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  • Review: Oolu Orchid Emulsion and Toner

    Let’s continue with the reviews for the wonderful brand Oolu by Dr. OhKims: Today I’ll share my impressions with the Oolu Orchid Emulsion and Toner! First of all, who else loves orchids? Such a beautiful…

    13. November 2016
  • Review: CosRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion

    //KBEAUTY / SKINCARE / AFFILIATE LINKS // Everytime CosRX releases a new product the whole asian beauty lover community seems to be freaking out with joy and looking forward to get their hands on…

    11. April 2016
  • Review: SNP Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Set Part 1

    There is something about oriental ornaments that makes one think about something super luxurious and high quality directly…Please, let’s just appreciate this packaging design of SNP Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Set for a moment! This skin care…

    21. December 2015
  • Review: May Coop Raw Sauce

    I’m super excited to review the May Coop Raw Sauce today, which was featured in ‘Get it Beauty’ by Secret’s Song Ji Eun. This is my first time trying a product from May Coop,…

    29. July 2015
  • Review: Pongdang Donkey Milk Emulsion

    You read it in the title, this product contains donkey milk, the key ingredient of Cleopatra’s beauty bath! Pongdang Donkey Milk Emulsion is supposed to be a nutritious moisturiser for all skintypes leaving the…

    25. February 2015
  • Review: Iope Super Vital Cream VIP Kit

    Here is another review from the honestskin Special Gift Event about the Iope Super Vital Cream VIP Kit. This kit comes with 5 products from the Iope Super Vital Extra Moist line, and honestly…

    15. January 2015