Review: Too Cool For School McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash

It really took me long to write up a review on Too Cool For School’s McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash. First of all, it took me ages to start using it after I bought it. Then I finally did use it, took some pictures, but since then it remained unnoticed in my folder with the unreviewed photos.

The Too Cool For School McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash came in three sachets, each of them containing 2 g of the rice wash powder. I don’t know if it is available in larger quantities than three. For using it you have to pour the powder into a bowl with clean, lukewarm water. Mix it a bit until it is dissolved and the water will turn milky. This does sound a bit complicated for an application in the morning and this was also the reason why it took me so long to review it :D
Honestly speaking, I was a bit underwhelmed by this powder wash. It is not a real cleanser, and I would not recommend to try to clean makeup with it. I think this is nice for people with sensitive skin. If you have cleaned your face in the evening thoroughly, you could go for this face wash in the morning. It is mild, smells nice and feels refreshing. But other than that it does not really work for me. It is too complicated to use in the morning. Also, I don’t think that this will brighten up your skin tone anyway. On the other hand, if you are a person having a lot of time in the morning you might enjoy this step and look at it as a kind of pre-toning your skin.
You can buy 3 sachets at for 1500 Won (around 1.5 US$). It is not that expensive if you wanna give it a try. The shipping costs depend on weight.
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16 thoughts on “Review: Too Cool For School McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash”

  1. It sounds like something that would be really indulgent on those days when you have time to pamper yourself. Sadly, I rarely seem to have those days.

  2. Looks interesting, many thanks for your review sweetie but after read your product maybe is a waste innecesary of money.
    Thanks for your review~

    1. It is nice that the small packaging of three sachets is not that expensive, so it was okay for trying. But I wouldn’t buy the large package of these :D Thanks for commenting! ♥

    1. It also comes in these sachets in fullsize. I think you can choose how many sachets you want to buy, but at testerkorera they only offered the 3 pieces as one set. Thanks for readind !

    1. haha, yes, it does….or like these matcha latte powders (except these are grenn XD).But you’re right, it is no foaming cleanser :D It is to time consuming for me, too :D Thanks for commenting Rini ♥

  3. This product looks interesting but it takes soo long to just cleanse your face because you have to prepare everything >w< I think this product wouldn’t be something for me since the cleansing isn’t deep either xD But still thanks for this review, I actually never heard of this product before too haha.


    1. I didn’t find any other reviews on this product either, and since it was not that expansive I thought I could give it a try. But it is too complicated for being my usual morning routine :D Thanks for reading ♥

    1. Yes, especially since you’ll have to organise a clean bowl to pour the powder inside etc….I mean, you can’t just use the sink, since it is not 100% clean every morning…or you would have to wash it before and this would just be too much :D Thanks for reading!♥

    1. I saw reviews of Missha’s Green Tea Powder Wash, too. If you like powder washes like this, you might like to try this one aswell…it was simply too complicated for me to use every morning. Thanks for commenting Mizu! ♥

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