Review: Tonymoly Clean Dew Olive Seed Foam Cleanser

7. December 2013
I wanted to try another affordable foam cleanser and while having a look in various web stores I found this Clean Dew Olive See Foam Cleanser by Tonymoly. There are various different Clean Dew  Foam Cleanser available, but I chose Olive Seed because it is designed for dry skin.

The packaging is quite simple and not really special, with an image of some olives on it. The foam cleanser comes in a squeeze tube and it smells of fresh olives, at least I suppose that it should be fresh olives and somehow I can imagine it to be exactly that. XD

The cleanser has a creamy consistency when it comes out of the tube, but if you add water it builds up a foam. It is not the finest foam I’ve seen, but it is foam actually. The efficiency of the cleanser is good. I applied different eyeliner, mascara, lip liner and lipstick on my arm and it removed everything except of the super waterproof eyeliner from Miss Hana (click >>here<< for the review).
The feeling left behind on the skin is fresh and clear  and the fresh natural scent increases this effect. This cleanser removes make up, is refreshing and it is cheap, so it is definitively worth a try. And it does not dry out my skin, although I have to point out that I think Missha’s Cream Chocolate Latte cleanser (review >>here<<) is more moisturizing.
This tube contains 150 ml and is really a pricey cleanser. I bought it at for 2900 Won (~US$ 2.90). At the moment it is on sale for 2030 Won (~US$ 2.00). Apart from the Olive Seed Foam Cleanser, there is a Tree Seed Foam Cleanser for acne prone skin and five other ones with Acerola, Lemon Red Grapefruit, Aloe and Blueberry. You can probably also find it on ebay for various prices, but it shouldn’t be expansive.



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  • Reply Arya De Guzman 7. December 2013 at 4:58

    hmmm it’s pricier then in my country

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:07

      For me it was quite cheap :) but I have to order online…

  • Reply Rebecca B. Bird 7. December 2013 at 5:05

    Ooh, that’s quite cheap! I will keep it in mind the next time I need cleansing foam. :)

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:11

      Yes, it is really cheap and available in different kins, too :)

  • Reply Nuraini Munira J. 7. December 2013 at 7:51

    Hey, Fraulein! :D If it’s moisturizing, then I think it’s worth the try. Maybe I should go for Acerola or Lemon Red Grapefruit as these two have brightening active ingredients. I wonder if this works the same as my mom’s TheFaceShop Phyto Powder in Cleansing Foam: Olive. Anyway, thanks dear for sharing this!
    xx, Mira |

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:15

      I didn’t try the Foam from The Face shop but maybe I can give it a try sometime. The Lemon one sounds great too :D Thanks for reading Mira ♥ and happy new year, too :)

  • Reply Wei Song (Gin) 8. December 2013 at 1:23

    I loooove olive products. <3
    I actually use olive oil on my face every night kinda as a face mask. When I wash it off in the morning (though it usually absorbs), my face is so supple and smooth ahhh~ *A* I’ll try this out soon when I finish my current one! Seems like a reasonable price!

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:21

      I never used pure olive oil on my face, only in my hair and I love it. I have to try it on the face :D Thanks for commenting ♥

  • Reply Amicia Rai 8. December 2013 at 23:18

    I love pretty much any product that is made from olive oil! :D It really takes care of my skin very well, so I think that this product may be a nice edition to my collection. ^_^
    Thanks for the lovely review!

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:22

      You’re welcome. I’m happy I could introduce an interesting product to you :D ♥

  • Reply Rini Cesillia 9. December 2013 at 8:15

    wow it’s cheap for 150ml! I always love to try different cleansing foam but never thought of this one..
    Thanks for the review, Fraulein ^^

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:23

      I was so happy that it was that cheap. It makes it possible to try all the different kins of cleanser Tony Moly offers :D Thanks for commenting Rini♥

  • Reply Bethany 9. December 2013 at 13:24

    I’m not a huge cleanser user, but I do love olive oil products. x3 I’ll sit on the fence for a while. Lol.

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:24

      hahaha, I had an olive oil cleansing oil in the past which I loved. Perhaps I will have a look at more olive products. thanks for commenting ♥

  • Reply Mizu chan 9. December 2013 at 17:13

    wow..the results is pretty good :)

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:25

      Thank you, I’m totally happy with this cleanser. Especially for this price :)

  • Reply A. Snowbunny 9. December 2013 at 22:59

    I love the Clean Dew products! I don’t usually use foam cleansers but really enjoy the Olive Seed cleansing cream. If you are ever looking for cream cleansers I highly recommend it. :-)


    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:25

      I saw that one as well. Thanks for letting me know, perhaps I’ll give it a try next :)

  • Reply AnnTan 10. December 2013 at 17:15

    nice product! it does work well on make up, well okay, excluding Miss Hana eyeliner (damn,i love that eyeliner too)
    how much is 2050 won converted to US?

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:26

      It is around 2 US$, so it is quite cheap. thanks for commenting ♥

  • Reply ★ L i S A 12. December 2013 at 5:07

    Dropping by c:

  • Reply Misha Lulu 26. December 2013 at 3:15

    Hi :)
    I’ve always wanted to buy this product, so thank you so much for the review!
    Do stop by my blog sometime ^_^

    -Misha |

    • Reply Fräulein Schnee 8. January 2014 at 15:28

      Oh, I’m happy I could help you with my review. thanks for stopping by and reading ♥

  • Reply Graveyard: June 2014 | Berries In The Snow 27. June 2014 at 12:55

    […] out my review on this cleanser >>here<<. It is a nice and mild cleanser and it feels quite moisturizing compared to other foam […]

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