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Review: The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

12. May 2015

My last review on a daily moisturizing cream lies months back (Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, btw), but today I’m back with another moisturizer I used after I finished the previous one: The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream. This cream contains galactomyces fermented extracts and is designed to sooth the skin.

The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

The Skin House is another Korean brand which was founded in Seoul in 1979. The brand is committed to produce “honest and high quality cosmetics” using natural raw materials. The packaging design of the brand’s products is also simple and pure. The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream comes in a simple cardboard box with white and salmon/pink colors. There are three types of this kind of facial moisturizer from The Skin House which have different colors each: the Ultra Firming Collagen Rich Cream (yellow), the Hydro Papaya Moisture Cream (blue), and the Face Calming Galactomyces Cream (salmon/pink). The Galactomyces Cream has thereby not only soothing properties, but also gives moisture and has anti-wrinkle properties.

The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

The cardboard box contains the descriptions of the product in English and Korean (click on the image below to enlarge). The Skin House has an english brand page, too, but this product is not listed there (I don’t know if it is not popular or if it has been discontinued).  The key ingredients of the cream are of course galactomyces ferment filtrate and yeast extract, but the cream also contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin for moisturizing. Moreover, the cream contains mango seed butter and a couple of other plant extracts. You can check the full ingredients >>here<<. There are some potential irritants, so if you have specific allergic reactions make sure to check the ingredients first.

The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

The cream comes in a regular plastic jar, which is very lightweight and contains 30 ml of product. I was really suprised how light the jar was actually, and I think it is perfect for people who travel a lot considering the weight. The lid is nothing special, but a white plastic lid, but the cotainer of the jar is made of a milky kind of salmon/pink plastic which looks quite pretty.

The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

The jar is sealed when unopened and contains Korean descriptions on the side and the expiration date on the bottom of the jar.

The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

When removing the lid you’ll find a plastic separator, which prevents the cream from leaking out and onto the inside of the lid. The cream itself has a light orange/pink color and  and a soft creamy texture. The scent is a flowery one, but not too heavy.

The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

The cream feels very soft and is easily to spread. It melts easily into the skin, leaving it moisturized, but not too heavily. Actually, if you have very dry skin it won’t provide enough moisture, but for oily, normal to lightly dried skin it is enough, especially when wearing this cream during day time and having other moisturizing steps like essences, serums, emulsions and so on. For regular use you don’t need a lot of this cream to cover your face. At night I preferred to slap on a thicker layer of the cream on my face, because it made the skin feels super soft on the next morning. And although using a thicker layer it absorbs comparably fast into the skin. The skin also felt more bouncy afterwards, which was a nice experience.

The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

I’ve used the Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream for several weeks now and I’ve just finished the jar and I was really happy with this moisturizer. It made the skin feels soft, but not greasy, absorbed fast, and worked with my makeup.

The Skin House Face Calming Galactomyces Cream

There are no negative points I can make for this cream. Probably, all skintypes can use it, because it is not super matte, not super oily. It contains some great ingredients, makes the skin feel great afterwards and also can be used below other makeup steps. The best part of it: it is not expansive! It retails at testerkorea for 9900 Won (~10 US$) and on ebay for 12 US$. This cream is totally recommended!


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  • MissLovelyAttitude 12. May 2015 at 23:34

    great review :) I’m just searching for a new daycreme and will remeber your review :) kisses

  • Kine 13. May 2015 at 12:43

    So cheap!! Lovely to hear it works for you! I’m unsure when I can get back to using ‘normal’ skincare with my skin condition. I hope it’s soon, if ever!

  • Evelyn 13. May 2015 at 22:48

    I’m loving so far the galactomyces ingredient. Currently using a syn ake cream (day and night), but the eye cream it have galactomyces and I can feel my eye zone more hydrated.

  • Celly 15. May 2015 at 9:14

    Wow this sounds like a great product! I’ve never heard of this Korean brand, but it is at such an affordable price, thanks for sharing! ^_^

  • Coline+T. 15. May 2015 at 18:38

    I think I am going to get this cream! It looks so good! :-D

    • lily 26. May 2015 at 4:27

      luv this cream <3

  • Sakuranko 15. May 2015 at 19:23

    This look like a nice product I need say this brand is new for me. Thank you for your good review.

  • Erica Price 18. May 2015 at 20:13

    I really like the sound of this – just the thing my skin needs.

  • Natalie Crossan 19. May 2015 at 20:17

    I don’t know what it is about Korean beauty products but they’re just wonderful x