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  • Review: Tansan Kakumei Carbonate Revolution

    In Korea and Japan recently a trend developed to wash your face with carbonated water. I first saw this trend in Korean Beauty Show “Get it Beauty” and when I received the Tansan Kakumei…

    4. October 2014
  • Review: Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin C Derivate

    A while ago I reviewed the Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion (a Japanese toner) I’m using currently, and – as I mentioned back then- I use it together with a serum called Tunemakers VC3 Vitamin…

    20. September 2014
  • Review: Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion

    I introduced the online shop Beautystar in my previous review about Relevance Highlighter Tip and today I will review another item which was provided to me for reviewing purpose, the Tunemakers Original Moisture Lotion.…

    2. September 2014
  • Review: Relevance Highlighter Tip

    It’s one week since my last post, but unfortunately my internet broke down and I didn’t have any possibilty to upload any new posts. Nevertheless, I took a lot of new pictures for upcoming…

    25. August 2014