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Unboxing: InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

18. April 2021


It’s time for the unboxing of the InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021 that arrived on my doorstep a few days ago and I want to share the amazing content with you! As usual, the InStyle Box is so packed with awesome products, and in my opinion, it is one of those subscription boxes that is worth the money.

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

It’s spring and we are still in the midst of the Covid-Pandemic, so this time the InStyle Box is dedicated to self-care and feel-good, with a versatile range of products.

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

Gokos EyeLighter (19.90€/pc)

This EyeLighter Pen is a double-sided pen with a soft broad spongy side and a more pointy one. The color is a bright nude color, with shimmering particles that can be used in an everyday look. The pigments are inside the caps, so it uses the twist-mechanism that many Korean and Japanese brands have used in the past. The name of the brand is made from the English word “Go” and the German word “Kosmetik”, meaning cosmetics, creating products that are easy to use on the go.

Coxir Black Snail Collagen Eye Cream (16 €/ 30ml)

I’m so happy to see a KBeauty brand in this box. Coxir is a rather new brand to me and the Black Snail Collagen skincare line combines snail secretion filtrate, black bean, and collagen as key ingredients for anti-aging and elasticity. And apart from these ingredients, I spotted so many good plant-based ingredients, like sesame, rice, ginseng, honeysuckle, tomato, etc.

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner (3.95€ each)

I have dry and frizzy hair so every haircare providing moisture sounds great to me and I’m keen to try. This line from Head & Shoulders comes with Argan Oil and Coconut Oil, which are both great for hydration.

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

InStyle Box Bracelet (24.95€ /pc)

A cute golden bracelet that comes in a red bag.

Avon Loaded Lip Lacquer (11€/ 7ml)

This lip lacquer from Avon comes in a vibrant pink shade, that fits perfectly for spring. The liquid lip paint has a glossy finish and contains oils for extra nourishment of the lips while wearing the lip color.

Elle Decoration Decoration by Crown  ( 2.99€ / 0.125 l)

This one came totally unexpected, and I was wondering what it is until I realized, that this is a jar of wall/furniture paint in the color “enchanted ivy”, a beautiful jungle-green color. I will use this for some picture frames or plant pots and I’m happy to see some DIY products in the InStyle box.

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

acáo Pomgranade Drink (1.65€ / 265 ml)

This caffeine-containing drink with Pomgranade flavor contains mint and guarana makes me dream of traveling with this colorful bird design. I can imagine that this is a very refreshing drink, especially since it contains mint extract.

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

Maria Galland Nail Polish (22€ / 7 ml)

This nail polish from Maria Galland Paris is the perfect nude color for spring.

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

Dermaroller Mask and Dermaroller HC902 (mask: 8.39€/pc ; roller: 63.90€)

Apart from the Coxir product, this was definitely one of the highlights. The InStyle Box came with the sheet mask and a voucher for a Derma -Roller from the same brand. The roller was not included in the Box, because it didn’t fit. On my first try, the voucher didn’t work, and I was a bit disappointed. But I tried again on another day and suddenly it worked perfectly. I was totally happy when the roller arrived already on the next day! This was so fast! Can’t wait to use both now.

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

The content of the InStyle  Box Spring Edition 2021 is amazing once again! The colors of the decorative cosmetics fit the spring season and I love the skincare products included, I’m looking forward to trying the Dermaroller and the Coxir Eye Cream and I’m happy to see KBeauty in this box. Usually, the box retails for 29.95€, if you only get one box, but it gets cheaper with a subscription. Since the Dermaroller on its own is already worth around 60 €, this box definitely makes up for its price.

What are your favorite items out of this box?

InStyle Box Spring Edition 2021

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