Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

23. March 2018


It’s spring officially! To be honest, it doesn’t feel like spring at all here were I live. We even had snow last weekend again, and at the moment all I wish for is some warm weather above 10° C. This is usually the time, when the dark toned clothes I wear are gradually replaced by flower prints, and also the lipsticks and tints I use have more vibrant and spring-like colors. Here is a selection of my Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring. Affiliate links are marked with and asterisk*.

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

The product here are my favorites at the moment. Although they are not the latest or brand-new products, but I love their vibrant colors and the way they feel on the lips. And there is nothing like a pretty color to make you feel like spring!

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

Labiotte Wine Lip Tint RD01

I’m obsessed with this lip tint! First of all, the packaging is perfect. A tiny wine bottle! Why not?! And while I was using lip tints very often in the past, the last months I neglected them. This one brought back my love for them. This shade has a cherry red shade and the stain lasts a long time. It is water-based lip tint, and there are 6 different shades available. And, by the way, it contains wine extract! They retail for 14.76 US$ from Beautytap* for example (check out the current coupons and discounts >>here<<).

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

Heimish Dailism Serum Rouge Lipstick “All Night”

These are probably the most hydrating lipsticks I have. They glide so smoothly and the shades are so pretty, and I reviewed three of them back >>here<<.  But this vibrant pink shade is made for spring moods! I don’t wear a lot of pinks, but this one might be a pink shade that suits almost everyone. Also, I love the magnetic cap and the sleek design of these lipsticks. They retail for 14.99 US$ from* / Jolse.

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

Missha Chiffon Painting Rouge CRD01

When I bought this I used it a couple of times and forgot about it. This was the time when matte and velvety lipsticks became very popular and I bought too many of them to really appreciate the single one. Recently, I rediscovered it in my stash, and what can I say, I love the mousse-like texture and that feel on the lips. If you are curious you can read my review >>here<. You can get this for around 5 US$ from RoseRoseShop.

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

M.A.C. Retro Matte Lipstick “Ruby Woo”

This is probably my favorite lipstick ever and always! The most classic red shade together with that retro texture is my go-to-lipstick for nights out. It lasts a long time and is everything you expect from a lipstick. It retails for 23 US$ from Amazon*, or any MAC-store.

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

Peri Pera Peri’s Ink Velvet No. 6 “Celeb Deep Rose”

I haven’t had time to review this one, but I’m using it very often. It has a lovely velvet texture and a semi-matte finish. Moreover, I love that dusty rose shade. There are 10 different shades available for these velvet inks.The texture is mousse-like, but feels super soft and velvet-y on the lips. And no need to say, that these ink-bottle shaped containers from Peri Pera are super cute! These retail for 10.42 US$ from Beautytap* (check out the current coupons and discounts >>here<<).

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

Below, you can see the swatches of all 5 lip products in the order of appearance. Do you like any of these shades and do you agree with my Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring? Let me know your favourite lip products for spring!

Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

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Top 5 Liptsticks & Lip Tints for Spring

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  • Reply Minttu 25. March 2018 at 8:48

    Love that little wine bottle lip tint, I might get it just for the packaging. :D It would make a cool gift for someone who loves wine as well :)
    Minttu last post…Sheet Mask Saturday #11 TonyMoly Lovely Peach Hand MaskMy Profile

  • Reply Shirley Cheng 12. April 2018 at 12:54

    Hello Laven, I like these top 5 lipsticks & lip tints for spring, and I just love MAC Matte lipsticks. There are some colours which are not available in my beauty kit. Thanks for sharing these colour of lipsticks. Now I will surely buy it. Keep posting.
    Shirley Cheng last post…Let Leather Patches Transform Your BrandMy Profile

  • Reply Bunterblog 16. April 2018 at 15:33

    The little wine bottle is absolutely lovely ? I like the pretty red shades!
    Greetings (Instagram)

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