you don’t wear makeup you will like it, too. Other than that it is not really useful.

11. Hairich Vedacell Hair Program Shampoo: Repurchase? No.

This herbal shampoo was part of Memebox Global No. 8 and it targets hair growth and vitality, similar to the Damoae Therapy Shampoo. I liked the effects from the Damoae shampoo better and my hair was softer after washing it. If I would go for a herbal shampoo, I would go for Damoae.

12. Declaré Anti- Irritation Serum: Repurchase? No.

I was not convinced by this serum, especially compared to asian serums I tried. It was too sticky, when applied alone! But the application with included pipette in the cap was nice and the scent was pleasant, too. And it did a great job in moisturizing the skin. Read my review >> here <<.

13. D’Ran wonder Serum: Repurchase? No.

This serum is packed with great ingredients used in traditional korean and chinese medicine. I liked using it and it had a nice and calming ginseng scent. Read my review >> here <<.

14. Etude House Aloe Moistful Soothing Gel: Repurchase? Yes, or maybe another aloe gel

The Etude House aloe soothing gel comes in a convenient pump packaging, which was the reason for me to buy it. It is soothing and refreshing for face and body and perfect for warm weather. I could imagine buying another Aloe gel for summer. Read my review >> here <<.

15. MAX Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Form Cleanser: Repurchase? No.

I had high hopes for this cleanser since it sounds very luxurious, just from the name. I didn’t like the citrus scent and it was not the best oil cleanser I encountered. Read my review >> here <<.

16. Missha Vita M BB Cream Moisture: Repurchase? Maybe.

A light BB cream with a glowy finish. I love Missha BB creams, but the Perfect Cover BB is still my favourite. Read my review >> here <<. Anyways, I could not repurchase it at the moment because I have too many BB creams :D

November and December Empties 2014 Which items did you try from these? Any favourites? Leave a comment if you like ♥


beauty empties

Graveyard: September and October Empties

6. November 2014

I completely forgot to make an empty post for Septmeber and here are now my product empties from two months. Again, I’m really trying hard to use up all my opened products at the moment and it starts to show some progress slowly. I didn’t keep the sample sachets or sheet masks though…It would be too much of a mess. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll have fun reading!


1. Dita Von Teese Rouge Body Lotion – Repurchase? Yes.

I love the scent of this line by Dita. I tried all the perfumes and the Rouge Line is my favourite scent and at the same time this body lotion smells great. The scent lingers on the skin for a long time and it absorbs fast and makes the skin feel nice. I will repurchase this (I still have the shower gel in use atm…*_*).

2. Naobay Protective Shampoo and Shower Gel -Repurchase? No.

This was part of one of my older Glossyboxes. I used it as shower gel only, so I cannot say anything about the quality as a shampoo. The scent was not my favourite scent but it wasn’t bad either. Nevertheless, it didn’t convince me in a way that I would repurchase it.

3. Illi Fresh Moisture Body Lotion – Repurchase? Maybe.

You will find my review >>here<<. This was part of one of the Global MeMeBoxes. It is a citrus scented moisturizing lotion. I liked that the citrus/lemon scent was natural and not like bathroom cleaning products. It absorbs quickly, too and was not sticky at all. It was a tiny bit to runny for my tasting but I could imagine to try one of their other lotions.

4. The Faceshop Face It Auro Color Control Cream- Repurchase? Yes.

I really do like this CC cream from The Faceshop. It has a nice coverage and lovely finish. I’m sad that it is emptie now, but there are refills available. As soon as I have used up 2-3 of my other BB/CC cream tubes I will repurchase this. I also like the fact that you can buy refills for it. See my review >>here<<. I’m sorry, that my older posts have blurry images…this is because of the switch I made to my new domain. I’ll try to fix all the older posts as soon as I have some spare time. :/

5. CaoLion Mool Pool Deep Cleansing -Repurchase? No.

Actually, I didn’t like this too much. It didn’t remove everything, it had a almost watery consistency and I didn’t like the scent.

6. Balea Diamantentraum Bodylotion – Repurchase? Yes.

Balea is a German drugstore brand, which is easily available and has fair prices. This bodylotion was a limited edition and I liked the scent. It made a nice feeling of the skin. Since it is affordable I would definitively repurchase their bodylotions, but maybe another version, just for the variety.

7. Kneipp Hautöl Mandelblüten Hautarzt – Repurchase? Yes.

Another German brand :) This almond blossom oil has such a nice scent. It is perfect for dry skin and delivers deep nourishment. I enjoyed using it, and I have a second travel-sized version of this oil still in use.

