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Unboxing: Fem.Box February 2017

6. March 2017

A couple of days ago I received the for February and I wanted to share its content with you today. The Fem.Box is a monthly subscription boxes comes packed with products revolving around beauty, fashion, lifestyle and health. Let’s see what was inside:

Fem.Box February 2017

The ambassador of the is Fernanda Brandao is a brasilian singer, actress, moderator and fitness expert that gained popularity in Germany by the pop group “Hot Banditoz”. She also has hadquite some TV appearances here in Germany within the last years. The advertises not only to be a box for beauty lovers also, but have more versatile components. And I must say the first box I received last year really lived up to this claim. This time the content was less convincing to me:

Fem.Box February 2017

Again the box comes with the beautiful blue/purple cardboard box. It always brightens up my mood to see these colors.

Fem.Box February 2017

Inside you will find cards and descriptions of the products as usual. All in all, the box contains 6 products in total.

Fem.Box February 2017

edding L.A.Q.U.E nail polish

I was happy about this product, although last month’s box also contained nail polish. I heard good things about the nail polishes from edding, and also the dusty rose shade is really pretty. I hope I can show you on my Instagram soon. The nail polish is supposed to be long-lasting and retails for 7.99 € per 8 ml.

BATISTE Dry Shampoo “Blush”

I reviewed the pigmented dry shampoos from Batiste before and I’m happy that the box does contain another version of the dry shampoo here. I use dry shampoo quite often in order to avoid washing my hair every day (mainly on my bangs). “Blush” has a flower scent and seems to be perfect for spring. It retails for 3.99€ per 200 ml.

Amorelie Warming Massage Oil

This warming massage oil contains panthenol and extract of grape leaves. It has a straberry scent and taste and can be used for body care or for massaging your beloved one. It retails for 14.90 € per 100 ml and is the most expensive product out of the box.

Fem.Box February 2017

Mymuesli N’Oats

I bought the full-size of these instant porridge previously in another version and it was tasty. This one has the perfect size to take it to work and I will probably eat it somewhen this week :D The to-go cup retails for 1.29€ and contains 30 g of product.

Myline Raspberry-Yoghurt-Crisp Bar

I ate this bar today at work and it was really delicious. I love combinations of yoghurt and berries and the bar was also coated in chocolate. It retails for 1.79€ per bar.

FRIYA Superfood Drink with Chia

The previous box also contained a superfood drink by FRIYA. I didn’t try this one yet, but I will also take it to work with me. According to the description it has a lime/ginger taste, which sounds quite yummy. 200 ml retails for 1.95€.

Fem.Box February 2017

All in all, the February 2017 contained again interesting products that were partly new to me! There were 6 products in total and a mixture between food and cosmetics product. What was slightly dissapointing is that there was again a FRIYA Superfood Drink like in last months box, and also a nail polish again. It would be nice to see different types of products in future boxes.  The price of 19.95€ per box/month is okay, considering the retail value of the products, but still considering the similarity of one third of the products to the previous box is a bit of a downer. The subscription of the box can be quit every month and the shipping costs are included in the price. The box only ships to Germany at the moment, but since it has launched newly who knows what the future brings to us!

How do you like this months Fembox?

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Fem.Box February 2017

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Missevaloves 9. March 2017 at 18:51

    Was für ein cooler Inhalt.
    Viel Freude mit diesen Produkten Laven.
    Lieben Gruß!