Review: Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips #1 Minnie Red

A while ago Etude House in Korea released a new line in collaboration with Disney, called “XOXO Minnie”. I’m a huge Disney film and cartoon fan and I couldn’t get past these. Actually, I bought several of these products, but today’s post will be about Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips in Minnie Red.

Needless to say, that the packaging is devoted to Mickey Mouse’s better half, Minnie Mouse. The color scheme is focused on black, red and white here, which I love absolutely.♥ But just have a look at the pictures, and you’ll know what I mean:
The description and instructions on the packaging are in Korean and English:


The color of this lipstick is a classy red shade. This Minnie Kissing Lips Lipstick from Etude House is also available in a pink shade. The lipstick tube has a cute Minnie Mouse design as well ♥ *_*
If you swatch the lipstick, the pigmentation of Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips is really great. The consistency is surprisingly creamy and feels lightweight and moisturizing. If has a nice texture on the lips and didn’t give me a feeling of dry lips. The color is buildable and you can choose by yourself whether you prefer to just dab it lightly onto the lips or to give them the full pigmentation. I love wearing red lipstick, and I love high pigmented lips, too. It also works nicely with lip balm underneath and gives your lip an extra amount of moisture, in case you’ve got very dry lips.
Considering the price, this lipstick’s staying power is okay. It’s not super long lasting, but anyway this is difficult to achieve if you are drinking and eating. A Mac Lipstick will probably last longer, but then again I have to admit that I love this texture more, than my Mac Lipstick, because it feels nicer on the lips. I can definitively give thumbs up for this!♥
I bought this at for 9000 Won/ ~US$9 (shipping depends on weight), but I think it is out of stock. But you can get Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips also at:
BeautyNetKorea for US$9.50 (free shipping option)
W2Beauty for US$13.26 (free shipping option, you’ll get a 5$ voucher upon registration with this link, which is usable for orders of minimum 30$)
KollectionK for US$12.50 (shipping depends on destination)
Also you can have a look on ebay. The prices vary from shop to shop.
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42 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips #1 Minnie Red”

    1. Thank you!♥ It has this texture as long as you don’t drink or eat. Afterwards you’ll have to touch up and then again it will have this creamy consistency.XD The package is really too cute *_* thanks for reading!:)

  1. red is definitely your shade, Fraulein :D
    actually i got both of the colours but i haven’t tried the red one, you know that i rarely use red colour XD
    but i already fall in love with the pink colour <3

    1. Thank you, Rini ♥ I think pink is also the perfect shade for you and I can image how. You didn’t review it yet, did you? I’m curious how it looks and what you think about it :) Thank you for reading ♥

  2. OMG that colourrrr! *O* <33 I love it! I don’t have a red colour anything like this, so yay~ *o* Thanks for the review, Fraulein! (By the way, didn’t you use to have Disqus? Just wondering if I’m crazy and thinking that you did, haha)

    1. Actually, know you ask. I’m not sure about it either…I think I always just had the standard blogger comments :D Is Disqus more convenient in your eyes? Should I change it?
      Thank you for reading and commenting ♥

    1. Hey, thank you dear ♥ I could say I’m a lipstick addict. :D But I love liptints and crayons a lot, too. I’m always a bit unsure about lipgloss, because it’s so sticky and if it is windy outside you hair gets messed up and stucks too you lips….>_< Thanks for commenting!♥

    1. I saw on some other pages that they just dab this lipstick lightly on the lips in order to create a gradient effect. Perhaps that’s an option for you if you don’t like pigmented lipstsicks. Thank you for reading and commenting dear ♥

  3. I must say that the color is really beautiful and elegant! It is definitely the trademark color for Minnie Mouse. <3 A shame that it doesn’t stay long on the lips, but the texture seems really moisturizing. *___* Definitely a bonus~ I’m unsure if I will purchase it, but thank you for the review. <3

    1. I agree about the color. It is really perfect. It’s so hard to find lipsticks with really good staying power, because a soon you eat something it will fade. Of course you can increase the staying time by using a lipliner before, at least to have a stain remaining. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    1. This is actually the first Etude House lipstick I tried and I’m really possiviely surprised how nice the texture is. I’ve always read so many mixed reviews about the other lipsticks from Etude House that I never dared to buy any :D Thanks for commenting and reading, Bethany♥

    1. Ja, ich hab ehrlich gesagt vor dem Kauf gezweifelt, ob der Lippenstift auch gut aussehen wird und habe mich einfach mit der schönen Verpackung vertröstet, aber ich bin wirklich positiv überrascht. :)

  4. Red looks great on you fräulein! I have the pink one after I saw rini wearing one the other day haha I have to review soon but haven’t try it xD it looks so creamy on you! Hope the pink one is also good :D thank you for this review

  5. Now that’s some pretty red there girly and it suits you! I definitely will agree with you on Mac lip pies staying power but not the most accommodating or comfortable on the lips after a while. I so want to get the pink one of this one only cause I have tons of red already it’s unreal hahah. The packaging is just suppperrrr cute! xx Donah

    1. Thanks Donah ♥ Yes, I agree, Mac Lipstick become so dry after a while, don’t know if I’m doing something wrong…:D I hope you’ll write a review about the pink one, if you’ll get it….I have tons of red shades, too, but I just don’t like pink on me, that’s why I always choose red lipsticks XD thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  6. This red does definitely look super good on you! The texture sounds really good too, I honestly never tried a Mac lipstick so I don’t know about it :< I love the cute packagings of Etude’s new collection a lot tho hehe~ And Thanks for this review :D

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