Review: Max Factor Pastell Compact Blush

Today, I have a western makeup product review for you. I received the Max Faktor Pastell Compact Blush (or also known as Max Factor Cream Puff Blush) with the German drugstore beauty box “Schön Für Mich-Box” from Rossmann. I saw these blushes previously in various drugstores and since I don’t have a marbled blush yet I was especially intrigued to try them. The shade I received with the mentioned beauty box is “seductive pink”. Since this is my favourite and almost daily used blush at the moment I thought about a quick review here:

Max Factor Pastell Compact Blush

Most of you will know the brand Max Factor, a makeup brand by P&G. Max Factor, the founder of the brand, was a make-up artist who worked with former Hollywood icons like Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich back in the 10th century making the brand one of the oldest widely and worldwide known makeup brands. The Max Factor Pastell Compact Blush is available in 6 different shades. Each blush is composed of two colors and is pressed into a beautiful marbled blush as you can see for “seductive pink”. The marbled surface was the main reason I was attracted by this blush. It makes the tiny container look really beautiful. The golden and black packaging gives an elegant edge to the whole product.

Max Factor Pastell Compact Blush

The description from Max Factor says:

“Sometimes, a subtle flush of colour is the look you’re after; other times, a more striking contoured finish is what you want. New creme puff blush is perfect for creating both, and everything in between thanks to its easy-to-build formula.

  • Multi-tonal pigments work with your skintone
  • Finely milled, marbled finish
  • Controllable formula allows you to build colour as required.
  • Ultra blendable – no visible blush lines”

And I can confirm all the points mentioned above. By swirling a brush over the blush you will get a perfect mix of the two tines in the blush. The application is very easy and leaves a nice color with a slight sheen on your cheeks. The color is buildable, too, but I think a light brushing already gives you a nice a visible pop of color.

Max Factor Pastell Compact Blush

As I said at the beginning of this post: I’m in love with this blush and with the color. It is daily wearable and fits to my skintone. It is easy to use and longlasting, too, and the marbled appearance is beautiful! Most of all the prize lies at 8.50 € and it is available in most drugstores even here in Germany. If you have a chance to try them I can recommend you to do so! Did you try any marbled blushes? Do you have a favourite brand? I heard good things about the Hourglas mnarbled blushes, too.


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    1. Sometimes I have the same feeling, especially for pinkish/red shades, but I see differences for example between orangy and pinks…But I know your feeling :D

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