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Review: Nailart with double-ended Dotting Pen from Born Pretty Store

23. April 2015


Is is quite some time since I posted any nailart related content on my blog. Most of the time I have been too lazy to do any special nailart and just painted my nails in my favourite red nail polish colors :D Today I will show you a quick and simple nailart I did with an double-ended Dotting Pen I received from Born Pretty Store. It is super simple cherry blossom nailart and I’ve seen a lot of people doing that kind of nailart recently. My Mom said she saw it even lately on TV. So let’s start of with the Dotting Pens I used:

double-ended Dotting Pen

As mentioned above, I received this set of double-ended dotting pens from Born Pretty Store. Born Pretty Store is an asian based online store selling very affordable products, reaching from accessoires to make-up and beauty products. They have a super huge amount of all kinds of nailart products and tools. I reviewed water decalls from their store in the past and I have some water decall reviews prepared for the future, too. This 5 piece set of double-ended Dotting Tools I received consists of 5 pens with an brush ending and an dotting tool ending. They are suitable for nail art painting.

double-ended Dotting Pen

The brushes have different sized from brush size 2-10. The dotting tool side is all the similar size. The middle part of the brushes is made of  the pens is in different colors and made of see-through hard plastic.All in all, these brushes look very cute and I like the fact that they have a brush ending and an dotting pen ending a lot.

double-ended Dotting Pen

How do these brushes perform? I used regular red, black, white and shiny pastel pink nailpolish. First I painted my nails red, than I used the brush for painting black branches across each nail. I used the dotting pen side to make white and pale pink dots around the branches representing the cherry blossoms….and here is the result:

double-ended Dotting Pen

What do you think? I’m not an expert at nailart but I liked these cherry blossom nails a lot. I finished off with an topcoat, so the nails looked nice for a couple of days. The dotting pen was also easy to use and gave nicer results as the bobby pin I usually took for making dots. And as I said before, I like how colorful the pens are :) You can get this 5Pcs/set Double-ended Dotting Pen for 7.52 US$ from Born Pretty Store. You can also use the promotional code KBX31 for 10 % discount on your order. They do offer free international shipping by the way.

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by, which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.


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  • Sooyooona 24. April 2015 at 18:10

    Oh das Design ist ja süss geworden :) Die Pinsel/Dottools sind aber auch sehr praktisch^^

  • corinne watson 30. April 2015 at 6:57

    I can never get my nail art to work correctly… have you tried Water Marbling?