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Honestskin Special Gift Event

20. December 2014

As you know there are a lot of different retailer selling asian cosmetics products in the world wide web. I’m trying to check out different shops in order to see which one offers the best service and good prices on the same time and it’s been a while that I subscribed for honestskin‘s newsletter. But somehow, although they have a lot of discounts, I never ordered anything myself, but after I read about The Beauty Code’s experience I was curious and applied for the Special Gift Event– and I was lucky to be one of the selected winners of a gift package. So here is my experience with honestskin so far:

Honestskin Special Gift Event

 Honestskin is an online shopping mall run by the Silicon Two Inc. in Korea. They claim to have authentic products, a huge range of different products and fast delivery. They ship internationally, too. Their page is easy to navigate and already displays all the different brands they offer on the front page.

Honestskin Special Gift Event

As I said, I follow their newsletter for quite some time and I recognized that they offer a lot of different discounts and special sales. The only downside is, that they don’t offer free shipping. Instead, they have a way to collect the shipping price in dependence to the amount of items you buy. If you buy 1-3 items you pay 5 US$, for 4-6 items you will already pay 9 US$…(see details >>here<<) Actually, it would be better to pay for the weight instead of number of items.

So, apart from their regular discounts they have also this so called special gift event you can apply for. They also seem to have other events from time to time, like the Sponsor Event they offer at the moment (if you are a blogger you should try to apply for it ;) ). In the event I took part, I received a package containing three korean beauty products. The parcel arrived after 11 days of shipping, which is a good shipping time for packages from Korea. All three items were packed in bubble wrap. I received  Iope Super Vital Cream VIP Special Gift, Etude House Color Lips-Fit in shade #OR201 Dream Fit Coral and Nature Republic Collagen HD Essencial BB Cream. The products were undamadged, too :)

Honestskin Special Gift Event

Oh, another thing, you will get some points when you register on their page, and you can also collect more points for doing reviews of the product on their page. These points can be spent as money for your future order. I always like the idea of being rewarded :) Check out about this >>here<<.

I’m happy about my gifts and I will review them within the next time, so if you are curious about any of these items watch out for future posts. I hope this quick shop introduction was helpful for you :)

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  • Arya 21. December 2014 at 11:27

    i keep seeing honestskin and they sponsor a lot of bloggers. curios about the iope set

    • Frl. Schnee 30. December 2014 at 1:47

      I saw that, too, and I was surprised when I discovered their gift event. I hope you’ll like the review of the Iope set, I will post it soon :)

  • Frl. Schnee 25. December 2014 at 11:10

    written by Ashley from Obviobsessions: “Though Honestskin does have some nice sales, they have such horrible customer service. It’s hard to contact them and wait around for them to answer. I applied for sponsorship so long ago and was promised a package and had to email them multiple times to make sure the package was sent in case it got lost in transit and to no avail, the never emailed me back. I did apply for this event to see what would happen.
    The products they sent you look really good. I really want to see the review on the BB cream.”

    Was there any other comment from their side? I didn’t have any other experience than this with them so far, so I’m really curious how it would be if I order something for example.

  • Mizu 30. December 2014 at 17:52

    Just realize that you got the same items as mine :)
    Seriously I wasn’t expecting this much of products.