Review: Skinfood Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream No.1

This review is based on a couple of samples from Skinfood’s Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB cream I gathered in the last months. I’m actually really trying to get rid of my samples, haha. We’ll see if I’ll keep on doing so. This is the first BB cream I’m trying from Skinfood. I have reviewed the Vita Waterdrop CC cream before (>>here<<) and I love it a lot, especially since the packaging was so cute. Considering the cuteness of the packaging, this BB cream is doing great as well. Keep reading if you want to know more:

Although, I only have had samples, even their packaging is typical for Skinfood and really cute. It shows an illustration of a bee and a beehive on the schemes of a tea bag. There are several BB cremes in the Skinfood Good Afternoon Tea BB line. In total there are five different ones: Apple Cinnamon Tea, Berry Berry Tea, Peach Green Tea, Rose Lemon Tea and Honey Black Tea. They vary slightly from one another, each having it’s own specifies. And they all come in two different shades, light beige (#1) and natural beige (#2). At the moment I tend to get natural beige, if I can choose, but in this case the samples were all light beige. Nevertheless, I can put it on and it is only a tiny little bit too bright for me, but it blends in well with the skin color on the other hand.

The description on the samples is in Korean, unfortunately, but you can read all the descriptions for the Good Afternoon BB creams on Skinfood’s official web page.
The description from this BB cream says:
[Honey Black Tea BB – Moisturizing & Glowing]
A moisturizing and illuminating BB cream with sweet honey and flavorful red tea that keeps skin soft and supple.
[Good Afternoon BB Cream Story]
Try our Good Afternoon BB Cream Line. Infused with skin-revitalizing afternoon teas, it helps you keep a bright, vibrant skin tone all day!
* To Use
Apply an even layer to skin in gentle patting motions.
I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to honey-scented products. There is a honey scent which can be nice and one which I absolutely can’t stand, because it is too artificial. This product smells great! I really do love the scent, although it wears off after applying it on your face, but the moment you put is, it is really a nice scent. The consistency of the BB cream is light and moist. It leaves a nice feeling on the skin and feels lightweight, too. The coverage is medium, but build-able. Actually, you can see in the images below, that it covers up nicely the heart I draw with a lip liner on the back of my hand.
You can see that the cream also leaves a soft glow, but in contrast to the last BB cream from Mamonde I reviewed, this glow is not too much and I think even people with oily skin can put it on. Actually, it feels partly mattifying, too. So if you have dry skin, like me, I would recommend you, to use a moisturizer before, otherwise it starts flaking around the dry areas, for example around the nose. Unfortunately, I can’t get good lightening for taking pictures in the moment, so I have to leave you with the swatch on my hand.:(
All in all, I love the scent, I love how light it feels and I love the finish. It provides SFP20 PA+ and enough coverage. This is surprisingly a nice BB cream and I might want to try the second shade of this. I can recommend you to try this out, at least grab some samples (even the full size is not really expansive). Perhaps, it works for some of you as well.
The full size product comes in a tube and contains 30 g. You can buy this here:
Beautynetkorea for US$ 7.60 (free shipping)
W2Beauty for US$ 12.37 (free shipping option, you’ll get a 5$ voucher upon registration with this link, which is usable for orders of minimum 30$)
testerkorea for 7000 Won (around US$ 7, shipping depends on weight)
or various seller on ebay

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20 thoughts on “Review: Skinfood Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream No.1”

    1. I think they differ in SPF and I read that some are more considered to have moisturizing properties and other to claim to have anti aging benefits. I’d like to know if they are really that different to one another…Thanks for commenting ♥

    1. It says in the description that it contains ‘sweet honey”. actually I didn’t find the ingredients list, and the one on the sample is in korean, but I guess it must contain some honey extract or something similar…Thanks for commenting ♥

  1. I was planning to buy one of the BB Creams from their line in my next haul so this review is super helpful :D The coverage is really nice *-* Does it feel sticky on the skin? I really hate sticky bb creams like the one by Missha >~< Thanks for sharing ~ :D

    1. It does not feel sticky on its own. Actually it depends what kind of moisturizer you use before. If that is already sticky, the BB cream won’t change that :D But if you wear it alone it is not sticky. Thanks for commenting ♥

    1. Really, than you will perhaps like this one. I think honey has a lot of benefits. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the ingredients in order to look what part of “honey” is really inside this cream. Thanks for commenting ♥

  2. Halloo~
    Ich war auf der Suche nach Reviews zu dieser BB Cream und bin zufällig hier gelandet – als ich gesehen hab, dass du in Deutschland lebst, musste ich einfach mal einen Kommentar da lassen (vielleicht sollte ich mir lieber einen aktuelleren Post dazu aussuchen.. :D)
    Auf jeden Fall werde ich hier mal öfter vorbeischauen,
    liebe Grüße!

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