Review: Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip Red


 This lip tint by Tonymoly has become my favorite long-lasting lip tint and tattoo and I wanted to share this review with you for a long time already. It’s the Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip and as you could have guessed already if you’ve been following me for some time it is a lip tint in my favorite color red. A while ago I reviewed another of Tonymoly’s lip tint as my favorite product, the Tonymoly Shaking Tint Delight. Seems Tonymoly slowly becomes my favorite lip tint brand :D

Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip

The Korean brand Tonymoly is best comparable to Etude House regarding its popularity. Unlike, Etude House though, the packaging is not princessy-cute, but offers cute designs, too. Especially fruit-shaped products (apples, bananas, mango, peach…) and other creative packaging shapes make this brand interesting for western consumers and therefore very popular.Lip tints have been super popular in Korea for years and there has always been a huge amount of different lip tints by various brands. Mostly, you came across either water-based lip tints or milky-type lip tints. In contrast to lip gloss or lipstick the lip tints look much more natural and are not sticky. They are also perfect for creating the gradient lips which is also popular among Koreans. The new trend have been oil based lip tints, which are less drying than the water-based lip tint. Another new trend are tattoo lip tints. A very popular example for tattoo lip tints are the Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack, which I really like and I reviewed them before >>here<< and >>here<<. The Berrisom My Lip Tint Mask needs a bit patient though, because you apply them, leave them to dry and have to peel it off. The Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip  works a bit different though:

Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip

The Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip is available in 4 different colors: Pink (01), Red (02), Ruby (03), and Orange (04). It comes in a regular tint tube with a diagonal applicator for applying the product. There are two ways to use this product: you can either use it as overnight mask on your lips, or you apply it directly anytime you want. The tint is made from food coloring which is safe for the skin to use, this means that the stain will really be long-lasting, and if you use your fingers you will have the stain on your fingers all day! This means, that you should be careful to apply the tint very accurate, because it makes life easier for you aswell ;)

Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip

The product contains a lot of nourishing ingredients like rose hip oil, vitamin E, safflower seed oil, argan oil, jojoba seed oil and shea butter, which makes it great as overnight lip mask. But I was worried about staining my sheets, so I only used this lip tint during day time. I find the oil based lip tints feel more moisturizing, but still I didn’t find my lips feeling dried out. If you apply the tint fully on your lips it first looks very pigmented and has a gloss to it. The gloss will dry off and you will be left with red stained lips. For a softer look you can apply the tint on the inner parts of your lips only and use a cotton swab to blend it out. The lasting power is amazing. I’m using it in the morning and despite eating and drinking my lips are still stained in the evening. The color is not as vibrant as in the morning for sure, but there is still enough color on the lips.

Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip

You can simply touch it up in the evenings for a second time and it will be perfect for any evening occasion. Below you see how long-lasting and pigmented the swatch on my hand is even after washing my hands. Taking a shower removes the vibrant color, but still the stain is visible.

Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip

Do I have to tell you how much I love this tint? I can definitively recommend you to try one of these if you are looking for a long-lasting stain on your lips! I bought mine at W2Beauty  for 13.55 US$ and it is totally worth every cent. For those living in the US you might want to check out the prices here on, too. Did you try any of these Tints from Tonymoly?


16 thoughts on “Review: Tonymoly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip Red”

    1. Die Farbe wird natürlich blasser und nicht mehr so glossy nach einer Weile aber die Lippen bleiben rot. Das ist echt super, zB wenn man ausgeht oder so….Schade mit der Verpackung, zumal Tonymoly ja eigentlich oft sehr hübsche Verpackungen hat :D

    1. Ja, mir gefällt die Farbe auch sehr gut und ich kann es nur empfehlen sie mal auszutesten. Das Intensive verschwindet war aber man hat den ganzen Tag lang rote Lippen.

  1. I still haven’t tried any lip tints so I’ve been doing research on them. I have my eyes on these too, now :) Shipping to Italy is the only thing that is stopping me right now.

    1. There are many retailers on ebay for example which offer free shipping. Also some stores like Jolse or Beautynetkorea have free shipping. With w2beauty you pay 2,50 for the tracking and the shipping is free too. I live in Germany and I usually receive my packages after 2-4 weeks. It should be similar with Italy.

  2. I never knew that Tony Moly has this product! Seems like it’s really good.
    I like how it looks so vibrant on your lips *.* And even after washing your hand the color is still looking so good!
    I’m not that into lip tint but I think this one worth to try, I have to write it down.
    Thanks for reviewing it, Fraulein ^^

    1. It was new to me aswell! But I’m really happy that it is such a strong stain. I’m happy you liked the review. If you get the chance to get your hands on it tell me about your opinion.

    1. I can recommend you to try the oil tints if you find the usual water based tints drying. They feel much more like lip balm on the lips. Usually, the staining watertype tints don’t feel any nourishing. I didn’t find this drying personally. Coral is a nice color, too, but usually the color doesn’t show up on my lips nicely…:/

    1. I found them on ebay with international post service for around 10 Euros. I think you will find them there, too. I’m really happy with this tint and the oil tint from Tonymoly.

  3. Ah die Farbe sieht ja grandios aus *___* Ich muss mir den Tint auf jeden Fall genauer anschauen. Tonymoly mag ich auch recht gern, aber bei den Fluten von Etude House geht die Marke bei mir manchmal etwas unter, was sehr schade ist
    Anhy last post…2016 Year of the MonkeyMy Profile

    1. Ja, das geht mir oft genauso! Aber sowohl bei diesem tint, als auch bei dem Oil Tint von Tonymoly bin ich richtig glücklich darüber, dass ich sie mir geholt habe!

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