8. Pure Smile Muddy Girl Charcoal Face Mask – Repurchase? Maybe.

This charcoal-type mask pack from the Japanese brand Pure Smile was in my first MeMeBox My Cute Wishlist. It has a heartshaped packaging and contains enough product for 2 times usage. It is a mud-type mask which dries on your face. It has some cooling effect and I heard that some reacted to these pacs, but luckily I just experienced the cool feeling and a tightened skin. I would like to purchase other masks from this brand just to see how they compare.

9. Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence – Repurchase? Maybe.

Since I tried samples from Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence and was overwhelmed by it I wanted to get the essence. Unfortunately it is not the cheapest product. I found some reviews on Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Essence and read that it was comparable with the one from Missha, and even cheaper. So I decided to get the travel size. I enjoyed using it- but I enjoyed the one from Missha even better. Especially since the effects were much quicker visible and the scent of the Missha product is much nicer.Nevertheless, considering the price, I might buy the one from Secret Key again…

10. The Body Shop Vitamin E Nightcreme – Repurchase? Yes.

I love this cream! It was only a tiny sample jar, but it lasted for quite some time. This rich and nourishing night cream has a wonderful flowery scent and a perfect consistency for a night cream. It absorbs fast and makes the skin silky. I used it in combination with the Vitamin C serum from Tunemakers (see below).

11. Tunemakers VC-3 Serum – Repurchase? Maybe.

This stabilized vitamin C serum is a good alternative to O.S.T. Vitamin C Serum because it is mild and suited for sentitive skin, too. Unfortunately, the bottle is not large, but it lasted for 2,5 months. In general, both of the products from Tunemakers that I tried ( the toner and this serum) were nice products with few ingredients only. This brand is worth a closer look.

12. Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer – Repurchase? Yes.

I had quite some samples from the Ibuki line and I like the scent and the effect of the products. This emulsion is really great. It absorbs super fast into the skin and makes ist feel soft and moisturized without any stickiness or greasiness. If I had the money for it I would buy it immediately.

12. Only You Green Tea Jamine Bodyscrub – Repurchase? Maybe.

I didn’t know this brand but I received a set of products as a gift. I love drinking green tea and jamine, so I was very pleased about the scent. It is a milder body scrub with shower gel. I’m still using the shower gel and the body lotion, which have the same nice scent.

Graveyard: September and October Empties

These are quite some products. Do you know any of these and did you try them yourself? What is your opinion on these products I showed above? I’d be happy about your comments ♥

asian cosmetics beauty beautystar PR Sample review

Review: Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

20. September 2014

A while ago I reviewed the Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion (a Japanese toner) I’m using currently, and – as I mentioned back then- I use it together with a serum called Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate Serum. Both items have been provided by Beautystar, a new online shop for some Japanese beauty products which are harder to get for people living outside of Japan. If you want to have soft skin and don’t use products with a long ingredients list but with natural ingredients mainly these two products are a perfect combination which I can recommend to you anytime. Keep on reading if you want to read more about it :)

Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

Tunemakers is a Japanese brand, which seems to be featured in a lot of Japanese magazines…unfortunately the brands site is in Japanese only, but according to Beautystar’s describtion, Tunemakers was born through the wish of a lot of people for skincare products which contain ingredients which are part of the skin. I think this means, the use of raw ingredients in a good concentration to be absorbed by the skin and yet have the best possible effect. Tunemakers VC3 Vitamine C Derivate serum is formulated, as you can say from the name, from a vitamine C derivate for skin conditioning. It can fix the balance of oil and moisture in skin, and leads to glistening and smooth skin according to the product description. The ingredients list is again – like for the Tunemakers Lotion- very short and contains safe ingredients only: water, BG, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, hydrogenated lecithin, citric acid Na, PEG-100 hydrogenated castor oil, dihydro correspondent-20, Toriokutanoin, citric acid, cholesterol, tocopherol acetate, methyl paraben. You can look up the ingredients on COSDNA >>here<<.

Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

This tiny bottle is made of brown glass, like the Tunemakers Lotion, and prevents the content from light in this way. Nevertheless, since it is real glass you have to be careful not to drop it. The design looks again like the old bottles in pharmacies. I personally like it, but maybe some of you will consider this boring… The cap can be winded on the bottle tightly, too, to prevent oxidization. The opening of the bottle has a dripping nozzle, so you can get out the product dropwise…according to the product description it is advised to use 2 drops in the morning and two in the evening. In this way the bottle should last you last less than two months…I was sometimes a bit unpatient with the nozzle and I ended up with more drops on my hands than the two drops, but still after 4 weeks I have still serum left in the bottle.

Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

The serum is a watery milky colored liquid which is scentless. After a while of using the product you’ll see some white powder on the winding of the bottle. Don’t worry about this, because it is only the dried vitamin C powder. The VC3 derivate is a stabilized vitamine C derivate matched with a derivate of phosphoric acid in high stability. In order to guarantee the stability it is based on capsular lecithin. Other than the O.S.T. Vitamine C Serum, this serum doesn’t change it’s color because of oxidization or anything and doesn’t have to be used up super quickly...but the concentration of the vitamin C in this serum is also less than in the O.S.T. vitamin C serum and thus the effect of these two serums is quite different. As a huge fan of the O.S.T. Vitamin C serum I certainly want to compare these two vitamin C serums and I came to the conclusion that both are good in their own ways. The Tunemakers VC3 Serum makes your skin as promised smooth. Especially in combination with the lotion the skin feels nice afterwards. The ingredients list of both products is short, so it will be suitable for sensitive skintypes, too. The O.S.T Vitamin C Serum shows a more visible result. Because of the high concentration of vitamin C it acts like a chemical peeling, and you will even feel some tingling on your skin sometimes. I didn’t experience any tingling feeling with the tunemakers serum. The downside of both are, that they feel a bit sticky after application, that’s why I prefer to use them at night. If you mix the serum with a cream the stickyness is reduced though.

Concluding these points, I would say that I recommend the tunemakers VC3 serum for a use on daily basis, whereas I recommend the O.S.T. serum for a more deep peeling. People with very sensitive skin, who did not like the tingling effect of the O.S.T. serum will maybe enjoy the tunemakers VC3 serum more. You can get Tunemakers VC3 Serum (and a lot of other serums, too) from BeautyStar. This bottle costs 14.60 US$ and contains 10 ml. Also, check out my review on the Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion which teams up perfectly with this serum. Did you know about this Japanese brand? Which is your favourite vitamin C serum? :)



Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.
asian cosmetics beauty beautystar PR Sample review

Review: Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion

2. September 2014

I introduced the online shop Beautystar in my previous review about Relevance Highlighter Tip and today I will review another item which was provided to me for reviewing purpose, the Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion. Beautystar is an online shop selling Japanese skincare and cosmetic products which are harder to find in other online shops. Apart from the lotion (Japanese lotion is the adequate to Korean toner or skin) I received a serum with I will review separately in future.

Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion

Tunemakers is a Japanese brand, which seems to be featured in a lot of Japanese magazines…unfortunately the brands site is in Japanese only, but according to Beautystar’s describtion, Tunemakers was born through the wish of a lot of people for skincare products which contain ingredients which are part of the skin. I think this means, the use of raw ingredients in a good concentration to be absorbed by the skin and yet have the best possible effect.

Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion

The Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion is a simple waterbased lotion containing ceramide, hyaluronic acid, honey, collagenand royal jelly extract in a ratio of 5:3.5:2:1:1. Water with a weak acidity builds the basis of this mixture. Ceramide is one of the main lipid components of the skin. The content of ceramide declines with age, so ceramide is a skin-identical component and is supposed to help the skin regenerating or balancing the decrease in ceramides.  Collagen is also one of these components which occur naturally in our body and thus in our skin. The amount of collagen declines with our age, too. Ceramides and collangens in cosmetics won’t probably affect our skin in a way, that we start building more collagen and/or ceramides in our skin, however, collagen binds moisture and thus does it help to prevent our skin to dry, when applied on our skin. The same for ceramide, which, as a lipid keeps the right amount of fatty acids on our skin. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture aswell and thus helps the skin to stay moisturized, too. Honey and royal jelly extract are both natural ingredients. Honey is one of the ingredients with the oldest history for beauty uses. Both these ingredients contain vitamins, aminoacids and have anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant effects.

Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion

The full ingredient list is supprisingly short: water, glycerin, 1,2 – hexanediol, sphingoglycolipids of rice bran , hyaluronic acid Na, honey,water-soluble collagen, hydrolyzed royal jelly extract, licorice root extract, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, lysolecithin, hydrogenated lecithin, BG, xanthan gum, apple acid Na, malic acid, citric acid, citric acid Na, phenoxyethanol. Thant’s it! According to COSDNA almost all the ingredients are green flagged. No fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil, petroleum based surfactant-free, paraben-free,and alcohol- free. I guess this should be suited to people with sensitive skin, too.

Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion

The product itself comes in a brown colored glass bottle. It is real glass, so you have to be careful while using it. Other than this, the bottle looks like a vintage medicine bottle, with a simple ettiquette and all in Japanese. The opening has a drip function, so you won’t spill too much lotion on your hands. I usually apply these moisturising toners/lotion with my hands, directly after washing my face. It has the same consistency like water, it has no scent and feels very light. After applying it absorbs really quickly into the skin and leaves my skin very soft and hydrated.

Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion

Apart from the fact that it is a glass bottle, this lotion/toner has nothing I would complain about. It has a short ingredient list, feels like water, but makes the skin feel hydrated. I didn’t have any skin irritations while using it and I’m using it every day since two weeks now :) You can get this from Beautystar for US$ 19.50 and I’m sure, that there will be quite some of you, who will share my opinion.



Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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