Unboxing: Get it Beauty Box by MeMeBox No. 8

Here is the second Get it Beauty Box I ordered from MeMeBox. This time it is box No. 8. :)

What is MeMeBox? It is a monthly beauty box for mostly Korean makeup and skincare products. Unlike most beauty boxes it is not a monthly subscription box, instead you can order all boxes which are available and you want to order. They sell out quite fast, especially since they gained a lot of popularity in the blogger community. They stopped shipping internationally for some weeks, but know they are shipping to a lot of countries again, including Germany, which made me really happy :)
And here you can see what I received in my MeMeBox:
Flower Men Energy Factory Moist Boosting Sheet Mask- Hyaloronic Acid (25 g / US$ 4) – box contained fullsize product
This funny sheet mask comes in a fun packaging showing PSY’s face. You can use this as a real mask, too…for example if you want to give your friend’s a heart attack jumping out of nowhere while wearing this mask. I already tried it and it is a nicely moisturizing mask. Nothing exceptional, but nice if you love using sheet masks.
Hairich Vedacell Hair Program Shampoo (340 ml / US$ 23) – box contained product with 100 ml
This shampoo is free from sulfates, silicon and synthetic dyes and made with natural preservatives. I didn’t try this one yet, but I’m looking forward to do so, because I love testing new shampoos.
Tonymoly BCDation SPF 30 PA++ – Pink Beige (50 g / US$ 27) – box contained a 7 ml tube and a 1 ml pouch sample
I was really happy about this, because I saw it the other day online and I wanted to try it. This is a BB+CC foundation and could be thus a time saver for those using both CC creams and BB creams. I tried it already and a review will follow.
Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack (100 ml / US$49) – box contained 20 ml jar
this Sleeping cream is supposed to moisturize your skin, minimize pores and control sebum production. I used it once and although I thought that it might be drying because of the pore care effect my skin felt smooth the next day. I will continue using it and write a detailed review on this.
Secret Key Snow White Cream (50 g / US$ 21) – box contained fullsize product
I wanted to try this cream for a year now and here it is. I’m so happy about it. this is a brightening cream, which is free from mineral oils, benzophenones, phenoxyethanbol and artificial pigments. It contains Niacinamide. I used it daily since I received it and I like it. There will be a review soon, too.
MAX Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Form Cleanser (110 g / US$ 73) – box contained fullsize product
So, just by chance my foam cleanser was empty and this one arrived to replace it. It is already integrated in my nightly routine. It is made from caviar oil and is supposed to clean your face from make-up and dirt.

I’m happy with this box. I use both the fullsize product daily and I’ve used the other products as well (except of the shampoo) and I’m absolutely happy. I ordered some more boxes and I cannot wait for them to arrive.

These regular boxes cost US$ 23 and US$ 6.99 for standard shipping but they offer a lot of different other boxes recently, so I would recommend you to definitively check out their web page: www.memebox.com/

What do you think about the box? Any product you like most?

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35 thoughts on “Unboxing: Get it Beauty Box by MeMeBox No. 8”

  1. I tried the snow white cream, I should make a review aboyt that cream I repurchased that cream. But is no the best cream (on my personal opinion) The only interesting product is the BCDation looks like a good product. Thanks for share your box sweetie~xx


    1. The snow White cream may not be the best cream, but it does a nice job in giving your face an airbrushed look. I use Argan Oil beforehead and these two work great together. I will do the BCDation review soon. Thanks for reading, dear ♥

  2. I’m curious about BCDation, I’d like to try it, so, I’ll have to wait your review :3

    Thank you for sharing this, in my country this kind of box doesn’t exist (with korean cosmetics), we have only the meikabox which is very modest.

    1. Yes, it is a nice product, as I tested so far, so stay tuned for the review :D I’m also happy that MeMeBox continued shipping to Germany..because other than this we only have these normal subscription boxes like Glossybox. Thanks for reading and commenting, Evelyn ♥

  3. everything in the box looks pretty cool! i want to try the bcdation badly >.<
    but i’m afraid of purchasing the memebox because mostly they will ship with EMS and customs in my country is suck with ems package T.T

    1. As far as I’ve tested the bcdation it is a nice bb/cc cream. Stay tuned for the review :) As to MeMeBox: they also offer standard shipping. I ordered with standard shipping at least. If I were you, I would write them an email and ask. ö_ö

  4. Oh I am SO going to hunt for one of these boxes as soon as possible! I loved the idea of the Glossybox and now that I know there is a similar version with Korean cosmetic products, I’m completely hooked!
    I’m gonna cross my fingers that they deliver to Austria too :D

    1. Yes, since they continued to ship to Germany I cancelled my Glossybox subscription. I really like the idea of testing korean cosmetics more, than the usuall glossybox items. :D I hope they deliver to Austria, too! ♥

  5. I wanted to try the Snow White cream too. I look forward to a review. Been a while since I’ve had a chance to read any of my favourite blogs. Must have a catch up!

    1. Hey Bethany, I’m happy to hear from you again (hope you’ll do some reviews soon again). I’ll definitively make a post on the snowwhite cream soon, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  6. Oh das ist wirklich eine schöne Box. Von den Snow White Cream hatte ich mal einen Cleanser der ganz gut war. :) Zum Glück kann man die Boxen bei uns nun wieder bestellen

    LG Sooyoona

    1. Ich bin auch echt froh, dass das wieder klappt mit dem bestellen…MeMeBox hat auch schon wieder so viele verschiedene boxen herausgebracht dass man sich gar nicht entscheiden kann. :D

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