Review: Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blush No.01


I didn’t review any blushes for quite a while. Time to change this again :D Here is my review for Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blush No.01. This bush is available in 5 shades in total. By the way, I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I’m working on my thesis at the moment. I’ll be done in about a week, so stay with me, I have some really nice upcoming reviews (^_^).

Somehow, I rarely buy any cosmetics from Holika Holika. Although they have quite a couple of things I would love to buy. This blush comes in a small metal jar. First of all, the packaging is beautiful and super girly. The tiny jar is so cute, you have to fall in love with it, when you are a fan of pink and ornamented items XD.

The jar is sealed with a sticker with the color of the blush written on it. This one is a pink blush.
When you open it, you’ll discover that a cute puff with an attached bow is included inside the blush.

The puff is super soft and feels smooth on the skin. The actual blush is separated by a clear plastic foil from the puff.

As you can see, the blush has a nice ornament imprinted on it. It consists of three colors. All of them are different pink shades.

Below you can see a swatch on my arm. As you can see it is not pigmented. I applied it with the included puff and with a brush, but there is not much difference. the color stays very subtle.

Apart from the lack of pigmentation (which could be a pro for those who want a soft blush effect), another downside for me is the metal jar. The lid doesn’t close properly anymore after the sealing sticker was removed. Normally I would say that it has the perfect size for travelling, but in this case, since the lid keeps opening, I wouldn’t dare to put it inside my bag…
You can get these blushes from Holika Holika here:
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19 thoughts on “Review: Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blush No.01”

  1. Oh wow so bad it´s pure shimmering doesn´t looks pigmented. You should make a swatch show the color on your cheeks or face. Because I don´t sure it´s the light but on your fingers looks a bit pigmented. Thanks for the honest review~ I love it the packaging it´s to much lovely.

    1. Yes, I recognised that if you focus a bit more on the dark pink shade in the middle you can actually get a bit more of pigmentation. But it is somehow not easy to make the color evenly on both cheeks. The packaging is really adorable, it is such a pitty it doesn’t reclose properly:((

  2. I could deal with the super subtle pigmentation, but the tin not closing would be a deal buster. What a shame since this is such a pretty product!

    1. I think really that the main problmen is the packaging…and it even did not broke, it just simply doesn’t reclose for any reason….Anyways, the packaging is super pretty and has a nice place on my dressing table :D

  3. I too totally fall for the totally cute packaging and how they make their products look. However the pigmentation of this one is too light for me! I really like darker blushes!

    1. I like darker blushes too. I recognised that if you try to focus on the dark pink shade in the center the color becomes also more pigmented, but it is a bit difficult to achieve this. Anyway, the packaging is really super pretty…I wished the lid would close properly, too!

    1. I agree, the part with the lid is the most disapointing part. I can live with the pigmentation, but not being able to close it completelly is really bad :( But the packaging is so cute!

  4. The packaging is so lovely and cute but it’s a shame the tin always opens, the color is so pretty T^T I think the sheer pigmentation is bareable though because it looks more natural that way~ Thanks for this review, I’m sorry for not being able to comment a lot on your posts lately I’ve been pretty busy too, let’s hope we both will have more time so we can blog more XD haha


    1. You’re right, the pigmentation is not a real negative point, but the lid which doesn’t close is far more dissapointing…:( but the packaging is still beautifull…
      I’m happy you’re back in the blogging world and I hope I’ll see some new reviews from you aswell. I just finished the written part of my phd…I really have more time for blogginmg know :D

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