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  • Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher

    // AFFILIATE LINKS / KBEAUTY / BLUSH // I would lie if I told you I was not influenced by media when I’m buying my beauty products. For Korean beauty products it is mostly…

    11. August 2015
  • Review: May Coop Raw Sauce

    I’m super excited to review the May Coop Raw Sauce today, which was featured in ‘Get it Beauty’ by Secret’s Song Ji Eun. This is my first time trying a product from May Coop,…

    29. July 2015
  • Unboxing: MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 11

    It’s another unboxing post for MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 11. Yeiiih! :D I have to keep up with the product reviews for the items I receive- there are so many product reviews in my…

    8. June 2014
  • Unboxing: MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10

    I know that there has been a couple of unboxing posts on MeMeBox GetItBeautyBox Global No. 10, but nevertheless I’d like to show you the content of my box. If you have any requests…

    4. June 2014
  • Unboxing: Get it Beauty Box by MeMeBox No. 8

    Here is the second Get it Beauty Box I ordered from MeMeBox. This time it is box No. 8. :) What is MeMeBox? It is a monthly beauty box for mostly Korean makeup and…

    23. April 2014
  • Unboxing: Get It Beautybox by MeMeBox No. 6

    Yesterday finally my first MeMeBox arrived! I first wasn’t sure if I should order it, but after seeing so many boxes I simply had to try one box at least and ended up ordering…

    28. February 2014