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Review: Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

12. July 2016

You might have stumbled upon the giveaway I did on my Instagram account in collaboration with BBCOSMETIC?! If not, there is still a little bit time to enter the giveaway. Today’s review will be about the prices you can win: The Elizavecca 2 Step Sheet Masks! There are three different types of this mask available called Anti-Aging EGF Aqua Mask Sheet, Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask Sheet, and the Aqua White Water Illuminate Mask Sheet, all packed in an adorable packaging:

Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

The Korean brand Elizavecca has gained quite some popularity among asian beauty lovers. The Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask of this brand really made a round in the asian beauty blogger community, and to my shame I must admit that I didn’t try it yet. Actually, this is my first product from Elizavecca…:D And it is not only the first time I’m trying the brand Elizavecca, but also the first time trying a sheet mask with 3 included steps! I did reviews of a 2 Step Sheet Mask by Forencos, which included ampoule and the sheet mask before, and I do like the idea of having many skincare steps combined to one sachet. The Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks contain a cleanser, a sheet mask, and a third skincare product which fits to the specificities of the sheet mask.

Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

Each 3 Step sheet Mask comes in a sachet with some cute illustrations of girls wearing sheet masks. The caption says “Liar Beautiful Girl”, which doesn’t make much sense, but anyways…Each of the three steps is in a separate chamber of the sachet, labelled with the numbers 1 to 3. The descriptions on the backside of the sachet are in Korean only.

Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

Aqua White Water Illuminate Mask Sheet

Aqua White Water Illuminate Mask Sheet is targeting skin elasticity for for baby-smooth skin. It contains nutritious serum and EGF as key ingredient. As a first step you use the Bubble Water Cleansing Foam, in the second step the Anti-Aging Elastic Serum is provided. The third step is the Anti-Aging EGF Aqua Mask Pack. The cleansing foam is a regular foam cleanser with a neutral pH of 7. It foams up nicely, but also leaves the skin a bit tight. It is NOT the most drying cleanser I tried though. The serum is a clear gel-like fluid which feels moisturizing and nourishing. The mask is made of a think, see-through cotton, which is soaked densely with the essence. This mask feels moist and refreshed and has also nice cooling effect.

Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks
Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask Sheet

The Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask Sheet is for clearing up the face. It contains nutritious essence and bird’s nest extracts are for pore care and elasticity. First step is the pore cleansing foam. Second step is the Play Back Moisture Essence, and the last step is the Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask Pack. Also here the cleansing foam appears a regular foam cleanser with a neutral pH of 7. The essence feels hydrating and moist and is a bit more fluid than the serum from the previous mask. The sheet mask itself is a black sheet mask though.

Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

Aqua White Water Illuminate Mask Sheet

The Aqua White Water Illuminate Mask Sheet is directed towards brightening and moisturizing the skin containing vitamins and glutathione as key ingredients. Here the first step is again cleansing the face, this time you’ll be using the Real Aqua Cleansing Foam. The second step is the sheet mask here. It is called the Aqua White Water Illuminate Mask Pack. As a last step you’ll use the Vita Aqua Moisture cream, a balm-type cream, in order to seal the moisture within your skin and give it a boost in hydration. The cream leaves a Sticky feeling and is better suited for the evening.

Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

Below you can see the comparison between the textures of the sheet masks. The regular sheet mask on the left versus the black pore care sheet mask on the right.

Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

I really like the Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks. First of all, they are perfect for travelling, because you can take a small skincare routine in one sachet with you. Secondly, I like how well soaked the sheet masks were. Then, of course, they have a pretty and cute illustration on their sheet mask, too. :D Out of the three I liked the Aqua White Water Illuminate Mask Sheet most, because I loved the balm-type cream for sealing the moisture onto the skin. It is perfect for the nighttime routine. The other two were also suited for use during daytime. I received these sheet masks from BBCOSMETIC and they retail for 19.80 US$ for 10 pieces of one of the types and 12.99 US$ for 6 sheet masks (2 from each type). You can also use the voucher Q2C8JX9N45R3O  in order to get 10 % discount on bbcosmetic. If you still have time feel free to join my giveaway on Instagram and you can test and try the sheet masks yourself!


What do you think of these multi-step sheet masks? Seems they are getting more and more common in the Korean beauty market.


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Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

And don’t forget to take part in my Instagram Giveaway! You can win some sheetmasks there, too! :)

Elizavecca 3 Step Sheet Masks

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • Joan 12. July 2016 at 14:29

    Wow a 9.2! I’ll have to check these out. Also, the graphic on the Pore one is amazing..

  • Ilham Derouiche 22. July 2016 at 16:53

    Omg I’m so excited to receive these sheet masks I love your honest reviews♥

  • Lisset Lopez 5. August 2016 at 22:31


    Thanks for the review.

    I would much rather try !!

  • Nabs 3. December 2016 at 13:13

    hey i was wondering if the pore solution really does work. I want to buy one but i’m curious, does it really take out your blackheads? Thank youu:)