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Review: Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

20. September 2014

A while ago I reviewed the Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion (a Japanese toner) I’m using currently, and – as I mentioned back then- I use it together with a serum called Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate Serum. Both items have been provided by Beautystar, a new online shop for some Japanese beauty products which are harder to get for people living outside of Japan. If you want to have soft skin and don’t use products with a long ingredients list but with natural ingredients mainly these two products are a perfect combination which I can recommend to you anytime. Keep on reading if you want to read more about it :)

Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

Tunemakers is a Japanese brand, which seems to be featured in a lot of Japanese magazines…unfortunately the brands site is in Japanese only, but according to Beautystar’s describtion, Tunemakers was born through the wish of a lot of people for skincare products which contain ingredients which are part of the skin. I think this means, the use of raw ingredients in a good concentration to be absorbed by the skin and yet have the best possible effect. Tunemakers VC3 Vitamine C Derivate serum is formulated, as you can say from the name, from a vitamine C derivate for skin conditioning. It can fix the balance of oil and moisture in skin, and leads to glistening and smooth skin according to the product description. The ingredients list is again – like for the Tunemakers Lotion- very short and contains safe ingredients only: water, BG, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, hydrogenated lecithin, citric acid Na, PEG-100 hydrogenated castor oil, dihydro correspondent-20, Toriokutanoin, citric acid, cholesterol, tocopherol acetate, methyl paraben. You can look up the ingredients on COSDNA >>here<<.

Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

This tiny bottle is made of brown glass, like the Tunemakers Lotion, and prevents the content from light in this way. Nevertheless, since it is real glass you have to be careful not to drop it. The design looks again like the old bottles in pharmacies. I personally like it, but maybe some of you will consider this boring… The cap can be winded on the bottle tightly, too, to prevent oxidization. The opening of the bottle has a dripping nozzle, so you can get out the product dropwise…according to the product description it is advised to use 2 drops in the morning and two in the evening. In this way the bottle should last you last less than two months…I was sometimes a bit unpatient with the nozzle and I ended up with more drops on my hands than the two drops, but still after 4 weeks I have still serum left in the bottle.

Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

The serum is a watery milky colored liquid which is scentless. After a while of using the product you’ll see some white powder on the winding of the bottle. Don’t worry about this, because it is only the dried vitamin C powder. The VC3 derivate is a stabilized vitamine C derivate matched with a derivate of phosphoric acid in high stability. In order to guarantee the stability it is based on capsular lecithin. Other than the O.S.T. Vitamine C Serum, this serum doesn’t change it’s color because of oxidization or anything and doesn’t have to be used up super quickly...but the concentration of the vitamin C in this serum is also less than in the O.S.T. vitamin C serum and thus the effect of these two serums is quite different. As a huge fan of the O.S.T. Vitamin C serum I certainly want to compare these two vitamin C serums and I came to the conclusion that both are good in their own ways. The Tunemakers VC3 Serum makes your skin as promised smooth. Especially in combination with the lotion the skin feels nice afterwards. The ingredients list of both products is short, so it will be suitable for sensitive skintypes, too. The O.S.T Vitamin C Serum shows a more visible result. Because of the high concentration of vitamin C it acts like a chemical peeling, and you will even feel some tingling on your skin sometimes. I didn’t experience any tingling feeling with the tunemakers serum. The downside of both are, that they feel a bit sticky after application, that’s why I prefer to use them at night. If you mix the serum with a cream the stickyness is reduced though.

Concluding these points, I would say that I recommend the tunemakers VC3 serum for a use on daily basis, whereas I recommend the O.S.T. serum for a more deep peeling. People with very sensitive skin, who did not like the tingling effect of the O.S.T. serum will maybe enjoy the tunemakers VC3 serum more. You can get Tunemakers VC3 Serum (and a lot of other serums, too) from BeautyStar. This bottle costs 14.60 US$ and contains 10 ml. Also, check out my review on the Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion which teams up perfectly with this serum. Did you know about this Japanese brand? Which is your favourite vitamin C serum? :)



Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Sakuranko 20. September 2014 at 20:21

    I love it the serums so maybe I can give a try to this!
    By the way I nominated to you to “Best Friends of Blogger

  • Lili 21. September 2014 at 17:43

    Im waiting on my first bottle of C20 and Im super excited for it. I definitely require the stronger punch of exfoliation since my skin is breakout prone.

    But good to know that this also exists in case the C20 isn’t right for my skin or something. Good review!

  • Evelyn 21. September 2014 at 23:00

    When saw what was about, the obvious question popped up xD (How about C20) and I’m glad you’ve cleared all aspects.

    I’m searching for a serum to rid of some acne marks and I’m thinking that C20 (ex OST) would be a nice choice.
    Thank you!