Review: Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble BB Cream SPF 35 PA++

16. July 2013
Hello ♥
Here is a review about a product I bought quite a while ago on KoCoMall. You’ll find the haul here. Here we have Innisfree’s Jejubija Anti-Trouble BB Cream SPF 35 PA++. I used this BB cream several times now but it never really turned out like I wished it would turn out. And I really wanted to give it a chance over and over gain, but it just doesn’t work for me. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, so I hope you will read this review before you close down this tab ;D
This BB cream is designed for troubled skin and it is the first BB cream from Innisfree that I tried.
Here is the description:
Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble BB Cream SPF35 PA++ : Contained with the outstandingrejuvenating power,torreya seed extracts, and madecassoside ingredients intensively penetrate into red and dull skin caused by breakouts as it brings back your natural brightcomplexion.
how to use: apply an appropriate amount onto palm and then spread evenly over from wide to narrow areasafter regular skincare routine.
capacity 30ml
The packaging is a light blue and looks very clean and medical. It has the description in English and Korean which is great. The tube is not huge, is rather small and has a good travel size though. It has a simple screwing cap.
The BB cream has a runny consistency and comes in one shade only, which is a bit too light for me at the moment. On the pictures it looks okay, but in real it makes me look a bit like a ghost. It has a good coverage and a herbal scent. It feels calming on red spots and pimples and doesn’t sting or anything. also it gives you a matte finish which I like.
So far, it seems to be quite good. But, as I said at the beginning, this BB cream doesn’t fit my skin type at all. Despite the point that it only comes in one shade, it is absolutely not preferable for dry skin. My skin looks matte, but also very flaky and even drier than usual. It does not absorb easily and you have to patt a while until it looks blended. Also it settles very easy into fine lines. :(
I tried a lot of different ways to improve this point (using moisturizers and serums beneath) but it seems this BB cream doesn’t want to work on my skin in any of these ways. The oil-control is also not perfect, actually it is similar to Missha’s BB creams. If you have oily skin, I guess you’ll have to touch up. On the other hand it might be,that this BB cream works perfectly on oily skin concerning the flaking and the application.

The tube is small and contains 30 ml. You can get it at:
KoCoMall for US$ 7.48 (doesn’t include shipping)
W2Beauty for US$ 15.25 (free shipping available)

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  • JNN 16. July 2013 at 17:44

    Aww, I wanted to try it since I generally love Innisfree products D:. Their green tea BB cream is works pretty well on dry skin though.

    • Fräulein Schnee 17. July 2013 at 8:49

      Oh. If you say so I want to try the green tea BB cream. Perhaps it works better for me. Thanks for commenting :)

  • Sakuranko 16. July 2013 at 22:16

    Oh I really love it Innisfree but I{m not sure about this BB Cream. I never tried any bb cream from this brand but after read your post I don{t want ry this product. Only shade? I{m nt sure of that. Thanks for your review sweetie!

    • Fräulein Schnee 17. July 2013 at 9:17

      Only one shade can be critical sometimes. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. But I’ll try other bb creams from innisfree nevertheless. Thanks for commenting ♥

  • katy white 16. July 2013 at 22:18

    I’m not really a fan of matte finish BB creams, because when I set it with powder it goes really cakey – obviously my makeup application skills aren’t too hot :P I’ve not tried any innisfree products before though and would still consider this considering it’s good for troubled skin and just set it with a spray instead. Thanks for the post :) x


    • Fräulein Schnee 17. July 2013 at 9:01

      I didn’t think of setting it with a spray afterwards…XD…I should try this next time I use this BB cream. I will also try to test other innisfree products because I think they’ve got really good ones, too. Thanks for commenting ♥

  • Rini Cesillia 17. July 2013 at 7:40

    i never tried any bb cream from innisfree..
    i can see that it’s a bit lighter for your skin tone just like you said ^^”
    well i’m using one skincare from this line but don’t think that i will try its bb cream.
    thank you for sharing ^^

    • Fräulein Schnee 17. July 2013 at 9:19

      Unfortunately this one didn’t work for me. But I will try other bb creams and products from innisfree. I think they’ve some good ones, too. Thanks for commenting ♥

  • Bethany 17. July 2013 at 9:38

    I’ll have to check out some other reviews. It might be okay for me, with oily and fairly pale skin. Then again, I prefer a sort of thick consistency. Thanks for sharing. ^^

    • Fräulein Schnee 17. July 2013 at 10:19

      Perhaps you should try it. It gives good coverage allthough the consistency is runnier compared to Missha’s Perfect Cover. It’s just that dryness which freaks me out most :D thanks for commentin ♥

  • belinda A 17. July 2013 at 16:02

    try mixing it with moisturizer instead of applying moisturizer underneath? i read a review that this bb doesn’t work on oily skin too?

    • Fräulein Schnee 17. July 2013 at 16:23

      That’s a good idea, too. I’ll try this next time :D
      I don’t know how it will work on oily skin. But oil cotroll paper it looks the same as Missha’s Bb creams. I know that innisfree has a bb cream especially created for sebum controll and I guess this would be better then. Thanks for commenting ♥

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