Review: Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint

25. July 2015

I didn’t make a lip makeup product for quite some time, but I have some new additions to my stash. This here is the Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint, a long lasting lip tint which was introduced by SISTAR’s SoYou. I’m not much into K-Pop, but I know that many of you are familiar with the K-Pop idols.

Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint

Forencos is a Korean brand which sells environmental cosmetics since 1988. The brand has quite a range of skincare and makeup products, but in the internationally known Korean online shops they don’t have a lot of products from this brand, which is why it is quite unknown. They have 7 main issues within their brand philosophy: skin rejuvenating, skin refreshing, skin revitalizing, skin relieving, skin regeneration, skin revival and skin resolution. I did review some sheet masks from this brand and you can take a look at the reviews >>here<< and >>here<<.

Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint

The Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint comes in 7 different shades and if you know the Korean language you will find a lot of decsription about the product on the official Korean page. The cardboard packaging of this lip tint on the other hand doesn’t have much descriptions printed on, except from the shade. The shade I will show you here is No. 4 “Lol Lol Lol”, a coral pink tone. The design of the lip tint container is simple, yet elegant, with a golden cap which holds the applicator.

Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint

The Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint is supposed to be a long lasting lip tint providing moisture without being sticky. Moreover it is supposed to give high pigmentation for smooth lips and have a refreshing lip-gloss formula. When swatched on the back of my hand the first thing I notice is the bubblegum scent this lip tint has. It applies like a milk type tint, not a water or oil based tint. The color is vivid , but can also be blended in in order to create a more toned down look or gradient lips.

Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint

Application of the Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint on my lips is easy and feels very smooth. It reminds me of the matte lip products like Skinfood Milky Rose Vita color Lip Lacquer, which have a more velvety feeling on the lips. The finish is not matte, but it isn’t glossy either. I would say it has the typical finish for milk type lip tints. The pigmentation is good and it even is nicely visible on darker lips. Usually I have problems with pink shades because they do not show up nicely on my lips or settle to heavily in my lip lines, but this one looks nice and spreads without being patchy. Although it has a bubblegum scent the taste of the Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint is not sweet as I expected, but somehow salty…I do not like the taste to much, but it is still better than the usual bitter taste of most lip tints. The lasting power of this lip tint is not strong either. Without drinking or eating it holds up to 2-3 hours, but as soon as you drink or touch your lips in any other way it will transfer and fade. It doesn’t look odd while fading though.


I do not have many lip tints of that color, since I usually choose the cherry and red shades, so it is nice for me to have a pink/coral shade in my collection now which also shows up on my lips. This is also the reason why I’m using the Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tint surprisingly often in the last weeks.  I couldn’t find any translated ingredients here, so I didn’t include them into my rating, but all in all this is a solid lip tint. The price of 19000 Won on the official Forencos page is quite high though, so I would personally not buy it again, although there are some other interesting colors for the Forencos Lips In Love Lip Tints. Did you try any products from Forencos already? What are your impressions?

This product was provided to me by BNTnews for reviewing. Don’t forget to visit the other BNTGirls Mary, Celine, Alene, Joanne, Chermaine, Faith, Mitha, Laura and Blair and check out their reviews for the July BNT Beauty Box. And visit BNTnews for the latest Korean news and trends:

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Blog_Rating_Forencos_LipsinLove ♥ And if you have time please visit my post about the July Japan Candy Box. There is even a giveaway where you can win a Japan Candy Box for yourself ♥

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  • Claudia 25. July 2015 at 13:51

    It looks so great!! Reminds me of skinfood tint juice!!
    Claudia last post…Beauty Uses Of Aloe VeraMy Profile

  • Julia 25. July 2015 at 15:48

    It looks beautiful on you! It’s a shame though that the price is so high :/
    Julia last post…Make Up Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing SprayMy Profile

  • Joan 25. July 2015 at 17:38

    I looove this shade. These BNT boxes are awesome! I’d never considered checking out Forencos before but here I go…
    Joan last post…Unboxing: July 2015 MISHIBOXMy Profile

  • oreleona 25. July 2015 at 22:08

    its a gorgeous shade for a tint!! i love it!!

  • June 25. July 2015 at 23:06

    Omo… it’s pretty expensive for a lip tint, but it looks so nice on you lips, Fraulein!~ :o

  • Sooyoona 26. July 2015 at 20:35

    Hui die Farbe sieht auf den Lippen richtig klasse aus. Auf dem Armswatch hätte sie mir nun nicht besonders gefallen, aber auf den Lippen ist sie auf jeden Fall super schön. Die Marke Forencos ging bisher allerdings völlig an mir vorbei ^^

  • Evelyn 27. July 2015 at 1:18

    It looks really good! The color is nice, but don’t know why they say longlasting when it’s not. Hope someday all korean brands fullfill that claim :P
    Evelyn last post…[Haul] Sponsored by JolseMy Profile

  • Kine 27. July 2015 at 3:18

    I like these kind of thinner lip tints! And lol that it’s called lol lol lol hahaha, I guess everyone will remember the name! I’m joining next months Bntgirls yay, I hope you have been enjoying the boxes Laven xx
    Kine last post…The Blush Addict Tag!My Profile

  • CELLY thesnowflowerrr 27. July 2015 at 5:21

    Such a beautiful shade!! It looks very easy to spread too…