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Review: Catrice Bold Softness Collection

2. March 2016

Spring season is the time for light and colorful makeup and the new Catrice Bold Softness Collection brings exactly these attributes to us. I received some products from this limited edition for reviewing purpose, and moreover few products from the new regular launches from Catrice. Here is my impression:

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

‘Pastel Passion. Spring 2016 welcomes a mixture of voluminous lightness and greyish pastels. High-tech materials such as light neoprene are combined with summery fabrics. Loose cuts with partially androgynous shapes take over from the styles of the winter season and offer inspiration with their soft, chalky colour worlds. The Limited Edition “Bold Softness” by CATRICE is also heading into the spring season with soft sorbet nuances in March 2016. Subtle colour graduation in mint and mauve create feminine make-up looks and offer an exciting contrast to the popular genderless-trend. Soft Spring – by CATRICE.’

That said, the description brings me into a spring mood already! Catrice is a drugstore beauty brand available in many countries. Their products are inspired by the Fashion trends of the world’s capitals and have a good quality despite the affordable price. The brand is against animal testing for their cosmetics products, too. The spring collection they release this month is called Bold Softness and consists of 5 different products, all in soft pastel shades, which fit perfectly to the season. The Catrice Bold Softness Collection consists of Duo Eye Shadows, Voluminous Lip Colours, a Colour Correcting Powder, Satin Matt Nail Lacquers, and a Perfume Stick. Below are the four products I received from this collection:

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

Catrice Bold Softness Duo Eye Shadow ‘VoluMINTous’

‘Wash-off Pastels. Three powder eye shadows present three different colour duos. Each with one lighter and one darker nuance, they conjure-up contrasting shades and effects on the eyelids. Available in a choice of mint, rosé pink and mauve, these eye shadows offer a convincing high pay-off and create soft, feminine eye make-up styles.’

I received the Duo Eye Shadow in the shade ‘VoluMINTous’ and as the name says this is a mint colored powder eye shadow. It comes in a lighter shade in the middle of the pan and an outer ring of a darker mint color around. The eye shadow contains 2 g. The colors are easy to apply and have a good pigmentation, even when applied with fingers. They do not create much fall-off either. There is a light pearly/shimmery effects, but without containing visible shimmer particles. Usually I’m more into the brown or mauve shades and if I would have selected any of the three available colors, it would have been ‘Mauve Medley’. The third shade is called ‘Soft PINKmentation’. Nevertheless, I’m curious to try out the mint color and I think it will be a good choice once we have some more sunshine and the temperatures are rising.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

Catrice Bold Softness Voluminous Lip Colour NeopRED

‘Break in Style. An elegant contrast to the delicate pastel shades in this edition: the two Voluminous Lip Colours – available in a soft pink or an intensive red – ensure medium coverage and a shiny finish for a conscious touch of colour on the lips. The creamy texture feels wonderfully soft and pleasant.’

The Catrice Bold Softness Voluminous Lip Colour is available in two shades, called ‘NeopRED’ and ‘Bold Pinkmentation’. I received the red shade and I’m more than happy, since it is such a lovely shade! The lipstick applies very creamy and lightly pigmented and therefore can be applied in a natural tone, but adding more layers darkens the shade and makes it more visible. It is a red/mauve shade which is neither too bright, nor to nude- perfect for every day use.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

The lipstick has a glossy finish as you can see below on my lips. I applied more than one layer and I’m totally in love with this color. It is not long-lasting since it is sheer, but fades naturally, It doesn’t dry the lips because of the creamy texture.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

Catrice Bold Softness Satin Matt Nail Lacquer ‘Bold PINKmentation’

Smooth Neoprene. Four nail polishes in the colours of the season – mint, mauve and soft as well as bold pink. The formula of the Satin Matt Nail Lacquers stands out for professional coverage, long durability and unique neoprene effects. All polishes have a fashionable semi-matt finish. In addition, the mint and soft pink versions have a light shimmer.

There are four shades of the Satin Matt Nail Lacquer called VoluMINTous, Mauve Medley, Soft PINKmentation, Bold PINKmentation. I received Bold PINKmentation, a  bright pink shade. The nail polish bottle contains 10 ml and comes with a think applicator brush.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

The nail polish has a thick consistency and therefore it is quite hard to apply, especially if you want a seamless layer. It has a semi-matte finish and dries quickly. Since it is fast drying it makes it even more difficult to apply easily, unless you work quickly. I used two coats below, which are enough to create an opaque layer. The color is very pretty and is perfect for people who love pink shades.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

Catrice Bold Softness Perfume Stick ‘Walk On Air’

Scented & Solid. A stick with the benefits of a perfume. The pleasant, fresh and tangy fragrance invites you to head into the spring season. Thanks to the practical pen-shape and the solid texture, the Perfume Stick is an ideal alternative to perfume to carry around in a handbag as it won’t leak and can be applied anytime and any place.

