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Review: Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks

23. September 2014


As you know, I’m really falling easily for cute packaging. If cute packaging is combined with a Disney theme, I’m totally helpless and I simply cannot resist to grab it…Etude House and Disney collaboratons are nothing new. They had other Disney themed cosmetic products previously, like the Minnie Collection or the Cinderella Collection. Now they released another collection called Princess Happy Ending, having products dedicted to the different Disney princesses. Here you’ll see the Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks from this collection dedicted to Belle from Beauty and the Beast and to Snow White.

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks

Etude House is one of the best known Korean brands for cute packaging. If you are a lover of cute, girly and pink packaging, reminding you of being a child and the princess you always dreamt to be, THIS is your brand. Their packaging is usually so adoreable that you cannot keep yourself from impuls-buys – only because you saw the packaging…Just take a moment to look at the beautifully designed cardboard boxes of the two lipsticks ♥ Each of them is designed according to the corresponding fairytale, you see roses for Belle and apples and castles for Snow White. Not only the front site looks beautiful, but also the other sides of the cardboeard box. You even see the silouette of each princess above the barcode of the product.

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks EH_PrincessHappyEnding_lipstick_3

I took a lot of pictures from the packaging because it is so pretty.

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks

The design of the box is continued on the lipstick itself. The shade of the Snow White lipstick is called “Apple Red Lips”, whereas Belle’s lipstick is called “Purple Rose Lips”.

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks

The bottom of the lipstick case again displays the name of the princess, whereas the cap fits to the packaging design. The ornaments and writings are in silver for Snow White and in golden for Belle. The production date is printed on the bottom of the lipstick case.

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks

Below you see how much lipstick each of them contains, since I twisted the bullet out completely. Each lipstick contains 3.5 g of product. You can see that the Snow White Apple Red Lips has a bright red bullet, the Belle Purple Rose Lips is a bright and vivid purple color.

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks

You can see the color of the swatches below on my hand and afterwards how it looks on my lips. I have to say that the swatches on my hand look more realistic for the red color, since it is really a bright red color with and – to my joy- not cherry toned, because I have so many cherry toned red lipsticks. You can also see how moist these lipsticks look. They do not feel drying and I honestly love the texture. It is butter-like smooth and doesn’t make you feel like you have some thick layer on your lips. It also has a nice and durable stain which doesn’t look awkward. Of course they don’t survive eating, but nevertheless I’m pleasantly surprised.

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks

At the moment, these two are my favourite lipsticks. They are so wearable, especially since I tend to to wear fully covered lips. The promotional pictures also show that you can use these for a toned down look with an gradient effect. I bought these two precious lipsticks from  W2Bauty but it is sold out. There are still some of the other items of the Princess Happy Ending Collection though. Other than that you can get the lipsticks from KollectionK for 10.99 US$ (plus shipping), or from testerkorea for 9000 Won/9 US$ (plus shipping).



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  • Chic and Alluring 23. September 2014 at 12:58

    Wow, “Snow White” is such a gorgeous shade of red. The texture is so soft looking, too.

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:08

      It is exactly like you describe. It is a nice lipstick and I’m surprised that I like the quality, too…although I bought it for the packaging in first place.

  • Joann 23. September 2014 at 14:43

    Oh memebox… what are you doing to my bank account?! I’m already on the fence about the Banila co. box. And now Etude House…

    Those lipsticks though look gorgeous! The red is my favorite. Purple isn’t as scary and is pretty wearable a you mentioned. I’ve heard good things about etude house lipsticks and have been dying to buy a couple. Great review!

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:10

      They keep up with new boxes to quickly for me XD Now having the skinfood and the face shop boxes …:’D

      I like both shades of the lipstick, although I was sceptical about the purple one, too..but it is more a pink shade and looks nice. Love both of these ♥ thanks for commenting ♥

  • Sakuranko 23. September 2014 at 15:17

    The packaging are beautiful but the color are pretty intense for my taste.

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:10

      You can also wear them as gradoent lips if you like less pigmented lips. I tried this too, and it works. Thanks for commenting dear ♥

  • Sharlynn Ng 23. September 2014 at 17:55

    Oh damn I LOVE that purple toned pink shade! The texture and finish looks soo good! I would love one of these, I haven’t bought any lipsticks from etude house before! But I love their sheer lip glosses!

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:12

      I knew that you would like the purple/pink lipstick. I think it will suit you also very well. Thanks for commenting ♥

  • Sakura 23. September 2014 at 21:30

    Etude House’s packaging is always so beautiful u<
    I love the purple shade <3 It's so pretty and vivid :3
    These look like great products- it's too bad that they're sold out in so many places though :/

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:14

      Yes, but you can still find them from time to time. Maybe, also have a look at ebay? the colors are really nice :)

  • AnnKathrin 24. September 2014 at 19:43

    Die beiden Lippenstifte sind wunderschön. Ich habe allerdings so ähnliche Farben zu Hause und da ich dann doch nicht so oft “auffälligere” Lippenstifte trage, habe ich sie nicht bestellt. Aber schön sind sie wirklich.

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:15

      Ich war direkt in die Verpackung verliebt. eigentlich trage ich kaum pinke Lippenstifte, eher Rottöne, aber da musste ich einfach beide haben. Danke für’s kommentieren und lesen ♥

  • Sooyoona 24. September 2014 at 21:04

    Das sind beide zwei super schöne Farben und ich bereue es ja schon etwas, dass ich Snow White nicht gekauft habe. Belle steht mir leider gar nicht. Auf deinen Lippen sieht er so schön aus ♥

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:16

      Man kann ihn aber auch nur so leicht auftupfen, vielleicht ist das besser bei dir? Für mich ist der Pinkton trotzdem etwas gewönungsbedürftig, weil ich sonst immer nur rot trage, aber die Verpackung von beiden ist sooo schön.

      • Sooyoona 28. October 2014 at 22:40

        Ich habe ihn auch einmal leicht aufgetupft, was aber das Ergebnis nicht sehr verändert hat resp. er hat mir leider auch so nicht besonders gefallen :( Nun hat er bald ein neues Zuhause und wird hoffentlich mehr gewürdigt :)

  • Camille L 24. September 2014 at 22:51

    I love how bold the colours are!

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:17

      Me too, but you can also wear them as gradient lips if you want. Love the packaging most. thanks for commenting ♥

  • Golden 25. September 2014 at 1:01

    Etude House’s products are always so perfect! The Snow White’s one is my favourite, I love red shades.

    That Etude House’s memebox looks wonderful, I want it ;A;

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:18

      I also love red toned lipsticks, and this red is really pretty :D The packaging is perfect, too…Etude knows how to get our money, haha. Thanks for commenting ♥

  • Anja 25. September 2014 at 13:49

    great review!

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:18

      Thanks for reading ♥

  • Mischa 26. September 2014 at 9:24

    I am in love with the packaging for the Belle inspired lipstick!! I love the colors too! It seems so opaque. Thanks for the review!! <3

    • Frl. Schnee 27. October 2014 at 19:19

      Yes, they are wuite opaque, but can also be used for gradient lips if applied carefully. The packaging of both is really pretty, I agree. Thanks for commenting and reading ♥