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Review: Skinfood Strawberry Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask

14. March 2014
Remember the last time when I reviewed Skinfood’s Black Sugar Wash-Off Scrub (click for the review >>here<<) ? I received a sample of Skinfood Strawberry Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask together with this purchase and I was really happy, because I’ve been really indecisive between the Strawberry and the pure Black Sugar Mask. Since I’ve been testing the Strawberry Masks now, I can tell you, that I super love it! ♥
The full size product comes in a jar like the Skinfood Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask, but the packaging design of the sample sachet is not less beautiful. I really love the design this one has, the colors fit together nicely and it has the cutest strawberry illustration on it. Also, the sample sachet does contain enough product to use it at least 3 times, which is great for trying!
Although this is a sample and most of the Korean product samples have only Korean description written on them, this one comes with English and Korean description. Again a plus! Now, the major difference between this mask and the pure Black Sugar mask is the consistency. This one has a gel-like consistency and is not that solid as the Black Sugar Mask. Thus, it is more gentle to the skin for exfoliation.
The effect of the Strawberry Black Sugar Mask is the same in the end. It exfoliates the skin and leaves it refreshed and cleansed, without leaving a greasy film. The scent is divine (for those who love strawberry scented products) ♥ I can only say that I love this mask, it has a great scent, works well and leaves me all in all super happy! If you have sensitive skin and were worried about the Black Sugar Mask to be too harsh you should at least try this one!
You can buy a jar containing 100 g at:
W2Beauty for 12.00 US$ for 9.95 US$


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  • Sample Hime 14. March 2014 at 12:07

    I absolutely love this one so much. I started out with a sample jar and went for the full size before I’d even finished. :) It was actually one of the first “oils” I felt comfortable putting on my face, and I’m def buying another full size jar because I’m almost out!

    • Fräulein Schnee 25. March 2014 at 15:45

      I want to buy the full jar aswell. I so loved the scent *_* And I really love that the sample sachet contains enough product for testing it a couple of times :)

  • Sooyoona 14. March 2014 at 16:39

    Die Maske ist so gut. Habe sie als Fullsize gekauft und mittlerweile ist sie auch leer. Mir gefällt diese hier besser als die Black Sugar Mask, vor allem weil sie nicht so “grob” ist :)

    • Fräulein Schnee 25. March 2014 at 15:46

      Ich will diese Maske auch unbedingt nochmal in fullsize kaufen. Der Geruch ist so toll…und sie ist auch einfacher zu benutzen als die feste Black sugar Scrub.

  • Karen Box 14. March 2014 at 20:46

    Oh yes, this looks so fresh and appealing! Thank you for the excellent review.

    • Fräulein Schnee 25. March 2014 at 15:46

      I can only recommend you to try this. I really loved the scent *_*

  • Beth Graves 15. March 2014 at 5:54

    Sounds wonderful! I love the smell of strawberry!

    • Fräulein Schnee 25. March 2014 at 15:47

      I love the strawberry scent of this product, too. You should try it if you are a fan of such scents. This is one of the nicest masks I tried. Thanks for commenting!

  • Amicia Rai 15. March 2014 at 16:14

    I loooove strawberries, so this is definitely something that I will need to try in the near future! :D

    • Fräulein Schnee 25. March 2014 at 15:48

      If you are a strawberry fan you should definitively buy and try this. I really did like using it so much! Thanks for commenting :)

  • MizzJ 16. March 2014 at 23:18

    This mask sounds so lovely! I’ve heard of Skinfood, but have never tried it myself.

    • Fräulein Schnee 25. March 2014 at 15:48

      Skinfood really has some nice products and they are not super expansive either. If you have a chance you should try some of their products. Thanks for commenting!

  • ☆*:.。.With ❤ Tiffany.:*☆ 18. March 2014 at 20:10

    Ooh, I actually want to try this some time. I like how it’s more gentle than the regular Black Sugar mask :)

    • Fräulein Schnee 25. March 2014 at 15:50

      Yes, it is! I really do recommend you to try it. It has an amazing scent and it feels super good. Thanks for commenting!

  • Steph 29. April 2014 at 4:58

    I love this mask too! I loved the smell of it straight away, pretty much as soon as I got to Korea, but for some reason have never bought it for myself >.< I used a sample for the FIRST time the other day and I think I am in love. It’s way less harsh than the original one, as you say, and it just smells sooo freaking good. I am finally writing a review on it soon but I completely agree with what you had to say! Love Skinfood, and this review! <3

    • Fräulein Schnee 23. May 2014 at 14:10

      I’m happy that you love it as much as I do. I really want to get the full size jar of this. It is such a great product. Thanks for commenting ♥