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Summer is coming closer these days and with warmer weather the skin has needs of a modified skincare. My skin tends to be very dry in cold winters, but in summer, when the temperature is rising, my skin turns to more normal and sometimes even shows tendencies to combination skin, with a shiny T-Zone. I put aside my super-duper moisturizing butters and creams and bought Etude House Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel to replace my daily moisturizer and it works great. ♥

There are plenty of different aloe soothing gels on the market these day, so why did I choose the one from Etude House, instead of one of the big jars which are provided by Nature Republic or by Mizon? The answer is simple: I was looking for a aloe gel which comes in a pump bottle, because this is the most conventient type of packaging and it is more hygienic too.

Etude House’s Aloe Soothing Gel is part of the Aloe Moistfull Collection. A cream, toner, emulsion etc. for the same line are also available and the signiture color of the line is this pale turquoise you see here, which is a beautiful color in my eyes, especially for skincare products somehow turquoise makes me feel perfectly cared of XD The marketing techniques work out, it seems :D The description on the paper cardbox are in Korean and in English. The main ingredients are aloe extract and other plant extracts. According to COSDNA there is no ingredient on the list with a red flag. (^_^)  ♥
As I said, the aloe soothing gel comes in a little pump bottle. There are two sizes available: one large bottle with 300 ml and a smaller bottle, which I purchased,  with 150 ml. The smaller one has a more travel friendly size. I chose the smaller bottle because I wanted to test the soothing gel in general before going for a larger bottle.
For making the pump work you have to untwist it after you unpacked from the box first. As soon as it is untwisted (visible because the neck of the pump gets longer (see the image below) you can push the pump in order to use the aloe gel. The first time use 2-3 pumps are needed for the first product to come out of the pump, but afterwards in general one pump is enough to cover my whole face with the aloe gel.
As expected, it is a clear gel type product, which is cooling and feels moist and hydrating. It needs a couple of minutes to absorb, but it leaves your skin refreshed and supple. You can also use the aloe gel on your body. I especially love to use it all over my skin directly after taking a shower. The scent is refreshing and pleasant and the effect is really nice. ♥
As I said, I use this gel mostly in the morning as replacement for my day cream. When I feel my skin to need more deeper moisture, for example at night, I just put a few drops of Argan Oil before using this. It works really nice. I always wait until it is absorbed fully (mostly by patting my skin) before I continue to use a priming cream or bb/cc cream or makeup.
If you are looking for a conventient to use aloe soothing gel, or if you want to switch to a lighter day cream I can recommend you to try this product. It is more hygienic than the aloe gels which come in a jar. Also, 150 ml which I bought seems to last forever already, so I can imagin that the jars will even last longer, but if you don’t use it extremly often, the product might get expired. On the other hand, aloe gel has a variaty of use. You can sooth sunburnt skin with it, take a tiny amount in order to ease frizzy hair or use it as a pampering mask…a lot of options. In the end you’ve to choose which form of packaging you like best :)  Aloe Soothing Gel in general is worth a try!
I bought my 150 ml bottle at W2Beauty for 13.93 US$. The large bottle (300 ml) costs 18.11 US$). 
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24 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel”

  1. Looks awesome. I have to agree about the pump style bottle. The ease of use stops me from skipping it in the morning when I’m sleepy and lazy. :P

    1. Yes, it really does..It is so conevnient if you just have to press the pump once and splash the gel into your face while still continueing sleeping XD absolutely agree! Thanks for reading, Bethany ♥

  2. Your skin looks so moist *w* Aloe it’s a great product in fact…
    Do you know if there are samples of this product? I’d like to try it (and surely my husband would like too)

    Thanks for your review!!

    1. I was looking for samples on roseroseshop and testerkorea but I didn’t find any samples for this one unfortunately. :( I hope you’ll be able to try this anyways! It’s a nice product :)

  3. I’ve really begun to fall in love with Etude House. They have some really great products. I haven’t tried any of the moistfull lines, because I’m trying to use up what I have, but I am curious about this. I have oily skin all year round, and I’m always up for aloe products.

    1. I’m trying to use up some products, too, atm, but I have too many :D I should stop buying :D The aloe gel is really nice, nevertheless, it makes it so easy- just pump and splash onto the face and done :D Thanks for your comment, Joann ♥

  4. This looks like a good product, I had a bad experience with the gel from mouisture line the orange, after use for some days I had pimples and redness but this looks like a very good product so many thanks for your detailed review sweetie~

    1. Luckily I didn’t have any problems with this gel, perhaps because of the aloe extract(?!) I think it is a great product :) thanks for reading and commenting ♥♥♥

  5. I love aloe, but you’re right, the pump is better. I have the large tub of aloe from Nature Republic and I wish it were more hygenic.

    …I wonder if I could pour that into a pump bottle…

  6. I like the packaging–it’s convenient to just pump out what you need without having to contaminate the rest with bacteria. It sounds like something that would be a light yet effective moisturizer in the summer months!

    1. Thank you, I’m trying my best to make the reviews good :) If you have any more ideas how I could improve my posts I would be happy to hear about your opinion, too :)

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