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Review: Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow

9. January 2016


When I bought the A’Pieu Creamy Butter Shadows I was very indetermined whether to buy the creamy eyeshadows from A’Pieu or from Innisfree. I decided for A’Pieu back then, but after all I still could not let it be like this and grabbed a shade of the Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow. I only grabbed one color, but you will find a comparison between the cream eyeshadow from Innisfree to the ones from A’Pieu at the end of the review. If you are as indecisive as me this review might help you a bit- at least I hope it will :D

Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow

I have quite a lot of products from Innisfree, but I discovered that my last review for this brand was almost one year ago :’D Innisfree is an eco-friendly Korean skin care and makeup brand focusing on natural ingredients and recycle packaging. The design of their products is simply and neat and nicely reflects the ideology of the brand. Innisfree products are usually free from harmful ingredients. 

Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow

The Innisfree Mineral single Cream Shadow are available in 5 different colors. I decided for shade #04, a rusty-brown shade which fits nicely to autumn season, or in general for people who love brownish eyeshadow colors. You can find the description and full ingredients for these cream shadows on the official Innisfree page. The ingredients can also be found on COSDNA. Each pot of eyeshadow contains 6.3g of product.

Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow

As you can see from the swatch the color is beautiful and pigmented, and it is quite sparkly, containing a lot of shimmer particles. And here is already the main difference towards the A’Pieu Creamy Butter Shadows: The A’Pieu Eyeshadows are much creamier and softer, whereas the Innisfree Cream Shadow has a harder texture, probably also due of the glitter particles. The A’Pieu shadows don’t have as many shimmery particles.

Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow

Below you see a comparison of all the three cream eyeshadows and you will see that the main difference from the swatches is the shimmer. The eyeshadows from A’Pieu almost appear to be matte, although they have a nice sheen aswell. There is not much difference between the amount of products in the jars. The A’Pieu Eyeshadow contains 6g of product. But the small jars come in an additional cardboard box and compared to the Innisfree eyeshadow the packaging is much more vintage-like and beautiful, although simple aswell.

Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow

It is really hard to say whether you should buy the Innisfree Cream Shadow or the ones from A’Pieu. I personally prefer the smooth, buttery consistency and the packaging design of the A’Pieu Cream Shadows, but the Innisfree Cream Shadow is a bit more affordable and is perfect if you want to create a festive look with a lot of shimmer particles. Both products are good ones after all, and if you like cream eyeshadows it really depends on your preferences and favourite colors. The three shades I selected fit perfectly together and I’m very happy with my decisions.

Where to get the eyeshadows? There are several options:

Innisfree Mineral Single Cream Shadow: Innisfree Offial Store for 9US$

A’Pieu Creamy Butter Shadows:  Q-Depot for 7.55US$


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  • Joan 9. January 2016 at 20:42

    Ooh both lines are very beautiful in different ways. Love this comparison! The Innisfree color is gorgeous.

    • Frl. Schnee 17. February 2016 at 0:16

      I’m happy you like the comparison. I thought it might be useful if you are not sure which is the one to chose. I was not sure at all…so I ended buying both :D

  • Chie 10. January 2016 at 7:05

    so pretty, dear! it’s good to read your post. I missed reading blogs. But I am back. lol. hope you are doing well.

    • Frl. Schnee 17. February 2016 at 0:15

      I’m happy that you are back in the blogging world and hopefully we will read more posts from you again :) Sorry for my late asnwer, I’m super behind answering all the comments…:/

  • Kim 13. January 2016 at 4:01

    Amazing choice of shades, I definitely need more of those in my collection. I still love shimmer more than matte finishes so the Innisfree shadows would suit me better. Thanks for your comparison! Laven I would love to see you post on a full face Korean makeup look! We don’t get to see your pretty face often enough D:

    • Frl. Schnee 17. February 2016 at 0:14

      Oh, I’m so bad at doing eye makeup especially, which is Why I never do any full face makeup post, but maybe in future…if I’m feeling more confident :D haha The shades are so pretty and I’m still happy in how great they fit together after all….Thanks for your comment, Kim….as you see I’m super behind answering all the comments of my past posts…T_T