The second product from the Catrice Bold Softness Collection which I really love. This perfume stick is so easy to use and perfect for on the way. It has a sweet, flowery scent. The bullet of the pen melts slightly when it gets into contact with the skin and lives the light scent. I wished all perfumes would make such a perfume stick pen. I’d love to have my favourite scents with me all time :D

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

In addition to the new spring limited edition Catrice also has some new additions to their regular collection. I received the Catrice Lash Boost Lash Growth Overnight Serum, Eye Brow Stylist, and Volumizing Lip Booster from their new releases.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

Catrice Lash Boost Lash Growth Overnight Serum

‘The transparent serum contains active ingredients that encourage long-term lash growth. The confirmed test results: 18% lash growth after just four weeks of daily application*. Wow! Apply the serum with the fine brush applicator onto the lid like an eyeliner and let it work overnight. For fabulous XXL lashes during sleep. *Effectiveness test with 20 women for 1 month’

I never tried any Lash Growth Serum so I’m really curious whether this will work. You have to apply this transparent serum on the lash line for one month. 18 % lash growth is not really much though, so it will be a minimal effect probably. It comes with a fine brush, similar to liquid eyeliner and can be applied easily by using it.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

Catrice Eye Brow Stylist ‘Date With Ash-ton’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Brow’n’

‘Spot on: center stage for the eye brows – the Eye Brow Stylist comes in a practical pen-shape and convinces with its simple yet accurate application. It creates perfect eye brows thanks to the professional brush, which helps to apply the powdery texture on the eyebrows for a natural finish. Never go without again!’

These two eye brow pencils out of three available shades come with spoolie brush on one end and a pencil side on the other. The pencils have to be sharpened using a sharpener, which is not included.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

The texture of the pencil is solid and you are able to draw fine lines with it. Also, the pigmentation is powdery and soft and the color looks natural. I think the two shades look really similar, although ‘Date With Ash-ton’ (left swatch below) is supposed to be the lighter shade. It goes towards a reddish-brown, whereas ‘Don’t Let Me Brown’n’ is more towards a brown-gray shade. Both colors go well with dark brows.
Catrice Bold Softness Collection

Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster ‘Volume To Go’

‘The Volumizing Lip Booster gives your lips a wonderful volume effect thanks to its menthol ingredients and also hides fine lines on your lips. The results: feminine lips with a shiny rosé finish. With jojoba and almond oil.’

Is a light pink – almost clear– lip gloss, which makes the lips look pumper. It contains jojoba and almond oil to smoothen the lips and make them hydrated. The menthol ingredient makes the lips tingle slightly and acts cooling, which produces the volume effect and makes the lines and dryness disappear. The lip booster comes with an angled applicator.

Catrice Bold Softness Collection

All in all there are some product with I really like. My favourite products from the Catrice Bold Softness Collection are the Catrice Bold Softness Voluminous Lip Colour in NeopRED and the Perfume Stick. And I also do like the Catrice Eye Brow Stylist Pencils. If you have a local drugstore carrying Catrice products you might want to check them out. The products are really affordable and usually only cost a few euros. Did you try any products from the ones above? Do you know Catrice? And if yes, do you have a favourite product?

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Catrice Bold Softness Collection

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Sooyoona 2. March 2016 at 21:08

    Die Kollektion ging ja mal völlig an mir vorbei, aber mir gefallen die Produkte nun auch nicht besonders. Der Lippenstift hat eine schöne Farbe, aber der Rest ist eher nicht so meins :)

    • Frl. Schnee 6. March 2016 at 19:10

      Der Lippenstift ist echt sehr gelungen von der Farbe und ich benutze ihn seitdem sehr oft :D Ansonsten wäre die Kollektion wahrscheinlich auch an mir vorbei gegangen. Ich bin jetzt auch eher nicht so der Pastell-Typ. :D

  • Kim 3. March 2016 at 6:18

    wow, cool! I love the look of the perfume pen, I have never seen anything like that before! Very unique. I also love that nail polish shade, its so girly and classy. Shame about the texture being thick though!

    I think I would hate the lipstick though, I can just see the liquid-y texture settling into all my creases -__-

    • Frl. Schnee 6. March 2016 at 19:06

      Me neither..hopefully more parfumes will make a stick like this. It is so convenient!
      About the lipstick, I do not think that it will settle in the fine lines because of the consistency…it didn’t settle into mine…Maybe if you have a catrice counter somewhere near you could try it? :D

  • Juliet 3. March 2016 at 8:33

    Did you make your blog theme/template?? Seriously I am trying to make my blog theme more “me” but it’s not easy and I don’t really know what to do…any tips you can give? Or help?

    • Frl. Schnee 6. March 2016 at 19:01

      Yes, I did the banner myself..but the theme was a preset one from wordpress. What kind of tips do you need. If I can help I would gladly do.

  • Juliet 7. March 2016 at 6:56

    I don’t know how to do HTML and I want to customize my blog that way?