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Guestpost: Round-up: The Cutest Cat Cosmetics

9. March 2017
Here is a guestpost by the lovely Anne from the blog Cat Obsessed. I hope you will enjoy reading it:

I love Asian cosmetics for two reasons: firstly, the quality is great.  I have very sensitive skin.  Most western drugstore brands make my skin react.  However, I have no problem with Korean and Japanese products from inexpensive brands like Etude House and Nature Republic.

Cutest Cat Cosmetics

The second (less important) reason is the packaging.  When I see something cute, it’s easy to get me to part with my money!  Korean brands often team up with some of my favorite characters like Line Friends and Gudetama.

Given that I run a cat blog, it’s no surprise that I’m a sucker for any makeup with a cat theme.  Many brands have made adorable cat items.  It’s mostly just the outer packaging that has a feline appearance, but Japanese company Felissimo recently made a hand cream with the fragrance of a cat’s paw!

In this post, Fräulein Schnee has kindly invited me to share five of the cutest cat-themed makeup items I’ve ever seen.

1.  Skin79 – Animal Mask (Angry Cat)

Cutest Cat Cosmetics

Sheet masks with animal faces have become very popular in the last year or two.  Not only are they fun to look at, but they have all the benefits you’d expect in a Korean sheet mask.  In the animal mask series from Skin79 there are three options –  Angry cat, Dry money  or Dark panda.  These have different properties for various skin problems.  Angry cat contains aloe and tea tree extracts to soothe irritated and troubled skin.  It claims to moisturize and purify rough, flaky, dry and lifeless skin.

2.  Miss Hana x Choo Choo Cat – Waterproof Eyeliner Kit

Cutest Cat Cosmetics

The Choo Choo cat series is a range of adorable cat artwork from Korean company Jetoy.  The cats can be found on postcards, teacups, purses…and now a makeup collaboration with Miss Hana!  The Miss Hana x Choo Choo Cat Waterproof Eyeliner kit contains four colors – black, brown and glitter versions of both.  The pretty metal case also includes a sharpener.  This is one item I’d buy just for the packaging.  The blue-eyed white cat actually looks like a lot like my pet Saus (you can see my favorite picture of her at the top of this post – she’s so silly!).  I found the advert for this collaboration set and it’s so adorable I melted:

3.  Holika Holika x Audrey Jeanne – Dodo Cat Glow Cushion BB

Cutest Cat Cosmetics

Holika Holika is a famous Korean makeup brand.  You can’t walk down a street in Seoul without spotting one or two branches!  But have you heard of Audrey Jeanne?  Probably not.  She’s a French illustrator specialising in adorable cat drawings.  The Holika Holika x Audrey Jeanne collab is a strange combination but definitely a cute one.  The Dodo Cat Glow Cushion contains both foundation and brightener for a natural skin glow.  Used together they create a natural, radiant and flawless complexion.

4.  The Face Shop – Mini Pet Sweet Perfume Hand Cream

Cutest Cat Cosmetics

I have already mentioned Felissimo’s strange cat-paw fragranced hand cream – but other brands have created feline-themed hand creams too!  The Face Shop is one of my favorite brands when it comes to moisturisers.  They are generally effective while being gentle on my sensitive skin.  This Mini Pet Sweet Perfume Hand Cream has a floral fragrance (maybe how my cat smells after after I’ve washed her with scented shampoo!).  It’s only 30mls so it’s small enough to pop into your handbag.  There are also three other animal options to choose from if cats aren’t your thing.

5.  White Cat – Super Berry Silky Eye Balm

Cutest Cat Cosmetics

Another Korean brand which I hadn’t come across before is actually named after a cat – White Cat.  This brand is known for using nature-friendly and hypoallergenic ingredients. Not all of their products are feline themed but many of them have leopard print packaging.   One such example is their Super Berry Silky Eye Balm.  This product claims to provide moisture and increase elasticity in the sensitive eye area. It also improves wrinkles – I’m sold!  And look at the lovely fluffy pet in their promotional image:

Cutest Cat Cosmetics

I would buy anything that this kitty is selling!


I hope you enjoyed this round up!  If you’re not a cat lover, these items would make a good gift for a friend who is.  Crazy cat ladys are easy to buy for.  I would certainly love to receive them!

Where to buy?

Skin79 – Animal Mask (Angry Cat)

 Miss Hana x Choo Choo Cat – Waterproof Eyeliner Kit

  Holika Holika x Audrey Jeanne – Dodo Cat Glow Cushion BB

The Face Shop – Mini Pet Sweet Perfume Hand Cream

White Cat – Super Berry Silky Eye Balm

beauty fashion guestpost

Guestpost: Make-up Talks – From Daywear to Evening Wear

12. August 2015

Today I have another guestpost for you. This post about Make-up Talks describes how to transform your daywear to evening wear and has been written by Peter Minkoff, style editor at High Style Life. Enjoy the read!

