Review: Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser

Here is the confession of a dry skin type person: I love foam cleansers! I know, foam cleansers usually tend to be more drying than gel cleansers or cleansing waters and I – as someone with dry skin – should be aware of it! Yet, I love the luscious and soft embrace of a good old foamy cleanser. Here is a review of my latest tested cleanser, the Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser.

Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser

Lafine is the first brand of Lamy Cosmetics, a Korean Cosmetics Company. Lamy Cosmetics is a Korean cosmetics company with 6 different brand. The brands are Renoma, Geo, Sortie, Mennen, Catalina Geo, and, the brand mentioned in this post, Lafine. I reviewed a couple of products from Lamy Cosmetics already, I even reviewed another cleanser by Lafine before, the Lafine Vegetable Deep Cleansing Cream. You can read my review >>here<< if you missed it.

Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser

Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser is part of the Lafine Vegetable line, which uses 5 vegetable ingredients for nourishing the skin: tomato, carrot, parsley, cucumber and water parsley. This is also displayed by the design of the cardboard box and the tube containing the foam cleanser. On the cardboard box you will also find the Korean and the English description of the product. The ingredients are also listed on COSDNA if you want to look them up. Although the product is 5 free (no animal oil, triclosan, paraben, benzophenon and talc), there are quite a lot of potential irritants and acne triggers stated in the list.

Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser

The vegetable ingredients are represented by tiny red and green granules in the product, which dissolve and release the nutrients (unfortunately, not visible in my swatch below). Tomato is known for its antioxidant effects. It contains vitamin C, B1, and B2 and have a high content in sugars (fructose/glucose). Cucumber is known for its detoxing properties because it contains mostly water. Apart from water cucumber also provides vitamin A and C. Carrots are also rich in anti-oxidants. Especially are they known for their vitamin A content and iron. Parsley is rich in fiber and brightens up the skin tone and water parsley contains vitamin C and minerals. Moreover the Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser contains Papaya Extract for a gentle exfoliation. The measured pH lies at 7 though, so it is not your ideal choice if you only use low pH cleansers. It builds a rich and soft foam though and cleans away nicely leftover makeup, resulting in a squeaky clean feeling of the skin. Here, I have to state, that it is quite drying on my skin after using it (as expected if you have squeaky clean skin).

Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser

Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser does a good job in really cleansing your face from oils. I have to state though, that it is quite stripping and makes the skin feel squeaky clean. If you enjoy cleanser like this (and have oily type skin) you should have a look into it. It has a pH of 7, so if you are looking for a more acid cleanser for using actives this is not your best choice. The Lafine Deep Vegetable Cleaning Cream has a pH of 5 though. The Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser is available from KMall24 for 12.73 US$ (additional shipping costs) or from for 23.99 US$ (includes shipping) (also by KMall24).

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Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleanser


Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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