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Review: Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

27. October 2016


When MeMeBox launched their first cooperation with Pony I was so excited. I loved (and still love) watching her tutorials on YouTube. I had to order the Pony x MeMeBox Eyeshadow Palette right away and I’m still in love with it and use it super often, and more than other eyeshadow palettes I bought. When Pony launched her own makeup brand called Pony Effect, I was super excited, but the fact that they were not so easy to order (MeMeBox wasn’t shipping to Germany any longer) and also quite expensive made me stay away from buying. After a while W2Beauty started to carry the products from MeMeBox and things got more easy for me, too, but I was still not sure what to buy. Especially when you have more than enough from anything and try to reduce the amount of cosmetics by finally using it up…Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist buying the Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colours when they released…Shame on me!

Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

“Discover a more beautiful You, discover your beauty potential” is the leading statement and motivation by makeup artist Pony for her brand Pony Effect. The products from the brand are focusing on make-up mainly, although I spotted some sheet masks recently, too. The design of her products is modern and trendy, so also for the Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour. The key color I associate with Pony Effect is rosegold. You will spot that her products either have a rosegold colored cap or the logo is imprinted in rosegold color.

Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

The Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour has a matte liquid lipstick formula, which promises to dry into an opaque and matte finish without drying out the lips like other matte lipsticks. There are 10 different shades available, from which I chose 2. It turned out that I selected shades “Magnificent” and “Flawless”.

Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

Magnificent is a nude/rose-colored shade whereas Flawless is a tomato red one. Ir was really hard to decide since I have so many red lipsticks already. But nevertheless, I had simply to take one red shade because it is the color I wear most often. The lipsticks come packed in cardboard boxes in black and rosegold color, very simple and neat and yet modern. The lipsticks themselves come in typical lip gloss bottles with rosegolden caps, You can see the color of your shade through the bottle.


Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

The directions for using these liquid lipsticks is pretty easy, but since it is a matte product I can only advise you to exfoliate your lips. It will look so much better on smooth lips than on dry and chapped lips. Then apply one thin layer of the product.


Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

The Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour have an included applicator attached to the cap, like most liquid lip products. The applicator has an angled brush, which works nicely for applying the product. If you do not want an opaque layer you can also just dab a few dots on your lips and blend it in quickly.

Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

The liquid formula dries down after a few seconds to a matte finish and leaves really a good stain. Even after showering and washing my arms I could still see the marks of the swatches on my skin. Maybe it is not advised to use your fingers for blending in the products, but use a cotton swab instead. Mostly I was worried about two things: I didn’t want the same experience as I had with the Clio Lipnicure, which started to peel of in flakes after a while. Second, I was worried that the brighter color “Magnificent” would settle into the lines of lips, making it look ugly and strange. Non of my worries happened. The lipstick doesn’t peel of but fades nicely when eating a lot of fatty food. still the stain is visible for a long time. The bright color does not settle either into the lines but looks perfectly fine. Of course due to the shades “Magnificent” doesn’t leave such a strong stain as “Flawless” does, but for a nude lipstick the stain is still pretty great. Of course, since they have a matte formulation they won’t be as moisturizing as lip balms, but they are not drying as some other matte lipsticks either. Below you can see the two shades swatched and applied.

Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

I do not regret buying these two Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour shades. I love the colors, I love the finish and the texture and I love their performance. I can definitely say that these are great. Of course, since people tend to have different natural lip colors, the swatches may turn out slightly different on you, but still I heard that these shades worked great on most people who tried them before. I’m totally happy and I can give my thumbs up for these!

I bought mine from W2Beauty but you can check elsewhere to find it, too. Some stores were you can buy the Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colours are:

W2Beauty for 24.26 US$

MeMeBox US for 18.50 US$

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Pony Effect Staying Matte Fit Lip Colour

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  • Mili 28. October 2016 at 7:16

    I love Pony’s channel! She’s seriously sooo talented. I haven’t tried out any of her products yet but I do have a sheet mask from her line I’m excited to use :) These lipsticks sound amazing! Both shades are so stunning. Flaking lipsticks are the worst so I’m glad to hear these fade nicely :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  • misslovelyattitude 28. October 2016 at 20:01

    ich liebe die rote farbe einfach, sie sieht soooo gut aus und so intensiv :) total tolle farben :)

  • Michelle 29. October 2016 at 7:21

    I’ve been really intrigued by Pony’s products because I’ve heard many positive reviews on her products. At first I didn’t think I would like any of the lip colors but magnificent looks like a really nice autumn lip color!

  • Sooyoona 30. October 2016 at 15:53

    Mhh hier bin ich eindeutig einmal gespaltener Meinung. Eigentlich sehen sie ja nicht schlecht aus, beide haben eine tolle Farbe. Aber selbst tragen würde ich sie vermutlich nicht. Dafür sind sie mir dann doch zu deckend :3

  • Vanity 31. October 2016 at 21:34

    Toller Bericht liebes! Danke für diese Review… ich liebe nämlich so matte Lippen-Geschichten und schaue immer wieder nach neuen.

  • Cupcakes and Berries 3. November 2016 at 21:41

    Die Textur hört sich richtig gut an! Vor allem spricht mich an, dass sie nicht so austrocknend sind, wie manche Liquid Lipsticks (sehen auf deinen Lippen auch nicht so ultra-trocken aus). Magnificent gefällt mir außerdem farblich sehr gut. Da hätte ich ja auch erwartet, dass er in die Fältchen kriecht, aber umso besser, wenn das nicht so ist :D Liebste Grüße

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