Make-up Talks – From Daywear to Evening Wear

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

For all girls who work crazy hours and are professionals at our workplace, but still want to keep our social life going, it’s important we learn how to manage work and fun, all in the same day! And while it seems impossible to look amazing after a 10 hour work day, it all comes down to a few beauty and outfit tricks you need to master.

Assuming your workplace requires casual smart dress code (as most offices do), it won’t be too difficult to manage it all.

As a stylist, I’ve picked up some amazing tricks of the trade that will surely help! Follow this guide I’ve put together and learn some incredible stuff that will keep the glam queen in you ready to rule the dance floor after she’s been leading the team at her workplace the entire day!

Where do I start?

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

Well, it’s all about the plan. If you know you’ll be going out after work, then dress in such a way that you’ll be able to manipulate your outfit before you go out. Instead of putting on a pencil skirt, opt for super skinny jeans and a jacket over it. Jeans works perfectly and is easy to combine with virtually anything!

The shirt under should be in a neutral color such as nude, beige, white, black to look professional at work and be easy for accessorizing later. Bring statement jewelry with you, you’ll later accessorize this seemingly plain shirt with later. When you leave work, just fold the jacket and put it in your bag. You’ll let the clever jean-shirt-necklace-outfit speak for itself!

What if I was dressed smart and it happens I need to go out later?

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

In these cases, letting your hair down (literary) and going through it with your fingers, giving it that wild, messy vibe will do the trick. You want to erase that corporate stench off of you and nothing says “cool” better than your flowy locks falling loosely on your shoulders. Also, mind the makeup! Assuming you were in nude tones in your workplace, all it takes is to put a bold lipstick shade on, add a bit of concealer and blush, a fresh coat of mascara and you are ready to go! This is why I always advise girls I style to have their makeup emergency kit with them at all times – blush, concealer, mascara and lipstick in bold color.

If you were in a jacket and shirt, loose the jacket and unbutton the shirt a bit. It’s all it takes!

I usually wear flats to work. What do I do?

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

If you have the option, and this goes for all situations, keep one pair of pumps in nude or black in your office drawer so you can put them on when you want to go out after work. Heels are pretty uncomfortable to spend eight hours in. You want to look chic, sure, but you want to be comfortable, too. No need to cause yourself pain. Replace your flats with a cool heel, and you are already half way there.

If,  however, you can’t keep shoes in your workplace, bring them with you to work in case you are going out afterwards. Just don’t put them in a plastic, see-through bag, they’ll draw attention.

What about hygiene?

Make-up Talks - From Daywear to Evening Wear

Eight to ten hours in a workplace can be pretty stressful and cause a lot of sweating, maybe even some unpleasant smells. You obviously can’t have your hygiene kit with you at all times BUT what you can do is always have a pack of paper tissues, lip balm, wet wipes and a pack of gums with you. Freshen up with wet wipes, and leave it dry for a second and you’re good to go. If you’ll be going to a party later, don’t forget to carry a decent bag to pack all those hygiene accessories for later. Also, check if there’s anything behind your teeth, then take a gum to freshen up your breath and you are ready to go!

See? It’s all as easy as I’ve promised!

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Guestpost: Skinfood Brand Focus and Top 5 Products

16. January 2015


Hello and Happy New Year! Hope everyone is enjoying 2015 thus far. My name is Chie and I am the blogger behind The Brown Eyed Fox. My blog is focused on Asian beauty hauls, reviews, giveaways, unboxing, skincare and makeup tips, etc. Currently, I am a bit obsessed with everything KBeauty! Today, I want to introduce the coveted Korean beauty brand, Skinfood, and also share with you my top five favorites from this cosmetics line. Thank you Fräulein for this opportunity to write a post on your blog!

Skinfood Brand Focus and Top 5 Products

Like mentioned previously, Skinfood is a South Korean makeup and skincare brand that is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. The main concept of the company is to create products with nutritional values of food. The company motto is “food that is good for your health is also good for the skin.” Throughout the world it has over 967 stores! Skinfood is present in nine locations in the United States. The brand produces various lines that focus on skincare, body care, hair care and makeup products for both men and women.

My favorite items from Skinfood mostly consists of skincare products. While using their skincare line, my skin has never broken out and I have been satisfied with majority of their merchandise. These are my top 5 products from Skinfood:

  1. Vita Tok Lipstick | OR01: Beautiful coral/orange shade that is pigmented but on the sheer side. It is not super opaque but also not super sheer. I love this shade but also am enjoying it’s formulation. It is very easy to glide on the lips and is a perfect color for the spring and summer. Skinfood Brand Focus and Top 5 Products
  2. Carrot Cleansing Oil: This favorite cleansing oil does not contain mineral oils, parabens, dyes, alcohol, animal-derived ingredients, artificial fragrances and benxophenone. It’s deep cleansing without stripping your skin of it’s moisture. After removing all my makeup with this oil, I use a cleanser along with my Clarisonic.  Skinfood Brand Focus and Top 5 Products
  3. Point Make-up Remover | Rose Shake: If I have a very tough waterproof mascara and/or eyeliner to wash off, I use this makeup remover. I just shake it and dispense it onto a cotton puff. I gently rub it over my eyes then I use the Carrot Cleansing Oil on my eyes and face.

