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Unboxing: Japan Candy Box June 2015 and Giveaway

23. July 2015

This unboxing is not about a beauty box this time, but about a Japanese sweets subscription box, the Japan Candy Box June 2015! This post will be quite picture heavy, but at the end you have a chance to win a Japan Candy Box so it is worth continuing reading.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

Japan Candy Box is a newly launched Japanese sweets subscription box by Blippo. Apart from the Japan Candy Box they also have the Kawaii Box, which contains cute toy items, stationary, tiny plushies and so on. I’m very happy to be able to show you the Japan Candy Box June 2015, since it contains some really yummy Japanese sweets and almost all of them were unknown to me before:

Japan Candy Box June 2015

The first glance into the Japan Candy Box June 2015 already shows that it is fully packed with sweets! Everything is so colorful and I can spot directly the Japanese passion for cute packaging designs. The Japan Candy Box contains 10 selected products from Japan.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

The product which jumped into my eye first was the Kabaya Frog Gummies. I’m in love with that frog face on the packaging and the tiny polliwogs on its side :D The Japan Candy Box June 2015 either contained the frog version or the fish version of these gummies, showing how the frog or the fish grows up from egg to adult animal. I love the idea of having a teaching effect with your sweets and I never saw similar themed gummies here in Germany. The Kabaya Frog Gummies are purple and green gummies with a light sugar dusting. They smell and taste very artificially fruity and sweet. Although a bit too sweet for my tasting, they are a super adorable gift, because of the cute and creative design and concept.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

The second item catching my attention was the Popin’ Cookin’ Neri Candy Land DIY Kit. Now, this is something I’ve seen before online and I was really curious about these DIY Kits were you can shape the candy to your desire. I will keep that for a special occasion to decorate some birthday cake or similar. That’s also the perfect present for kids, since I can imagine that it is really fun to create some animals first and than to eat the yummy candy.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

The Yaokin Sour Paper Candy is a thin and long slice of gummie. It has cola flavor and a sour sugar coating on top. I love cola flavored candy and there are very many of them in Germany. You can buy these sour paper candies in candy stores here, but I’ve never seen them packed in a single packaging…neither with such a cute design :D The taste of these is similar to the ones available in Germany.

The Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels are similar to the famous Pocky sticks. The biscuit sticks are covered in a white cream and sprinkled with biscuit crumbles. The packaging is a dream for Pokemon lovers. On the backside you even have a picture with hidden changes you have to find. Is there an English name for that game? These pretzle sticks taste nice and are not much different from Pocky sticks as far as I have tried.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

The tiny cardbox of the Meiji Kotsubu Chocolates is so adorable, displaying strawberries on one side and the tiny bunnies on the other side. You can even learn the English alphabet with these. Mine is dedicated to the letter E with “ear” as example. The tiny chocolate are as adorable as the packaging and consist of a regular part with chocolate and a strawberry flavoured pink part. The quality of the chocolate is not comparable to for example “Milka” or other German or Swiss chocolate, but they are a nicely flavored little sweet treat for in-between.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

My favorite sweets from the Japan Candy Box June 2015 were the Lotte Koala March Biscuits. Unfortunately, they came without the usually cute cardboard box, but they came in the plastic bag, which has koala faces printed on. These Koala biscuits are also available here and I love them. I ate all of them the moment it arrived :D A pity there are only so few per packaging :D They also remind me of my childhood, because I remember that I had them often back then :D Each of the Koala shaped biscuits has another koala motive printed on. The biscuits are filled with chocolate and they are really delicious and quite popular in Japan.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

Then there was a Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake included in the Japan Candy Box June 2015. These traditional Japanese sweets are filled with sweet bean paste. The taste is a bit unusual for someone who never ate bean paste, but it is not the weirdest. The Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gum on the other hand is a tiny box containing four small bubble gums with orange flavor. The bubble gums have the typical consistency of children’s bubble gums, which taste strong at the beginning, but loose their taste quickly. The small balls look like miniature oranges though :D

Japan Candy Box June 2015

Another flavored bubble gum is the Meiji Petit Bubblegum. This box of grape flavored tiny bubble gum pieces is quite fun. Depending on the amount of the bubble gums you take you can get more bubble gum and even make some bubbles. The flavor is again very strong at the beginning, but gets less quickly, so you have to add more of the bubble gum bits. Additionally, the packaging design is very cute again.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

Last but not least, the Puccho Mixed Fruit Chewy Candy: I like chewing candies, but this was new to me, since it contains pieces of fruit gummy within. The taste is quite diverse in that way.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

Each Japan Candy Box comes with a product card listing the products included in the box. You can also check Japan Candy for unboxings of the previous candy boxes. My impression on this Japanese candy box is quite positive, since it contained a nice variety of different sweets. Also, most of them were new to me, which was a plus, too.

Japan Candy Box June 2015

Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription box. You can choose between several options: either to order only one box, to order three boxes (3 months subscription), 6 boxes (6 months subscription) or 12 boxes (1 year subscription). Each box retails at 19.90 US$. For the 6 months and the 12 months subscription you pay a bit less per box.

Now, if you have reading so far you’ll probably be curious for the giveaway. Here it is: You can win a Japan Candy Box of you own sponsored by Japan Candy Box. For entering the giveaway please take part with help of the Rafflecopter gadget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open internationally! Good luck to everybody! ♥

Japan Candy Box - The Sweetest Monthly Japanese Candy Subscription Box

Japan Candy Box June 2015

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Mizu chan 23. July 2015 at 18:15

    Japanese sweets are always came in a very fun and cute packaging! I’ve only tried the Koala March biscuits and it was my most favorite!

  • Bethany 23. July 2015 at 20:57

    Wahhhh. *w* I love the pictures. I while ago I did a candy order, not from there, but Candysan. I love the savoury stuff the most generally, but there are some amazing Japanese sweets around too. I also love getting lost in the China Town around here, ’cause they have a lot of internationalised knockoffs.

  • Bijin Blair 24. July 2015 at 5:02

    A candy box! Now this I can sign up for. The peeps at Blippo are geniuses!

    I have tried a few of these before and they certainly bring back memories!

  • Sooyoona 25. July 2015 at 8:34

    Oha wie geil :3 so eine Candybox finde ich auch super. Es gibt in Japan aber auch so viele interessante und witzige Süssigkeiten. Besonders alles mit Traubengeschmack ist toll ♡

  • Evelyn 27. July 2015 at 1:45

    I’m in love of asian snacks. They’re pretty yummy. I’ve tried many of, becuse in here there’s several asian markets that bring all that things here, they’re slight expensive compared the local ones, but with better quality too. Popin cookin are real entertainment for kids, my daughters love it haha.