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Nail Art with Crack Holographic Nail Foil

3. July 2016

Holographic Nail Foil has been quite of a trend in the past few months and I was curious about this Nail Art Technique. Despite being not really a genious or talent considering Nail Art I gave it a try by testing out the Crack Holographic Nail Foil from Born Pretty Store

Holographic Nail Foil

Born Pretty Store is an asian based online store selling very affordable products, reaching from accessories to make-up and beauty products. They have a super huge amount of all kinds of nail art products and tools. They also have a super large amount of stamping plates and tools needed for stamping nail art, like I showed in my previous nail art post which was quite a long time ago :D.

Holographic Nail Foil

The holographic nail foils from Born Pretty Store come each packed in a tiny plastic tube, which is really a great way to protect and store the foil. The foil is 1 m long and 4 cm in its width, which lasts for a really long time, since you do not need a lot for your nails. This Crack Holographic Nail Foil has a golden crackling appearance. It can be used on regular Nail Polish and UV nail polish, too. Since it is a fine golden motif it looks best on darker nail polish shades, because it will be more visible then.

Holographic Nail Foil

In order to use these kinds of foils you have to go through these steps:

1. Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back and removing all oils (do this using professional nail prep or nail polish remover).
2. Apply a base coat, and wait until dry.
3. Apply nail polish (dark color is better), wait until dry, and apply the polish again. Wait until dry again, but this time the nail polish should not be totally dry, but a gentle fingerprint should be left on the nails when you press your finger on the nail.
4. Press the foil shiny side up onto the nail and rub over it using your finger, or for a better more precise application, use a rubber hoof stick. Different colors of foils can mixed on the nails.
5. Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuck to your nail. If a bit is missing, just apply the top coat to the part not taken and repeat step.4
6. Once completely dry, apply a coat to protect the foil.

Holographic Nail Foil

I needed a couple of tries until it works out, but usually my nail art is limited to a simple red nail polish. I discovered that it is more difficult to use on jelly-type nailpolishes and best to use on those nail polishes which do not stay soft for a long time. You’ll have the risk to remove your second nail polish layer otherwise, instead of transferring the motif from the foil. I used a simple black polish from a cheap drug store brand here. I think black polish or red one gives a nice contrast to the golden color, but also dark green or blue would look nice I guess.

Holographic Nail Foil

How do you like the effect of the crack holographic nail foil? It really took me a long time until I found which nail polish works with the foil and how to do it the best way, but still it is some fun way to try new nail art. Another thing which I really like is that it is super affordable and even if it doesn’t work for you you didn’t spend a lot of money on it either. Each of the nail foil tubes plates retails for 1.39 US$ at Born Pretty StoreYou can also use the promotional code KBX31 for 10 % discount on your order. They do offer free international shipping by the way!

Did you try Holographic Nail Foil? What are your experiences? 

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