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Review: Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Haircare

9. November 2016

Years ago I turned my back towards western haircare, because I made the experience that eastern haircare products made my hair simply more manageable. As time went by I occasionally came by the situation that some of my haircare products have been emptied before I could order any back-up. In these moments I needed to go to a local drugstore and check for their haircare products. For a while now Garnier introduced their Ultimate Blend series, where each haircare routine is dedicated to a key ingredient. I’ve been excited to try out the different versions since then(especially when the Ultimate Blends Honey were introduced). A while ago I was lucky to receive their latest addition to the Ultimate Blends series, the Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat haircare line

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat

The Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat line is designed for people with sensitive scalp and fragile hair. It is enriched with protein-rich ingredients, like oat and rice. Oat milk is rich in antioxidants, and rice cream, which provides moisture. The formula soothes the feel of sensitive scalps and leaves hair feeling protected and irresistibly soft to the touch according to the description.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat


Oat is a protein rich and low-fat cereal. Oat milk helps to soothe and nourish the hair without making it feel heavy or greasy. Rice Cream is produced by grinding of small grain rice. It is said, that is has moisturizing and protective properties for the hair and it is protein rich, too.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat haircare consists of four products: the shampoo, the conditioner, a treatment and a heat protection spray. The products are free of paraben and contain natural extracts. The shampoo and the conditioner come in regular plastic squeeze bottles containing 250 and 200 ml, respectively. At first I had some problems with squeezing out the products because every time I tried I squeezed out too much of it. After a while I got a feeling for how to handle it.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat

The treatment comes in a jar containing 300 ml. I know that most hair treatments come in jars, but actually I would prefer a pump or a tube, which is easier to handle while showering.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat

The Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat has been tested by me for some weeks already. Actually, I already finished one bottle of shampoo and conditioner before receiving the products to test and I didn’t have any problems with them during the time.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat

The shampoo of the Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat has a liquid, light cream consistency.  It is a milky formula and you have to be careful while dispensing it (a pump would avoid this). You need a bit more product for it to lather up and build a nice foam, especially if you have long hair like me. The smell though is divine! It is the scent of sweet flowery milk, at least for me :D the conditioner and the treatment have the same scent. Both have thicker,  creamy formulations. Still the treatment is even creamier than the conditioner. I discovered that the conditioner alone doesn’t manage my frizzy and tangled hair. I need the treatment or a good hair oil to be able to detangle properly. But the shampoo and conditioner used on their own make my hair super lightweight and soft.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat

The Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat does a good job in providing nutrients and moisturizing the hair. I love the packaging design and the color combination of white and light pink and I adore the scent. For me, the conditioner doesn’t provide enough for detangling my frizzy hair. I need to use the treatment together with it. Still I love the fact that the formulation is free of parabens and contains natural extracts, yet it contains silicons. I personally do not have sensitive scalp, only dry hair, so I cannot say how it will work on someone else, but I personally didn’t have problems with this haircare line. The great thing is that you can get the Garnier Ultimate Blends for a few bucks from your local drugstore. Still, although I liked and like using it, it does not compete with my favorite haircare product from Shiseido.

Did you try the Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat products? What is your favourite haircare?

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Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Tamara 10. November 2016 at 19:37

    I just found your blog and I love it. I also just added it to my fav blogs, so I can come and check your posts. Keep the great work up! <3

    • Frl. Schnee 15. November 2016 at 9:33

      Thank you dear and thanks for the nice words.

  • Vonnie 10. November 2016 at 21:17

    I don’t think we have that collection here yet. We have several others, including honey and avocado blends, but I haven’t tried them yet. Hopefully we will get that one here in the US as well!

    As silly as this sounds, I love the labels on the blends here. They remind me of very 1970s or 80s products I remember seeing in my gram’s bathroom as a child!

    • Frl. Schnee 11. November 2016 at 12:34

      Totally. I love the vintage-y design. If I remember correctly the labels in us are even more vintage style than the European ones. Hope you will have the oatmilk line soon too!

  • Sooyoona 11. November 2016 at 12:08

    Die hören sich auf jeden Fall recht gut an, besonders die Pflege. Ich habe bisher ehrlich gesagt noch keine Haarpflege gefunden, die ich zu 100% super fand, was aber vermutlich einfach daran liegt, dass mir meine Haare nicht in den Kram passen und weniger die Shampoos. Momentan versuche ich mich an einigen von Lush.

    • Frl. Schnee 11. November 2016 at 12:32

      Ich hatte mal so eine Shampoo bar von Lush. Sie roch unglaublich gut aber meine Haare kommen einfach nicht so gut mit silikonfreien Shampoos klar und werden einfach nur trocken, egal wie lange ich sie teste.:/

  • Michaela 15. November 2016 at 1:57

    Die Verpackung ist richtig schön und ich glaube es riecht auch sehr lecker.
    Ich hatte früher bevor ich viel gefärbt habe öfters Drogerie Produkte. Denke für gesunde Haare ist diese Line bestimmt toll :-) Leider muss ich immer zu sehr *starken* Linien greifen.

    Deine Bilder sind immer so schön :-)
    Ich bin ein großer Fan von deinem hübschen Blog !!!
    Schlaf schön Liebes.
    Drück dich

    • Frl. Schnee 15. November 2016 at 9:26

      Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar, Michaela! Ich greife auch nur Gelegentlich zu Drogerie Produkten, oft bestelle ich Shampoo aus Asien. Hab bei mir die Feststellung gemacht dass die Shampoos irgendwie besser zu meinen Haaren passen und sie auch überhaupt kämmbar machen. Ich färben zwar nur selten aber ich hatte schon immer sehr frizzy und trockenes Haar…Eine Qual…

  • misslovelyattitude 18. November 2016 at 22:38

    die muss ich noch ausprobieren :) brauche jetzt unbedingt sehr sehr viel pflege :D