Review: Taiwan False Handmade Eyelashes from BornPrettyStore

Here is a review for a box of different style eyelashes I got from These false eyelashes are handmade and from Taiwan.

They come in a simple white box with the shape of a heart cut out on the front. I like the cute box, although it is very simple. The box contains 10 different false eyelashes. The material used is high quality fiber and the lash bands are very thin. This way the lashes appear very natural.
BornPrettyStore also included a little gift with the package, a pen in shape of a lipstick. The idea is really funny and nice :D Thanks again to BornPretty ♥

The lashes have a soft feel and give a very natural appearance, since the band is very thin and transparent. The disadvantage of the thin band is, that you have to be more careful not to break it. But this didn’t happen to me yet :D The different designs are really pretty and you have lashes which make your look more dramatic or lashes which are on the simple side. Below I will show you three different lashes from this box which each create another effect. Except of the lashes I added my eyes are bare on each picture without any additional make-up. Normally I would prefer to use eyeliner at least which makes the lashes look much prettier.

The box doesn’t contain any lash glue, so if you consider buying these keep that in mind. You can get the lashes at BornPrettyStore for US$ 5.99 and you can use the coupon code KBX31 for a 10% discount :) They offer free shipping, too! I think this is a pretty affordable box of nice differently designed lashes and recommend them to anyone who wants to try some different styles.










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15 thoughts on “Review: Taiwan False Handmade Eyelashes from BornPrettyStore”

  1. I have never worn false eyelashes before! I’m thinking I’d like the result, but I feel like they might get a little uncomfortable because I have very sensitive eyes. The lashes in the 2nd picture are my favorite.

    1. If you have sensitive eyes I won’t wear lashes either, since I think the glue will always irritate a tiny bit. I don’t wear lashes often, perhaps 3 or 4 times a year…or even less :D

    1. Ja, ich trage auch nicht wirklich oft falsche wimpern, aber jetzt wo halloween naht freue ich mich natürlich über diese Auswahl an Wimpern, da wird sich schon was finden was zu meinem Kostüm passt ;) XD

    1. I wear false lashes also very seldom, like 3-4 times a year but it is great that this box offers so much variaty. I think it needs a little practise to be able to put them perfectly…

  2. I think a few of the lashes in your pack look too unnatural for my liking but I think they look good on you :3 They’re lik gyaru lashes! I actually got sponsored by them too lol *high five* we always have the same sponsors :D haha And thanks for the review :3

    1. *high five* :D I’m not a daily false lashes wearer…I wear them like 3 to 4 times a year…but I like those dramatic lashes for Halloween for example-I’m already really excited and looking forward to it :D

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