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Review: Catrice Lip Cushion

22. May 2017

Recently, there have been several product launches from Catrice Cosmetics that I really loved. One of their inspirations for their new products comes from asian beauty products, which makes me -as asian beauty product lover – super happy. I’ve already been excited when the first oil cleansers and sheet masks launched by western brands appeared at the drugstores and now it is even makeup. Here is my impression of the Catrice Lip Cushion:

Catrice Lip Cushion

Catrice is calling out for the term “asianification”, which means the creation of products that are inspired by the technology and ingredients used in the asian beauty industry. At the moment cushion products are one of the focus points. Apart from cushion foundations cushions have been used with asian beauty products for all kinds of makeup: lip cushions, eye liner cushions, blush cushion…Catrice Cosmetics has chosen the lip cushion amongst other things.

Catrice Lip Cushion

Catrice Lip Cushion is a lip gloss with medium pigmentation which is applied via a jumbo sponge applicator. There are a total of 6 colors available. Here I show you shade 050 A Little Soulfruit:

Catrice Lip Cushion

This lip gloss contains avocado oil to moisturize the lips and leaves – as typical for a gloss – a glossy finish on the lips. If you remove the cap you will spot the sponge applicator. It is still white and unused.

Catrice Lip Cushion

If you want to apply the lip gloss you have to twist the bottom part of the Catrice Lip Cushion Pencil.

Catrice Lip Cushion

For the first application I twisted 2-3 times until I saw that the sponge gets slowly soaked with the tint.

Catrice Lip Cushion

The sponge tip is very soft upon application and is very easy to use.

Catrice Lip Cushion

And this is how the Catrice Lip Cushion in 050 A Little Soulfruit looks when applied on my lips. Below I also show you the swatch of the product on my arm. Since it is a lip gloss it still has that sticky feeling to it, to my personal dislike. I prefer tints and lipsticks over the sticky texture, but on the other hand your lips won’t feel dry when applying the lip gloss and it also gives some more volume to the lips than tints and lipsticks.

Catrice Lip Cushion

I’m happy about seeing more products that are inspired from asian beauty trend. The Catrice Lip Cushion clearly remind me of the lip cushions by Etude House. Unlike the Catrice Lip Cushion the ones from Etude House were no lip gloss, bur creamy lip paint. That caused that the sponge applicator was after a while completely blocked by the dried product. Other brands started to provide their products with a second applicator sponge which you could exchange, one the first one was to dirty or unusable. I would wish that Catrice also offers these additional sponges at some point. It would also help to keep the product more hygienic. But considering the price of only 4.99 € each you cannot complain to be honest.

Did you try the Catrice Lip cushion already? What are your thoughts of “asianification”?

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Catrice Lip Cushion

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Top 6 Favorite Lip Products for Valentine’s Day

13. February 2017


Tomorrow it is Valentine’s Day again. Do you celebrate it? I do not really celebrate it except for cooking something together or dining out. But no fancy presents or stuff like that. Spending time is more important after all. ♥ Nevertheless, it is never wrong to make yourself more pretty than you are by putting on some makeup…or at least put some more efford into your daily makeup. I have selected a bunch of lip products which I considered perfectly suited for this occasion. Here are my Top 6 Favorite Lip Products for Valentine’s Day:

Top 6 Favorite Lip Products for Valentine's Day

Since Valentine’s Day is about love of course the first thing that comes into my mind is kissing. Last year I wrote about how to achieve kissable lips in 3 steps (>>click here<<). After you have pampered your lips it is time to put on some color. I love red lips! It is the most sensual and classic color for lips. But there are so many different shades of red that it is not easy to decide on one. I picked 6 different shades of red and each of the products has their own special texture, reaching from glossy to matte.

Top 6 Favorite Lip Products for Valentine's Day

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick in shade 5

I reviewed this lipstick before and I must admit I’m a fan of Innifree lipsticks in general. I love their sleek design and their textures. The Real Fit Lipsticks have a good pigmentation and are a mixture between matte and shiny lipsticks. What I love especially is the rich raspberry shade of this lipstick. The Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick retails from W2Bauty for 14.27 US$.

Etude House Twin ?s Lips in shade RD302

The Etude House Twin Shot Lips has been one of my favorite to-go lip products during the last months. I love that it has two sides with two different colors and texture. One side has a mousse texture and a beige/nude color, the other side has a tint-type texture and a bright red shade. You can create beautiful gradient lip tones with this product, or use each of the sides by their own. The Etude House Twin Shot Lips retail for 14.40 US$ from the official Etude House.

L’Oréal Infaillible Lip Paint Matte in shade 205

This is my latest addition to my lip products collection and I love it so much, that I had to include it in this post. This red shade called Apocalypse Red is a rich dark red shade. The texture of this liquid lipstick is velvety and appears matte after drying down, without making your lips dry out. The L’Oréal Lip Paints retail for 17.87 €/ 7.96 € on

Top 6 Favorite Lip Products for Valentine's Day

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in shade Ruby Woo

This is the shade that every women should have in their collection! The most classy cherry red matte lipstick! It retails for 24.94 US$ on

Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour in shade Flawless

Another lip product that I’ve reviewed previously. This lipstick is a truly matte liquid lipstick in tomato red. The shade is so pretty and on top the product doesn’t leave a heavy or dring feeling on the lips. The Staying Matte Fit Lip retails for  26.26 US$ from W2Beauty.

Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lips in shade Red

Another product I already reviewed and mentioned several times on my Instagram. This is also one of the lip tints I’m using most often, especially when going out. First of all the red is super vibrant. Second, the stain of this tint is super super long-lasting. Even from all these swatches here, this one was the hardest to remove. This lip tint retails for  W2Beauty  for 13.07 US$.

Top 6 Favorite Lip Products for Valentine's Day

Below you can see the swatches of all the shades. They look so versatile although all of them are simply red shades! I love how different red can actually be, not boring and old-school at all in my opinion. Which of the shades is your favorite?

Top 6 Favorite Lip Products for Valentine's Day

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