Review: The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Clay Nose Pack

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This Volcanic Clay Blackhead Clay Nose Pack from The Face Shop is also part of my KoCoMall haul from quite a while ago. You’ll find the haul here. Ever since I tried one of The Face Shop’s Volcanic Clay nose patches I wanted to try this Clay Nose Pack. I was really curious about how it works, and since it was on sale I thought I’ll give it a try.

Here is the product description by The Face Shop’s official web page:

Say Good-bye to your blackheads!
A Perfect cleansing line effective for removing blackheads and dead skin cells
Peel-off type of blackhead nose strip that draws out blackheads completely. (Same as existing Mud Nose Pack)

Dispense an adequate amount and gently apply onto and around the nose area. After 10~15 minutes when completely dry, remove the mask upwards.
The package design of the tube is really nice. With all the writings and the little symbols it is kind of cute, too. The tube has a cap which can be flipped open. The description is written in Korean and English on the backside of the tube.
The consistency of the mask is glue-y when it comes out of the tube. It is very sticky and can be messy if you don’t take care in first place. That is also a point why I personally would have preferred a screw cap instead of one that can be flipped open, because those “flipping caps” tend to close sometimes and you’ll mess around within the cap :/
Once you put a layer on your nose and wait for a while you can feel how the mask tightens and dries. The package description says to leave it 15-20 minutes until it is dry. I tested this mask on me and on my boyfriend and the results were partly good, partly not. In my opinion you get the best results if you leave it for longer time. Then it really removes stuff which is inside your pores and you didn’t even realize it was there XD But I have to admit that it hurts to peel it off the drier it gets. If you have sensitive skin don’t buy it! My boyfriend likes it as it seems, since he asks for this every now and then :D
You can buy it at the moment on KoCoMall for US$ 4.16 since it is on sale.
Will I repurchase? Actually you don’t need a lot of product, so this tube will stay with me for quite some time. But I won’t purchase the same again, I will rather try out other similar masks or stick with nose patches.
For all UK residents: will be at a Korean Pop-up shop in London in August the 4th 2013 from 11am-6pm – they’ll have an own stall with their products from the online store! They’ll be giving 20% off everything from the retail price if you purchase on the day. You can find the information here:


22 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Clay Nose Pack”

  1. Omg fräulein I’ve been trying to get this product since 2 months ago but it’s still out of stock in local store here T_T I really want it haha I maybe should try to order it from kocomall then since its cheaper there D: thank you for the review ^^

    1. I would recommend you to order it at KoCoMall. If you are not registered there yet you’ll get a 5 $ coupon. I remember using it too and I paid less than 10 $ for the innisfree bb and this pack and I got a lot of samples, too. Thanks for commenting ♥

  2. I remember reading Sam’s review on this too. I don’t think I could stand the hair pulling out side effect. Lol. :P I can’t even use wax. Such a wimp.

    1. If you are sensitive to pain in this point I won’t recommend it. I’m used to waxing and stuff like this, that’s why it doesn’t bother me to much. :) Thanks for commenting ♥

    1. What do you try instead? Unfortunately, this one doesn’t work for you, since it is so cheap. Butluckily there are many products focusing on this issue. Thanks for commenting ♥

  3. I’ve tried the patch one and it feels like I’m peeling a layer of my skin off when I try to remove it after 20 minutes :(
    It’s pretty effective though I must say… I think I shall try this one out since it’s so cheap right now!

    Thanks for the detailed review Fraulein:D


    1. Wie gesagt, es kann sehr weh tun beim abziehen und manchmal wirkt es besser, manchmal schlechter. Aber da es nicht so teuer ist kann man es ruhig mal austesten ;) danke für’s lesen :)

  4. Ich möchte diese Maske auch unbedingt mal testen, in der Hoffnung, dass meine Haut es verträgt. Wobei sie in der Nasengegend schon wirklich robust ist.
    Meine vergrößerten Poren sind nämlich wirklich hartnäckig.

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