Review: TheFaceShop Face It Aura CC Cream

I wanted to do this review much much earlier, but due to shipping problem in Germany it was really delayed until know. There have already been a lot of reviews about this product, but nevertheless I want to share my thoughts about TheFaceShop Face It Aura CC cream with you.

Here is the description taken from TheFaceShop’s official web page: 
usable for all skintypes, recommended for normal skin
Brightening + Anti-wrinkle + SPF  effect
Creates a “Spotlight Makeup” : turns up the wattage of your skin tone with enhanced skin luminosity
 “A Born-color Cream” : just like you were born with a  brighter ,healthier & naturally luminescent  skin!
  *12H Long-wearing : with its innovative darkening-proof formula, the makeup is maintained morning-fresh & bright for 12 hours.
 *12H Hydrating: promotes Clear & lively skin tone
Super blendable & layerable  texture allows buildable coverage & easy touch ups on-the-go.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I was skeptical nonetheless, because most CC creams had a coverage which was to light for my tasting and were not able to replace my routinely used BB cream. But I read a lot of good reviews about this CC cream and so I gave it a try. The packaging contains a lot of description, too (you can enlarge the images). They put also some images on how you can add the refill. The fact that you actually can put a refill is great and is the first point I like about this product.

The pact itself is sturdy, but handy on the same time. The design is very clean and mature with a light pink color.

When you open the pact, it comes with a mirror on the one side and the CC cream container on the other. In between there is an application pad.

Now, in order to apply the CC cream you have to push the container and the CC cream is pumped through the hole in the middle of the container (you have to remove the sticker before). This CC cream looks like a BB cream. It is not based on color changing beads, but has an even tone. TheFaceShop Face It Aura CC Cream is available in two shades: light beige and natural beige. I bought natural beige. Below you can see the swatch of the CC cream on my hand. As you can see, I’m still a bit tanned from my vacation and this CC cream has a shade comparable to Missha’s No. 21, if I remember correctly. Nevertheless, it can be blended in nicely. I think the shade will work even better for me in winter :)

The coverage is really, really great. I didn’t expect it, because most CC creams have a lighter coverage, but this one does a good job and a better job than the Skinfood’s Vita Water Drop CC cream I reviewed before >>here<<. Below you can see an image of my face with and without the CC cream. You can clearly see how good the coverage is, it even covers my birth mark at my mouth’s corner. Also my skin tone is evened out and brightened up. Unfortunately, because of the SPF it is difficult to get a nice picture while using flash light. I also didn’t have any problems layering this CC cream on that parts of my skin which are not dry. With help of the sponge it looked always nicely blended and not cake-y. But, if you have dry parts in your skin or dry skin in general I recommend you to you to use a moisturizer before, otherwise it will not look nice, but a bit powdery/flaky. I don’t agree with their claim on being hydrating for drier skin types. For oily and normal skin it might be okay.
The staying power was nice, nevertheless, even if I would not say it lasts for 12 hours, but it lasts really a long time. Since I have skin on the drier side I cannot say anything about oil control. It performed nice enough for me.

I love this CC cream! I was very skeptical about CC creams because I didn’t like formulas with color changing beads, but this one is a normally toned cream without any color adapting beads. The coverage is great and comparable to BB creams, like Missha’s Perfect Cover. It evens out the skin tone, has SPF and the application is great, too. I can live with the part of having to use a good moisturizer before, because I do this anyway. Moreover, it fits perfectly into any handbag :D I am totally happy with this buy!

TheFaceShop Face It Aura CC Cream contains 20 g and costs US$ 39.00. If you decide to buy something at Keautystore I can offer you a 5 % coupon code that they provided me. So if you plan to order at their store you can put my email address in the “referred email” box (which would make me very happy ^_^) and use coupon code listed below:



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Here is the banner and Link to their store:
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28 thoughts on “Review: TheFaceShop Face It Aura CC Cream”

  1. Fräulein you convinced me to try this cc cream haha the one with flash picture looks really good your skin looks much softer and dewy ^^ I’ve read at least 5 reviews of this cc cream from different blogger friends (including you) and I think I will have to try it soon >< thank you for the review ^^


  2. A women in a korean cosmetic store recommended me this product try out out of all the other cc creams but this is so expensive T^T I still would like to try this out because it looks so nice ;w; I wouldn’t mind moisturizing before too ehehhe~
    And thanks for the review, Laven~ :D


  3. I’ve read many reviews about cc creams so far but this one seems to be the best one, coverage-wise. I don’t think it is suited for my skin type, though, since I got kinda dry skin, especially in winter. :S
    Great review, thank you, Fräulein. :) ~


    1. I have dry skin, too. but if you have a good moisturizer it really performs nice on dry skin aswell. There is also a new version of this called Face It Aqua CC Cream…I’d like to try this one perhaps as well :D

  4. Thanks for the review! I am surprised that the coverage is so great, because the only CC Cream I have tried out so far (From Etude House) had almost no coverage at all and I thought all CC Creams would be like this.

    1. I was surprised about the coverage, too! I saw so many reviews of Tonymoly’s and Etude House’s CC cream, both of them containing color changing beads, and the coverage was always poor. But this one is really great in that point! Thanks for reading :)

    1. Oh, thanks for following. I was already following you via bloglovin and now I added you to GFC and google+ :D I agree about this CC cream and that it is worth the price. Thanks for commenting and reading ♥

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