Review: BRTC Aqua Rush Cream

I definitively have been eyeing with the brand BRTC for a long, long time. Many reviews I’ve read have been so promising, and finally there is a time when I can review products from this brand thanks to BNTnews. The BRTC Aqua Rush Cream, which is today’s topic, is a moisturizing cream enriched with mineral-rich deep sea water and 8 different flower extracts designed for the needs of dry skintypes. Sounds lovely to me already!

BRTC Aqua Rush Cream

BRTC is a ‘derma-technology cosmetics brand’ from Korea. It stands for ‘Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics’. They have products which are dermatological tested and safe for a variety of skintypes. They have different product lines each targeting another skin concern. The BRTC Aqua Rush Cream for example belongs to the Aqua Rush System, a skincare line created for moisturizing dry skin. It has a blue signature color, but apart from this the design is pretty simple and clear, kind of scientific with the illustration of a chemical flask.

BRTC Aqua Rush Cream

What I like is the thorough descriptions on the cardboard box packaging in Korean and English. Moreover, you’ll find an instruction sheet inside the box which also lists all the products which belong to the Aqua Rush System: There is the Aqua Rush Peel Gel, Aqua Rush Fluid, Aqua Rush Serum, Aqua Rush Cream and the Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream. Apart from the mineral-rich seawater the Marine RX Force (TM) is the key ingredient which replenishes lost moisture and keeps the skin comfortable for hours. Apart from these the BRTC Aqua Rush Cream contains Jojoba oil and Aloe vera extracts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a full English ingredients list, so I only did a quick “Google Translate” check as far as possible. I found some paraben within the ingredients, but other than that I was not really successful :D

BRTC Aqua Rush Cream

The key tasks of the BRTC Aqua Rush Cream are providing intensive moisture, protect the skin, give nutrition to the skin, and calm the skin. Since it is a moisturizing cream it comes in a typical jar. Unfortunately, no spatula is included, so use your own, or only clean fingers to take out the cream. The cream has a gel-cream consistency and reminds me of other moisturizing cream-gels I tried before. But as soon as you apply the cream you will know the difference: Once applied it strangely feels more like a balm than a gel-formula. The moment you start rubbing the cream into your skin the magic starts working and the cream dissolves into watery texture! You know from my previous reviews that I love products with water drop texture, but this is so amazingly refreshing because it completely turns into moisture!

BRTC Aqua Rush Cream

For me the BRTC Aqua Rush Cream fulfilled all its claims: it is moisturizing, calming, nourishing and is the perfect daily moisturizing cream for me. I absolutely have no negative remarks so far. It works great and didn’t make my skin break out! I think this cream will be great and refreshing in summer, too, and I also think that people in warm or hot places might like it despite their skintype. If you get the chance to try any samples of this I would recommend you to try it. The full-size jar contains 60 ml and is a bit pricey with 40000 Won retail price. I found it at for 37.01 US$.

This product was provided to me by BNTnews for reviewing. Don’t forget to visit the other BNTGirls Kim, BellaMary, Celine, Alene, Joanne, Chermaine, ,Mitha, and Blair and check out their reviews for the August BNT Beauty Box. And visit BNTnews for the latest Korean news and trends:

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