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Guestpost: Make-up Talks – From Daywear to Evening Wear

12. August 2015

Today I have another guestpost for you. This post about Make-up Talks describes how to transform your daywear to evening wear and has been written by Peter Minkoff, style editor at High Style Life. Enjoy the read!

Make-up Talks – From Daywear to Evening Wear

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

For all girls who work crazy hours and are professionals at our workplace, but still want to keep our social life going, it’s important we learn how to manage work and fun, all in the same day! And while it seems impossible to look amazing after a 10 hour work day, it all comes down to a few beauty and outfit tricks you need to master.

Assuming your workplace requires casual smart dress code (as most offices do), it won’t be too difficult to manage it all.

As a stylist, I’ve picked up some amazing tricks of the trade that will surely help! Follow this guide I’ve put together and learn some incredible stuff that will keep the glam queen in you ready to rule the dance floor after she’s been leading the team at her workplace the entire day!

Where do I start?

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

Well, it’s all about the plan. If you know you’ll be going out after work, then dress in such a way that you’ll be able to manipulate your outfit before you go out. Instead of putting on a pencil skirt, opt for super skinny jeans and a jacket over it. Jeans works perfectly and is easy to combine with virtually anything!

The shirt under should be in a neutral color such as nude, beige, white, black to look professional at work and be easy for accessorizing later. Bring statement jewelry with you, you’ll later accessorize this seemingly plain shirt with later. When you leave work, just fold the jacket and put it in your bag. You’ll let the clever jean-shirt-necklace-outfit speak for itself!

What if I was dressed smart and it happens I need to go out later?

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

In these cases, letting your hair down (literary) and going through it with your fingers, giving it that wild, messy vibe will do the trick. You want to erase that corporate stench off of you and nothing says “cool” better than your flowy locks falling loosely on your shoulders. Also, mind the makeup! Assuming you were in nude tones in your workplace, all it takes is to put a bold lipstick shade on, add a bit of concealer and blush, a fresh coat of mascara and you are ready to go! This is why I always advise girls I style to have their makeup emergency kit with them at all times – blush, concealer, mascara and lipstick in bold color.

If you were in a jacket and shirt, loose the jacket and unbutton the shirt a bit. It’s all it takes!

I usually wear flats to work. What do I do?

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

If you have the option, and this goes for all situations, keep one pair of pumps in nude or black in your office drawer so you can put them on when you want to go out after work. Heels are pretty uncomfortable to spend eight hours in. You want to look chic, sure, but you want to be comfortable, too. No need to cause yourself pain. Replace your flats with a cool heel, and you are already half way there.

If,  however, you can’t keep shoes in your workplace, bring them with you to work in case you are going out afterwards. Just don’t put them in a plastic, see-through bag, they’ll draw attention.

What about hygiene?

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

Eight to ten hours in a workplace can be pretty stressful and cause a lot of sweating, maybe even some unpleasant smells. You obviously can’t have your hygiene kit with you at all times BUT what you can do is always have a pack of paper tissues, lip balm, wet wipes and a pack of gums with you. Freshen up with wet wipes, and leave it dry for a second and you’re good to go. If you’ll be going to a party later, don’t forget to carry a decent bag to pack all those hygiene accessories for later. Also, check if there’s anything behind your teeth, then take a gum to freshen up your breath and you are ready to go!

See? It’s all as easy as I’ve promised!

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