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  • Review: KIKO Rebel Romantic Collection

    Happy new year everyone! It is 2016! The best part about Christmas and new year are the massive sales everywhere! And that’s why I have a special review for you today. I’ve planned the…

    2. January 2016
  • The Blush Addict Tag

    I would never have considered myself as a blush addict since I have way more lip products than blushes, but after being nominated by KimKine (please do check out her wonderful blog!) I discovered…

    16. September 2015
  • NOTD: KIKO Mirror Nail Lacquer Golden Rose

    Honestly, I never went inside a KIKO store, although I have one near my place. But recently I heard about a mirror nail polish they have and I decided to have a look at…

    13. April 2013