Review: TheFaceShop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter, Toner, Emulsion and Exfoliating Clear Smoother

As you know, I’ve normally dry skin, especially in cold winter. This year’s winter is still quite mild, so luckily my skin is not that sensitive yet. But in any case, I love good moisturizing creams for my skin especially my face. One cream which caught my attention is TheFaceShop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter, after I saw it on an episode of Get it Beauty, where different moisturizers were being compared. This one was the most loved moisturizing facial cream, so I decided to give it a try and bought a bunch of samples. And since I was really curious about the product, I added the toner, the emulsion (lotion) and exfoliating liquid from the same line.

The design of the Mango Seed Line is made in yellow, which is the color everybody would associate with Mango :D Let’s start off with the main product: The Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter.

The full size product comes in a jar and it is delivered together with a spatula for scooping out the butter.

Special about this product is the consistency of the cream, which has the consistency of butter. Although it seems having a rather solid structure, it melts off easily if it is in contact with the skin. It has a silky and smooth feeling and it leaves the same smoothness on the skin.

The scent is fruity and similar to another Mango product I tried (Nature Republic Fresh Hawaiian Mango Pack, click >>here<< for the review). It absorbs quite quickly into the skin and leaves the skin moisturized in a pleasant way. I had the feeling that the moisture really sunk into the skin and wasn’t lying on top of it, if you know what I mean. And the great thing is, that this feeling was noticeable all day long! Moreover, the facial butter doesn’t leave the skin sticky or greasy at all. I really loved using this facial butter ♥

You can combine the facial butter with the other products from this line, like the Mango Seed Moisturizing Toner, Emulsion (also called Lotion) and the Exfoliating Clear Smoother. All products come in bottles with a pump, which is super convenient to use. The toner has a see-through plastic body.

The toner has two phases: a milky phase and a clear phase, which have to be mixed previously. You can see in the image below that the toner has a milky color after mixing. The scent is the same fruity scent which the butter had. The toner also feels moisturizing on the skin. Probably the milky phase is some kind of lotion providing the moisture.

The emulsion/lotion is a light creamy type emulsion, which is lighter than the facial butter. It is slightly sticky after application, but the stickiness fades away after 1-2 minutes. Also here, the scent is the same, as for the other products of the line.

The last product I bought is the Mango Seed Exfoliating Clear Smoother. You have to use this one after cleansing your face. I put the clear liquid on a cotton pad and wipe it over my face as an additional cleaning step to remove dead cells. The cotton pad did show excess dirt, so I guess it was effective. This one feels also slightly sticky after application, but also here the stickiness fades off after some minutes.

I discovered for my dry skin, that if you use all products together, the skin starts to look a bit greasy. I would recommend the use off all products together only to very dry skin, or people living somewhere, were it is super cold and dry and your face is exposed to that. This is a super moisturizing line for this purpose. If you have oily skin, I would use the toner and the emulsion only, occasionally the exfoliating clear smoother. For dry and normal skin the facial butter in combination with the toner is the best choice in my eyes. Using the Exfoliating Clear Smoother in the evening after cleansing.

This line has a lot of potential if you are looking for moisturizing products. If you are not sure which one or which combination might be the best for you, you should order some samples like I did (I ordered my samples at I decided to buy the full size jar of the facial butter definitely after I used up my other moisturizers, because I really loved how nice and supple my skin felt all day long. I also used this butter in combination with the Face It Primer Moisture Fitting I reviewed yesterday, and it gave me a super nice finish ♥

You can get all of these products at W2Beauty. The Facial Butter (50 ml) costs US$ 32.23, the Toner (145 ml) costs US$ 24.49, the Lotion (125 ml) costs US$ 25.49 and the Exfoliating Clear Smoother (145 ml) costs US$ 25.49.

My rating for the whole line and especially the facial butter is:

20 thoughts on “Review: TheFaceShop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter, Toner, Emulsion and Exfoliating Clear Smoother”

  1. Oh wowie, I love how you’ve got all the small sample sizes! I wish shops in singapore would give away more samples to get people excited about products! I think I may need to check out this line, I can only imagine how nice it smells!

    1. I love the scent. But probably people who don’t like scented products won’t like it. I wish we had a store or some stores for those korean brands here in Germany…>_<….I actually like buying samples before I try the fullsize, because it can really save you money. Also, I got so many samples of the facial cream that it will last me for some while XD

  2. I tried the Mango seed heart butter and the smell was incredibly overpowering and lingered for hours, does this one smell strong too? Or is it just the heart version of this moisturizer?

    1. I didn’t try the Mango Seed Heart butter, but since all the samples I tried from this line have the same scent, I think the heart butter has the same scent, too. I really like it, but if you don’t like scented products, you won’t like these as well.

  3. I have got to make the time to check this site out. You have really got me excited to try some Korean Skin Care. I have just been kinda scared of online shopping w/ other countries websites with all the scams I hear about. But now I have been seeing your products, I am getting braverr…..LOL!


    1. The sites which I mention in my posts are all safe sites. I’ve ordered there many times and never something bad happend, and even if a parcel got lost I was always refunded in a way or the other. I think korean skin care offers nice products worth a try and different from the western brands.

  4. I’ve been saving these samples for a dry day and it looks like for good reason .:)Thanks for the recommendations which products to use! I like the idea of trying the sample set first until you find the right routine.

    1. Yes, I decided to buy samples more often now, because I’m ending up with having to many different products which I cannot use up….Also, I’m still trying to decrease my sample stash XD I really liked the facial butter. It’s one of the nicest products I used so far for dry skin.

    1. I think if you live in a tropical country this could be too much of nutrition for your skin. I really loved trying this and it is great for dry skin, but it could be too much for oily skintypes. Thanks for commenting!

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