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Review: Relevance Highlighter Tip

25. August 2014

It’s one week since my last post, but unfortunately my internet broke down and I didn’t have any possibilty to upload any new posts. Nevertheless, I took a lot of new pictures for upcoming reviews and I’m happy that I can post one of these reviews today- moreover, it is a japanese brand and as you know, I love trying out new brands: Relevance Highlighter Tip will be topic of today’s post.

Relevance Highlighter Tip

Relevance is a Japanese brand and honestly I didn’t hear about this brand until I received the package from Beautystar, a new online shop for japanese cosmetic brands which are hard to find elsewhere. Relevance belongs to Reinatural Pure Cosmetics and if you are interested in their products you can check out their (japaese) page >>here<<. The trend of highlightening your eyebag is very popular in asian countries, simply because it makes your eyes look more awake, younger and vivid looking. These all contribute in a more youthfull look and larger appearing eyes. The Relevance Highlighter Tip is one of the best selling items for this purpose.

Relevance Highlighter Tip

The Relevance Highlighter Tip comes in a girly pink packaging with ornaments all around. There are three different colors available for this Highlighter Tip: pink, orange and yellow. I received the pink version of the Relevance Highlighter Tip from Beautystar for reviewing purpose and I’m really glad about the color. Pink toned highlighters look always more natural than for example white colored ones. The Highlighter comes in a pen-shaped form. the material of the pen is plastic and as the packaging it has a pink color and some ornaments on it. It looks lovely, but simply. The product description is unfortunately only in japanese, but as far as I know the product contains hyaloronic acid for providing moisture and indeed, this product doesn’t make your eyes feel dry at the end of the day.

Relevance Highlighter Tip

Other than you would expect, it is not a pencil type highlighter, but it is a sponge-type applicator with the eyeshadow included in the cap. You can twist the cap (it feels like there is a spring inside the cap), and by twisting you dispense the eyeshadow on the sponge applicator. The color of the highlighter is a soft pink color with glitter/shimmer particles. The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is soft and not too opaque, so you can create a natural look. By adding more layers you can double the pigmentation.

Relevance Highlighter Tip

If you look at the before and after pictures, the effect is not too strong on my eyes, which is caused by my dark cicles, but you can see that my appearance looks brighter and awaker in general. If you add conceiler before, keep in mind that this will make the sponge applicator dirty, since you use the sponge directly on top of it. The shimmer particles cause fall-off, unfortunatelly, and so the lasting power of this eyebag highlighter is not optimized for 24 hours, neither for 12 hours. I must point out that I don’t like that kind of glitter particles normally, but here it looks still appropiate for every day use. Also the size of the Relevance Highlighter Tip is perfect for the handbag, so I end up using it every day or every second day in turn with the Etude House Rose Drawing Show Eyeshadow Pencil, despite of the shorter staying power.

Relevance Highlighter Tip Relevance Highlighter Tip

All in all, this is a nice alternative product for eyebag highlighteing. The sponge applicator is kind of unique and I love the twist mechanism for using it. The packaging design is cute and reminds of Etude House Rose Collection. Moreover, the size is travel-friendly. The downsides are the fall-off caused by the glitter particles and the short staying power as a result of this. If you love highlightening your under eye area you might want to check out this product. I received my Relevance Highlighter Tip from Beautystar and I can recommend you to check out their online store. They have some interesting products, but you can also write them if you want any other specific japanese product. The shipping was fast, too, and they added japanese sweets as gift, which is really nice ♥ They also have a youtube chanel where the members try the products they offer or recommend. Here is the video for the Highlighter Tip:

Youtube Beautystar Relevance Highlighter Tip

Also, check out their Youtube Channel, Google+ and instagram below:

Beautystar on Youtube

Beautystar on Google+

Beautystar on Instagram

If you have seen my instagram picture you may have seen some other products apart from this highlighter tip and I’m already looking forward to introduce the other products to you. I have a couple of favourite new items now. Also, check out

Relevance Highlighter Tip


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Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.


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  • Sakuranko 27. August 2014 at 5:53

    This highlighter looks very pretty!
    Thank you for your cute review~
    The packaging is very cute!

    • Frl. Schnee 1. September 2014 at 19:23

      Thanks, dear♥ The packaging is really nice and the color is light and nice, too. :) Thanks for reading :)