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Stamping Nail Art from Born Pretty Store

19. January 2016

I’m totally a noob when it comes to more elaborate nail art. Nail stickers are easy to apply and I already reviewed a bunch of them, but I’ve always been eyeing the Stamping Nail Art! Finally, after a long time of thinking I selected a Stamping Nail Art Stamper and Scraper and two different Image Stamping Plates from Born Pretty Store

Stamping Nail Art

Born Pretty Store is an asian based online store selling very affordable products, reaching from accessories to make-up and beauty products. They have a super huge amount of all kinds of nail art products and tools. They also have a super large amount of stamping plates and tools needed for stamping nail art.

Stamping Nail Art

I was super surprised to see how cute the packaging of the Image Stamping Plates is and that each of the plates comes in its own paper sachet. The two designs I selected are the Rose Queen Image Plate and the Banana Tree Image Plate. Both round shaped plates contain different patterns which you can either combine or you can use only one of the images.

Stamping Nail Art

The stamper and the scraper I chose were forming a 2 piece kit and are quite simple. They are made of black plastic and the stamping part of the stamper is made of rubber and it can be replaced. The scraper is also made from black plastic with a metal blade part for scraping the excess nail polish from the image plates.

Stamping Nail Art

The theory of Nail Stamping Art is easy: First you coat your nails with the desired background color. Then you select a second nail polish color which is opaque and visible on the background color and you apply the nail polish on the image of the chosen plate you would like to stamp. Then, by using the scraper in 45° angle you scrape away the excess nail polish from the image. The stamper has to be pressed on the image plate now quickly, so that the motif is transferred to the rubber. Usually, you roll the rubber part over the image to pick it up. Then you roll the stamper over your nail and transfer the image on your nail. Afterwards, you can use a topcoat to fix everything. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?!

Stamping Nail Art

But it gave me a hard time nevertheless!!! First of all: not all nail polishes work. Opaque nail polishes which are not too fluid worked best for me. Second: I couldn’t achieve a single pretty stamping image when I rolled the stamp on my nails. I tried so many times and I almost gave up, when I finally tried to not roll it on my nail but instead to press my nail inside the rubber part of the stamper! Voilá, it worked finally!!!

Stamping Nail Art

I was so happy after I found out what way worked for my stamper and my nails that I’m now so super fond of my stamping nail art kit. I even used it two times this week, which is amazing considering the fact of me being lazy to do any nail art at all!

Stamping Nail Art

How do you like my nails? If you are a noob with nail art like me, but you still would like to give Stamping Nail Art a try I can recommend you the tools from Born Pretty Store. They are super affordable and even if it doesn’t work it is not much of a pain. Yes, it will take some practice units at first, but if it works it looks really, really pretty…and so versatile depending to the images on the plates you choose. I got so many compliments for my nails in the last days, that makes me really happy! The stamper and the scraper retail for 3.84 US$. Each of the image pattern plates retail for 2.09 US$ at Born Pretty StoreYou can also use the promotional code KBX31 for 10 % discount on your order. They do offer free international shipping by the way!

Did you try Stamping Nail Art already? What are your experiences? 

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by, which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Chie 20. January 2016 at 3:31

    wow!!! so pretty! love it….i haven’t done my nails in forever. I’m so lazy! LOL

    • Frl. Schnee 16. February 2016 at 23:51

      I’m lazy, too, and usually I wait for new nail polish until the previous layer is so worn off :D :D But this was fun after all and I really can recommend to try it!

  • Mindy 20. January 2016 at 21:19

    Your nails look awesome!! I love nail deco from BornPrettyStore ♥ I never tried one of these nail stamps though >.< ♥

    Join my giveaway ♥

    • Frl. Schnee 16. February 2016 at 23:50

      Thank you! It took me so many times to know how to manage it :D I can totally advise you to try it, because it is cheap and so fun if you get the hang of it!

  • LindaLibraLoca 21. January 2016 at 23:39

    Ich bin ja unglaublich untalentiert bei allem, was Nägel angeht, sie halbwegs patzerfrei lackieren ist da schon das Höchste der Gefühle. Vielleicht wäre so ein Set mal was für mich…

    • Frl. Schnee 16. February 2016 at 23:49

      Ich bin auch ein Trottel mit den Nägeln und meist viel zu ungeduldig. Deswegen hab icauch mehrere Anläufe gebraucht bis ich den Dreh raus hatte.Aber ausprobieren lohnt sich, weil die Muster die es gibt sind echt schön…und da es ja nicht so teuer ist, kann man es auch verschmerzen wenn es nicht klappt…oder weiterverschenken :D

  • Marxie 29. January 2016 at 12:10

    Love the red one! Give me your skills Fräulein, Haha!
    I’ve tried this before, didn’t do it by myself though because I can’t even apply one coat of nail polish properly… lol

    From Japan, With Love Giveaway ♡ 3 winners

    • Frl. Schnee 16. February 2016 at 23:47

      haha, I’m really not skilled in nailart…I tried so many times before I found out which way is the best :D Thank you for reading and commenting dear <3

  • Laura Cannone 10. June 2016 at 8:55

    AWESOME. I, too, have attempted to stamp with Gelish. I have to say your transferred designs turned out MUCH better than mine. By the time I stamped the color on to the nail it was just a blob – absolutely no design.

    I once tried putting the polish on the plate, scraping, and then flash curing under the LED lamp (Gelish 18G). The pattern held up a little better on the stamper, but 1. Gelish polish isn’t very opaque so the final transfer was way too light. 2. Not all of the polish stuck to the stamper – a lot of polish was still sitting in the plate design.