Review: Kanebo Lavshuca Jewelry Lips Color RD3 and RD4

I’ve always had an eye on Kanebo Lavshuca’s Jewelry Lipsticks, because I loved their design, which was pretty and princess-y. Nevertheless, I somehow never bought one of these, until I discovered that they were to be discontinued and replaced by Lavshuca’s new launched collection. I was disappointed, because the new design is not princess-y any more at all, but then I discovered, that were had a sale on the old lipsticks. The shades were limited, and most of them already out of stock, but I could buy two shades from the Jewelry Lips Color line. I will review both colors in this post, so there will be a lot of images this time.

Here are the two shades I bought, RD3 and RD4, both very similar to each other, with the slightest difference.
The packaging is in Japanese unfortunately.
The lipstick tube is really pretty and it reminds really of some jewels, like said in the name. Also, it reminds me of some magical girl item XD (…I tried it…no transformation happened…)
These are so tiny and cute, they are perfect for a small handbag, too ♥ And I really mean it when I say they’re tiny. They have a capacity of 1.8g.
The color of the two shades I bought is similar. One has a more pink hue and the other a slight hint of coral. But both are very natural colors.
I didn’t use them with concealer on the images below, but just on my bare lips and you barely notice the difference on my lips. Nevertheless, the consistency of these lipsticks is really nice. It feels moisturizing on the lips and gives them a natural gloss. Since I don’t wear lip gloss, I prefer lipsticks with shades like this for days I don’t want to put on much.If you use concealer before, the shades are more nude and the difference between the two shades is more visible.
I would really like to know how the darker shades would look like, having tried now these sheer shades. I bought them for around US$ 5 each on, but I think they are out of stock by now. I discovered a seller on ebay selling the Kanebo Lavshuca Jewelry Lips for US$ 14. So if you would like one of these have a look at ebay., but I never ordered there by myself. Would I repurchase? Yes, the packaging is so beautiful. Nevertheless, I don’t know if I want to pay US$ 14 for it…Did anybody try the new Lavshuca collection?


22 thoughts on “Review: Kanebo Lavshuca Jewelry Lips Color RD3 and RD4”

  1. Lucky you!!! Haha I like shopping there too ^^ but fräulein your bare lips already look so pink and pretty like with lipstick on :D but seriously $5 each is really a good deal! Haha thank you for reviewing these they look really fabulous too bad it’s discontinued

    1. I’m so sad that they are being discontinued :( They look so adorable. …Thank you for the compliments on my lip color…I never realized they were nice or anything XD….And sometimes I’m not satisfied because with some lipcolors you don’t see any difference, haha :’D

  2. omg the first pic, i thought that’s the lipstick colour, turns out that’s your bare lips :O
    just like Misa said, it’s already pink and pretty enough ^^
    i was laughing with the ‘no transformation’ words XD

    I like RD3 more than RD 4 :3

    And please vote for me if you have time, Fraulein. Your vote means so much to me. Thank you ^^
    Vote here

  3. The packaging is sooo pretty! *o* You should make another review if you purchase a different shade! Speaking of shade, whenever I see RD I always think of bold red color. lol These looks really natural and it looks really nice on you plus it’s very affordable too. :D Thanks for the review Fraulein! :)

    1. I like the packaging so much *_* If I can get my hands on any other shade of these I’ll definately make a new review, too ^o^ And I was also surprised that they name these colors RD although they are not that bold. Thanks for commenting ♥

  4. This is a sign that I really need to haul some Japanese stuff again. I’ve been so focused on Korea these days that I’ve neglected my original love. xD

  5. I think the colors look soo sheer on your already pink lips :D But I like them, I never tried them tho but it’s a shame they’re discontinued. I always thought that Kanebo would be uber expensive because I saw a primer from about $70 OTL

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