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Review: Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints

24. February 2016

I’m really late for this review, since the Beyond x Alice in Wonderland Collection launched half a year ago! Nevertheless. since the Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints are amongst my favorite lip tint I still wanted to share my opinion with you. I also discovered that Beyond will launch a new Cushion with the Alice in Wonderland theme soon ♥

Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints

Beyond is a Korean natural cosmetic brand and part of LG Household & Health Care. It is dedicated to sustainable beauty and had been against animal testing since its foundation. They have an official site which is available in Korean and English. The Beyond eco philosophy states:

‘Beyond believes that you are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisdom of beauty lies in nature. With this belief, we respect “Eco Values” throughout the entire process of everything we do from ingredients, production, distribution and disposal. Our research into Eco Values, which we consider part of our know-how, enhances the value of true beauty.’

Their products have minimal chemical colors and fragrances, their packaging is recyclable and has minimum waste. Their products are also free from parabens and dermatologically tested. I tried few products of this brand before, but I never disliked their products. They have a super cute selection of sheet masks, too, which I can really recommend.

Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints

The reason to buy the Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints is obviously the packaging design and the Disney Alice in Wonderland theme. I knew I had to get my hands on at least something from this collection, and since I loved the Tonymoly Shaking Tint Delight Oil Tint it was time for me to try more tints of this kind. There are five different shades available for the Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints and I selected two of them: No. 03, a pink red shade, and 04 a cherry red shade. The packaging design is dedicated to the Guardians of the Queen of Hearts and comes with a beautifully illustrated cardboard box. The same illustration of the guardians is found on the tint bottles, each containing 4.5 g.

Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints

The formulation is a oil based tint, but in contrast to the Tonymoly Shaking Tint Delight you do not need to mix it before applying. It is a bit thicker than the Oil Tint of Tonymoly, reminding me of the texture of a gloss, without being as sticky as one. The Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints contain Royal Black Tea for moisturizing and giving elasticity to the lips, apart from the oils in the tint. You will also smell a nice black tea scent mixed with a fruity hint if you use the lip tint. This is also one of my favorite aspects, because I love the scent!

Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints

The applicator is a doe-foot applicator with a hole in the middle. It does a good job in applying the tint. The tint itself feels very smooth on the lips. Since it is oil based you will feel how it smoothens the lips and moisturizes them. The lips don’t feel dry, even when the gloss dries off. In the swatches on my hand the shades look identical and at first I had to check the labels twice in order to be sure if they are different or not, but on my lips I see that No. 4 is more pigmented and has a hint of purple. It is not much visible on the pictures though. I also feel that the tint intensifies if you reapply the tint after a couple of hours. The stain itself lasts quite some time and wears of in a way that it looks still natural and that you can reapply without any problems of clumping etc. Both tints have a very natural stain, despite the light stain they give and they are perfectly useable for every day.

Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints

Although I was initially disappointed that the two shades I picked look very similar and that the pigmentation is quite natural I love the texture of the Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints and I use them surprisingly often. The stains also disappear very naturally, which makes it convenient for every day use and if you do not have the time or patience to touch up your lips every few hours. I love the scent, too, and I probably do not have to tell you how much I love the design. I’m very happy about these two precious tints in my collection. They retail for 10000 Won and you can find them on ebay or amazon for ~14 US$. Did ou try any of the products from the Beyond x Alice in Wonderland collaboration? Do you have any favorites?


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Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints

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  • Sooyoona 24. February 2016 at 12:30

    Diese Tints sind wirklich super und ich mag die auch unheimlich gerne. Es ist aber so schade, dass sie sich so ähnlich sehen. Ich habe das damals bei mir auch bemängelt, war mir aber nicht sicher, ob das einfach an meinen Lippen liegt. Nun habe ich das aber doch schon öfters gelesen, wirklich schade. Hast du schon gesehen, dass Beyond noch einmal Produkte mit Alice Motiven raus bringt? :)

    • Frl. Schnee 27. February 2016 at 23:54

      Jaaa, hab ich auch gesehen…man wrd doch noch mal arm bei den ganzen niedlichen Produkten. Mal abgesehen davon dass man kaum alles aufbraucht :D

  • Sophie 24. February 2016 at 16:53

    I’ve been on the lookout for a good tint, and this looks to match the bill. I love the way it sits on your lips without highlighting any creases, as my current Maybelline tint has a tendency to do >.<

    The cute packaging is a bonus!

    • Frl. Schnee 27. February 2016 at 23:53

      They are definitely not highlighting any creaes, so I can totally recommend you to have a look at them. Only the pigmentation is not that strong, but natural..

      • Sophie 28. February 2016 at 18:50

        Natural is what I’m looking for! Will have to investigate :)

  • Geena 24. February 2016 at 23:02

    Du hast einen schönen Beitrag geschrieben und nun eine Leserin mehr :) Herzlichst, Geena Samantha von

    • Frl. Schnee 27. February 2016 at 23:52

      Oh! Vielen Dank. Da freue ich mich aber sehr, dass er dir gefallen hat <3

  • Chrissie 1. March 2016 at 3:43

    I like these! I’m also a bit disappointed that the two shades are so similar. I was expecting 04 Burgendy to be a bit more plumy. I want to get #5 now! I’m not sure if you’ve also experienced this, but the glossy effect disappeared really quickly on mine.

    • Frl. Schnee 6. March 2016 at 19:13

      Yes, the glossy effect doesn’T stay for a long time, but the stain is staying quite long. also, I find that the stain gets stroonger if you apply another layer some time later.

  • Sarah 21. March 2016 at 21:16

    Thank you for the lovely review. Do you know the ingredients of the stains? I’ve been looking online for them but can’t find them. I really want to know what the oil is.