Review: Etude House Minnie In The Nails nailpolish and glitter

Apart from the Minnie Kissing Lips from Etude House I reviewed earlier (click), I bought a fitting nail polish of the XOXO Minnie collection in red and Minnie nail glitters in black and white.

The nail polish comes in a bottle with a white cap with mickey mouse#s head silhouette. The color is the same red as the Minnie Kissing Lips lipstick in Minnie Red has. So it fits perfectly to be worn together. The brush is on the broader side. The nail polish itself is on the more liquid side, so you have to be careful. If you get to much of it on the brush and thus on your nails it moves on your nail and creates not desirable gradient effects. With two layers you’ll achieve a nice and opaque color. One layer alone dries rather quickly, too. The bottle contains 8 g.
This is how it looks on my nails with two layers.
I bought the nail glitter, too. The handling is a bit tricky if you don’t have experience (like me XD). I tried to put them on the nail polish before it was dried. The glitter boxes contain dot-shaped glitter, Minnie Mouse’s head as silhouette and tiny bow shaped glitter.
As you can see, the glitter particles make the surface of your nails uneven. ‘d recommend you to use a top coat. I didn’t use any, and by the end of the day I lost all the glitter due to running my fingers through my hair, unzipping and zipping clothes, getting dresses etc. pp. I don’t know if the top coat prevents it, but at least it should help a bit. did anybody try these glitters already and knows how to seal them in a better way? Feel free to write a comment :D
I bought these products at for 3000 Won/ ~US$3 for the nail polish and 2500 Won/ ~US$2.50 for the nail glitter (shipping depends on weight). The nail polish is out of stock, but the glitters are still available. You can get Etude House Minnie Collection also at:
BeautyNetKorea (free shipping option)
W2Beauty (free shipping option, you’ll get a 5$ voucher upon registration with this link, which is usable for orders of minimum 30$)
KollectionK (shipping depends on destination)
Also you can have a look on ebay. The prices vary from shop to shop.
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26 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Minnie In The Nails nailpolish and glitter”

  1. I think a good topcoat would help seal the glitter in, at least for a while. That’s what I usually do when I have stuff that sits on top of the nail (like glitter, stickers, etc.) PS I finally made a blogroll and I added you to it! :D

    1. Oh, thank you for adding me in you blogroll. I’m currently changing my layout and so I’m still unsure where to put it or anything :) But thanks for adding me ♥ And thanks for the comment of course :D

  2. This is so cute >u< I love the glitter particles but it’s a pity that they fall off T^T I really wish I could buy a few products from their new line too >~<
    But anyways, thanks for this review ^u^ hehe


  3. Fräulein those glitters thingy look really cute! I thought the glitters are really glittery so I didn’t bother checking it out >< but apparently it looks pretty huge particle or something like that lol. Maybe layering with top coat would make it last longer ^^ thank you for the lovely review!


    1. This wasn’t hard to take of at all, it fall off more easily :D I wish they would keep on the nails longer XD I love the red, too. I think, you never can do anything wrong with a classy red shade on nails and lips *_* Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  4. I always thought you kinda just dipped your nail into the glitter- LOOOL
    But wow, those pieces are really big. They look really cute though!
    Thank you for the review! <33
    (I used to glue gems onto my nails. I would always coat over it twice with a topcoat. They’ll stay on for around 4 days if you don’t do anything intense with your hands. *^*)

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