Giveaway: Get the chance to try out MeMeBox- closed

I’m am very happy to announce you a new giveaway sponsored by MeMeBox, and , most important of all: there will be not only one winner, but 5 winners in total! MeMeBox is a box service company, offering a wide amount of different beauty boxes. Unlike most western beauty boxes which have to be subscribed for on a monthly basis, MeMeBoxes can be preordered but that doesn’t force you to buy more than the desired box. They ship to many countries and the products they send in their boxes are mainly Korean. Apart from their Global Boxes like the ones I reviewed previously (check out the links at the end of the post), they also have a huge amount of themed boxes, Mini Boxes, Boxes where you know what is inside, so called Superboxes with a higher value and so on…just check out their online store and you’ll find a huge selection of different boxes. Since they have become very popular within the blogger community they sell out pretty fast, but they bring up new beauty boxes so fast, that you cannot keep up with them anyways.


As I said, there will be 5 winner chosen randomly via Rafflecopter. The prizes that you can win are the following:

1. MeMeBox Whole Grain Edition

2. MeMeBox Mask Edition

3-5. 10 MeMePoints worth 10 US$ until end of June.


Use the Rafflecopter application to join the giveaway. No cheating, I will check on the entries. This giveaway is running until 25th of June, so those people winning the 10 MeMePoints will be able to use them also. also, in order to receive the prizes you’ll have to sign up at MeMeBox page, otherwise they won’t be able to give you the points or send you the prizes. If you’ll create a new account you’ll receive 10 US$ MeMeponts automatically upon registration anyways.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Apart from the giveaway, if you might like to check out MeMeBox: Here is a list of the current events/ promotions to save some money:

For signing up you receive 10 MeMePoints worth 10 US$ at the moment

Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING

$5 off on orders over 3 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3 

For ordering  the MeMeBox From Nature,  Free from Oil&Troubles 3, Skin Care, Burst of Color,  Superbox #30, Superbox #31 and Superbox #24 with my affiliate links you’ll receive 3 US$ off automatically. If you buy 2 or more of the SAME boxes, you will only get $3 off from the total amount. If you buy more than 2 different boxes, you will receive $3 off per box, which gives you $6 off.

You can also read my previous unboxing posts:

MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 11

MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10

 MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 8

MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 6

♥Good luck to everybody!♥

87 thoughts on “Giveaway: Get the chance to try out MeMeBox- closed”

  1. I haven’t tried any Memeboxes yet, but out of all those you have reviewed I think I like the GetItBeautyBox Global no. 10 best~~
    Hmmm… If I won 10 points I would probably try the products from Dewytree! ;w;

  2. You’re so lucky to be sponsored by memebox!!
    I’m yet to own one of my own and I would really really love to own a memebox with the new etudehouse 101 pencils or with nice products from innisfree~
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway XD
    Just wanted to let you know that I have a giveaway, where if you join, you will get a $30 voucher to spend on clothes (≧‿≦)
xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || New Outfit Post || Join My Giveaway
    Charmaine last post…Dress Giveaway Sponsored by YoYoMelody~My Profile

  3. I would like to try out the Memebox from nature or the Superbox Pore Care :) And thank you for holding this nice giveaway! ~^^

  4. I would like to try out the Memebox from nature or the Superbox Pore Care :) I’m not quite sure since I didn’t tried any memebox before. And thank you for holding this nice giveaway! ~^^

  5. This is an exciting contest! I just recently ordered my very first box after lots of hesitation (the fermented 2 one). I have been debating between various other ones for my next purchase, but of the ones currently on the site I think I would put points towards the zero cosmetics box. :)

  6. My absolute faaaavorite Memebox has to be the Luckybox #3. I know you didn’t do a review (or… at least, I don’t think you did) for it, but I’ve seen pictures and posts of what’s inside, and I love EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT. Every time you review a Memebox, it tends to be sold out in my country D:
    What I’d buy with 10 points? Hmm… I think I’d just use it ON a
    Memebox, ya know, knock off the shipping cost and a little bit of the box itself.

  7. I’m so glad that someone’s holding a Meme Box giveaway !
    I’ve actually never had the chance to try it out because it’s a bit expensive and you’re not too sure about the product you’ll get but I see so many great reviews that it gets more and more tempting to try it out ~ The superbox #32 with bubble pop cosmetic seems really good so I wish I could try it *_*
    Diane last post…{Etude House} Review of Dear my Blooming Lip Talks’ lipsticksMy Profile

  8. I love memebox #4, 8_10, and lucky box 5&6. If I win 10$ of course it’s going to another memebox . ;-)

  9. I think my favorite so far has been anti aging box but I still like the global editions the best. I would use points to buy the pore box or the marine energy ampoule!

  10. My favorite boxes so far have been Luckyboxes, but I’d use 10 Memepoints to buy more OMG and K-Style boxes–they look amazing! Thank you for hosting this!!

  11. I have never tried a meme box because shipping was too high for me so I hope to win this giveaway! It also ends on my birthday so it would be even better to win this xD I don’t know which box I would chose because they’re all awesome, I guess I would give it another thought if I win this giveaway haha. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, I always wanted to try out a meme box T T
    Mindy last post…♪ Review: Half Length False Eyelashes #HW-DMy Profile

  12. I’ve been wanting to try Memebox for a long time and I really want the cacao cosmetics box, hehe. Thank you for the giveaway~

  13. I am really new to Asian skincare so I haven’t ever bought a Memebox before but I would love to spend 10 Memepoints on either the OMG box or the pomegranate superbox!

  14. My favorite box is the Luckybox 2, it’s just filled up goodness! :) Andd if i won 10 points, i would love to get the detox box, preferably in a valued set.

  15. I’ve been very interested in memebox and this would be a great way of trying them out. Thanks!

  16. I would buy a Pore Care Box with my 10 points. I just bought the OMG! box. It is my first, so I would say it is my favorite.

  17. I’ve only had one box so far (From Nature) and I loved everything in it even if I was a little nervous about the Snail Gommage Peeling because snail anything on my face had me scared. If I received the 10 points, I’d probably get the Membox Global #15 because all the other boxes I’ve ordered have a “theme” and something completely random would be a nice change. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  18. Ooooh Memebox! I just ordered 2 boxes from them and CANT WAIT to see what arrives. If I got 10 more points, I’d probably get memebox #15 or the Skin Care box!

  19. I never try any memebox but i’d love to. :) so far i like the mask sheet box. But i’d love to spend on cooling box. Teehee… :)

  20. What was your most favorite Memebox so far? I haven’t bought a Memebox yet but I watched some youtube reviews & I’d love to try it!!
    What do you want to buy if you get 10 points? I’d use the points to buy the Whole Grain Edition or the Superbox Detox Care.

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