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Can you believe that this is finally the first time I bought a cushion product?! The foundation/bb cushion trend goes on for quite some time now, but caused by a huge pile of BB/CC cream tubes I resisted the urge to buy a new one, even if the packaging type was highly raved about. After all, I decided to try another kind of cushion product: Missha’s Magic Cushion Case! Yes, you read correctly, it is only a case! More precisely, it is a case for your own D.I.Y. BB Cushion!

Missha Magic Cushion Case

The typical BB Cushion is a compact like case containing BB cream or foundation absorbed by a sponge (cushion). Using a puff you can apply the BB cream in a very lightly and natural appearing way. Almost all Korean brands carry their own cushion products by now. Mishha’s Magic Cushion Case on the other hand gives you the possibility to create and mix your own and favourite BB/CC cream or foundation in such a cushion case. I love this idea, since it gives you the possibility to use up your existing bb creams before starting to hoard various different cushion bb creams ;)


Missha Magic Cushion Case

The instruction on Missha’s Magic Cushion Case Cardbox packaging is written in Korean only, but after some search online you’ll find out how to use it, although the images on the box are self-explanatory. In principle you have to fill the container of the cushion case, add the cushion, and wait a couple of minutes while the sponge absorbs the bb cream. I put mine upside down. Afterwards you can start dabbing your puff onto the soaked cushion. Depending on the fluid-y of the used bb cream the soaking process is quicker or slower…I would say the liquid bb/cc creams are best suited for these D.I.Y. cushions.


Missha Magic Cushion Case

Missha’s Magic Cushion Case is made of a sturdy plastic compact, with an included mirror. Parts of the case are metallic/silver and prone to fingerprints. The case itself closes tightly and so does the plastic lid protecting the cushion and separating it from the puff and the mirror.


Missha Magic Cushion Case

The cushion and the puff are packed separately when you receive them. The puff looks like the typical cushion puff, with a blue colored side and white colored side with an attached finger strap (is this how you call that thingy?). The puff has a very soft feeling to it.


Missha Magic Cushion Case

Below you can see how I used my Magic Cushion Case. I created a mix of Skinfood’s Vita Water Drop CC cream and Innisfree Jejubija Anti Trouble BB cream. For mixing the creams together I used a Q-tip of which I cut the cotton part off (keep in mind that you have to add the cushion on top, so don’t fill the pan up completely).


Missha Magic Cushion Case


 After creating your personal mixture, you’ll simply have to add the cushion and wait for the BB/CC cream to absorb and your own BB Cushion is ready to go!:)


Missha Magic Cushion Case

What do you think? Would you like to create your own Cushion foundation in this way? Or do you prefer the ones, which are ready to us? I think this is a great way to use BB creams which don’t match alone but in combination with other creams. The pan is ideal for mixing up your desired BB/CC creams together. All in all, I really do like this case and the idea and I can recommend you to try it for yourself.

Did anyone try out these kind of D.I.Y. cushion cases?

You can get this case at W2Beauty for US$ 17.79. There is also a ready refill for it, which can be used instead of an own BB cream. It is called Missha UV Cushion Base. It has SPF 50 and costs US$ 9.50 for two sachets containing 7 ml of the bb cream. It is available in two shades.


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46 thoughts on “Review: Missha Magic Cushion Case”

    1. I agree! And I also like the idea to mix left-over tubes of not üerfecly fitting BB creams, in order to make them more wearable. For example the Innidfree BB I used was to drying, but mixed with the CC cream it works nicely and doesn’t get cakey anymore :) Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    1. I was worried about the hygiene point, too, but I read via Etude House fb page that you can in principle wash the puff, so maybe you can also wash the cushion carefully. Using some Makeup brush cleaner should…I will try it out sometime…in the worst case you’ll have to buy a refill cushion :D Thanks for commenting ♥

  1. Wow this is an amazing idea for a product! Thank you so much for reviewing this because now I know it exists! I wonder whether this would work on my current cushion product- if I just squeeze my bb cream mixture on top of the cushion would it absorb in? I’ll probably end up trying it anyway :P
    Kine last post…Babydoll from Sucker Punch Cosplay Makeup LookMy Profile

    1. If were you I would try it :D Although I think it should be easier to somehow inject it below the cushion, maybe with help of a seringe? :D If you tried, tell me if it worked :D Thanks for commenting and reading ♥

      1. I had to let you know- I tried it! I found I could simply pinch the cushion in my Etude Any Cushion (which I disliked) and squirt my BB cream underneath and simply place the cushion on top! Worked like a charm :)

  2. This is a great idea! I’ve never heard about this, and it’s wonderful for if you can’t find a “premade” cushion in your skin tone. Do you think this would work for foundies as well?

    1. I think it will work for foundations as well if they are on the runny side and not too solid., so it can be absorbed nicely into the cushion :) Thanks for commenting ♥

  3. This is such a great idea! I never really was too drawn to cushions because of the limited colour selection but now I might get sucked into a DIY one. I too was worried about the hygiene factor but the puff can be easily washed and probably I could disinfect the cushion itself somehow.

    1. I love the concept, too. Especially, now I can use all my left over bb creams and mix and match them as I like XD Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  4. I love this already! I have so many BB and CC creams that I wish were just perfect, but need to be blended in a different way.

    I really hope this idea catches on. It’s so practical, environmentally friendly, and less expensive. I just hope that more attractive versions become available.
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    1. Yes, I agree, especially about the enviromental aspect and the possibilities to mix and match as you like. there was a limited edition of this case which was really beautiful, but sold out to quick :/ Thanks for reading ♥

    1. You can get this on a couple of online stores and it is really not difficult to set up a paypal account. You go to paypal page and register, and they receive the money from your normal bank account as soon as you pay something via paypal. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    1. The creams you use should best be more on the liquid side, I mean, you can mix it with a moisturizer for example…should work too. Thanks for reading ♥

  5. This is such a great idea! Save money and get exactly what you want! I always thought there is too little product in cushion foundations, but this idea is just perfect! :D

  6. I don’t suppose the cushion changes the texture of the BB creams? Do you prefer mixing the BB creams beforehand and applying it straight to your face or through a medium (aka the cushion)?

    Btw sweetie, can you leave out your link the next time you comment on my blog? It’s such a waste because Disqus categorises it as spam…
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    1. No, the cushion doesn’t change the texture of the BB cream, but since you use a sponge and the amount of BB cream which comes through the cushion is regulated, it gives you a more smooth and blended-in effect. I also think that it is much easier to mix it in a cushion case, instead of doing it every day newly on the back of my hand. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  7. This is cool~!
    If I bought it I’d probably use it for all the Skin79 BB cream samples I have but not used yet ^_^

    1. Yes, I never paid attention to the case from Missha, because I thought so, too, but then I saw a review on youtube and I decided that it is a nice idea to try this. Thanks for commenting and reading ♥

    1. The point is, that the amount of BB cream is less, as when you use your fingers. And by using the puff you can create a super natural and nicely blended in result. I think I preferr this to applying with fingers since I tried it now. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    1. Yes, I saw the case from A’Pieu, too, it looks really cute. and now I discovered why everybody loves these Cushion products. It’s super travel friendly, too :D And the possibility to mix and match as you like is super great, too. Thanks for commenting ♥

    1. I never tried IOPE’s cushions but I would love to. Mixing your own cushion foundation is really fun. I really do like the innovative idea. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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