Review: A’Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel


Did you like my review about the Meishoku Peeling Jelly? Then you might be interested in A’Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel, too. Similar to the product by Meishuku this peeling gel works with apple acid extract and other fruit extracts to chemically exfoliate your skin.

A'Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel

First of all, some words about the Korean brand A’Pieu: The name comes from french language and is supposed to mean “basic”.  The brand is targeting a younger audience and providing the elemantary steps and products for your skincare routine in the 20s…but I think you can also use it in your 30s or whenever you want :D The packaging of their products is cute and adorable, without being to princess-y, like Etude House, for example. Here, the packaging of the A’Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel is rather simple, but by having some apples printed on the front it gives it a bit of a cute twist. The peeling gel comes in a simple tube containing 100 ml.

A'Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel

The backside of the tube contains Korean description only, which makes it difficult to understand the directions or know more about the ingredients. Like most peeling gels it is supposed to be used on the dry and clean face. After massaging the gel into the face it will form crumbs/ agglomerated product which help to create a peeling effect. This product uses apple acid and other fruit extracts for chemical exfoliation. These fruit derived acids are also known as AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). They exfoliate old keratin off your skin, which becomes smoother this way. This has the effect of a brightened up dull complexion, too. It also helps to free blocked pores and to help dry and flaky skin to get smooth again. The crumbs you get with these peeling gels are no dead skin cells, it is just the way the formula of peeling gels work. The result of these peeling gels are therefore not correlated with the amount of peeling crumbs while using. You will feel the effect in the smoothness of your skin after using such peeling gels.

A'Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel

The A’Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel has a gel type and milky formula. The color is a very light green and it has the scent of green apples. I would have preferred sweet apple scent instead of green apple scent, but I know there are some lovers for this type of scent. The product itself feels a bit grainy on the skin when you massage it and soon enough it forms some peeling crumbs.

A'Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel

After using and washing the peeling crumbs of the skin feels softened and clear and the product does a good job in general. Comparing it to the Peeling Jelly from Meishoku I like the one from A’Pieu less. I had the feeling that the Meishoku Peeling Jelly was less drying and also more convenient to use since it could be used on wet face, too. I also did like the scent more. But if you want to try an affordable peeling jelly or it is your first time using AHAs in your skincare the A’Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel is a nice product. It retails for 15.61 US$  at W2Bauty

What is your favourite chemical peeling product?


10 thoughts on “Review: A’Pieu Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel”

  1. I’ve never tried a peeling gel before (korean ones). After reading Samplehime’s Asian Beauty myths I’m reluctant about it, but at the same time, want to know if they really work or not. Once read on /rasianbeauty that to be considered peelings, chemical exfoliation, must have a certain ph but since don’t have ph strips don’t know if they really are.
    Anyway…it seems that Alice from w2B use this product and only for that Iwanted to try it :P

    Have a nice week!

    1. I don’t believe in the myth that the crumbles formed are dead skin. It is just the chemical structure of the product. But since I can feel my skin being more soft and smooth, I think the chemical exfoliation works.

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