    Skinfood Brand Focus and Top 5 Products
  4. Platinum Grape Cell Toner: This is the perfect premium toner at night for my combination skin during the winter time. For some reason, my skin has been more dry than other winters. I am definitely needing products that lean towards hydration. But this toner also supposedly firms the skin and has anti-aging benefits. Grape cells help regenerate skin cells, firming skin from the inside out.  Skinfood Brand Focus and Top 5 Products
  5. Hydro Fitting Snail Mask Sheet: I cannot get enough of this sheet mask! I should have bought more during Skinfood’s Black Friday and Christmas sale! A couple weeks ago, I wrote an entire post on my love for this coveted snail sheet mask. Check it out here Skinfood Brand Focus and Top 5 Products
Have you tried Skinfood? What are you favorite products from the popular Korean line? If you would like tocheck out more Korean beauty related blogs, please check out my blog. Just follow it by using Bloglovin. I upload posts (almost) every Sunday and Wednesday




Skinfood Brand Focus and Top 5 Products
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Guestpost: What you need to know about Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

15. December 2014

Hello everyone – My name is Anna. I’m a make-up addict, as well as a beauty lover, like many of you. I’ve had a few years of experience working with various cosmetic treatments, and now I write part-time for Cosmerience, a site where you can see reviews and photos of cosmetic procedures and beauty treatments. I’d like to share some of my knowledge about skin care with all of you, and my thanks to Fräulein Schnee for giving me the chance!

What you need to know about Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

Every woman’s dream in life is to possess the face that could launch a thousand ships. While some say that beauty is a state of well-being form within, it is undeniable that most people still pertains to beauty as something pertaining to the outward appearance. While it is our lifelong dream to maintain a youthful appearance, truth be told that eventually, aging will steal away the beauty and youthfulness that we are currently enjoying right now. Our body goes through all these natural changes and the best way that we could do about it now is to take care of our skin while it is still young, fresh and glowing.

But how about those who have been in this world for so long yet still desire to be young, fresh and glowing? Environmental elements of today have been causing damage and injury to our skin no matter how we try to safeguard and give utmost importance to it. Little as we know it, our skin has suffered from these environmental elements and signs of damage are starting to be noticeable which include the appearance of sun spots, age spots, brown blotches on face, neck, chest and other areas of the body, redness and dilated blood vessels and lack of firmness. In as much as we want to preserve healthy skin, these signs of damage will eventually appear.

Good thing, modern science has provided us with the technology that will keep aging at bay.

Dermatologists and skin care experts have been resorting to intense pulsed light treatments or commonly known as photo rejuvenation or photofacial to counteract these skin care problems. This treatment was initially developed in hospitals where it was usually given by licensed physicians but with the growing demand for this treatment, independent treatment salons have been offering it as well.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) provides a myriad of benefits – a few of which include the removal of redness and blitzing of spider veins in the face, improvement of skin texture and pigmentation and making fine lines and wrinkles less visible and hair removal as well. The ideal candidate for this treatment is one who wants to experience treating sun damage, broken capillaries and lack of skin firmness all at the same time.

IPL works by using blasts of polychromatic, high intensity light to penetrate just below the skin’s surface, targeting the melanin production which causes the brown age spots and the blood vessels which create broken capillaries. Skin repair comes from underneath the skin surface, thus leaving you with a more even skin tone. Collagen and elastin production are boosted as well. While many people may see it as a laser treatment, IPL treatment is different as it uses multiple different wavelengths of light in comparison to the laser treatment which uses only one wavelength of light. These multiple wavelengths of light penetrate the skin at different levels and intensities, thus allowing treatment of different skin problems.

After treatment, the skin may appear mildly red, which usually lasts for 2-5 days. Make-up can be applied after treatment but exercise caution when removing makeup.

When done properly, it usually takes a series 3-5 sessions that last for around 60-90 minutes per session, with one session every 3-5 weeks to notice significant skin changes. Little discomfort such as mild pinging on skin and warm tingling sensations may be felt but as the skin begins to clear, treatments become usually more tolerable and more comfortable. However, some reports have escalated that there are some people who manifested adverse reactions to treatment so caution must be exercised prior to the procedure.

It is therefore important that the person administering treatment is a skilled professional who is licensed to perform these procedures. Do prior research and read on the things you need to know and need to expect before, during and after treatment in order to minimize the possible complications associated with intense pulsed light treatment. This procedure is a bit costly and may range from $300- $500 per session, and great results are not guaranteed until you subject yourself to treatment. If you want to get the best value for your money, read about more information about this procedure, weigh the pros and cons, and should you decide to experience it, ensure that a licensed skilled professional or a doctor will do it on you.

Author Bio

Anna Tan is a part-time writer (at Cosmerience) and mad about beauty – especially anything related to facial and cosmetic products. She loves nature and spends time taking long walks in the park (if the weather permits), thinking about life in general.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

Image Source : Wikipedia Commons

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