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Review: Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One

23. March 2016

A rare occasion for me to review a skincare product for men! Actually, I did not only test it by myself, but forced my better half to apply it, although he rarely applies any skincare items. I received the Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One as last item for March from BNTnews and here are my boyfriend’s and my thoughts on it:

Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One

Hwajin Cosmetics is a Korean brand absolutely new to me, but it seems they have a range of skincare and household items. The Homme Terrior line is a skincare line designed for men as the name tells us. I also saw that other BNTgirls have received different items like BB cream etc from this line. When I first saw the bottle I thought of perfume or aftershave and I was really surprised to see that this product is actually a multipurpose lotion. It comes in a sturdy bottle in black with some golden details. I didn’t get any ingredients list of this product and it seems that it has launched just recently, because I didn’t find any pricing either. But thanks to BNTnews I have some information nevertheless.

Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One

Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One is designed for moisturizing, firming, nourishing and balancing the oiliness and moisture of the skin. Since men like to keep it simple it is really a good idea to name a product ‘All In One’ and give it all the skincare properties needed in one single and easy step. The lotion has compounds derived from resurrection plants, herbs, apricot kernels and others to soften and refresh the damaged and rough skin of men. A patented extract mixture from herbs and licorice soothes and moistens the skin. The key ingredients are:

Lemon extract: the rich vitamin C and the citric acid exfoliates and cleanses the skin

Bamboo extract: the antibacterial and antioxidant effect of the bamboo sap makes the skin moist and healthy

Herb extract: a mixture of extracts from rosemary, chamomile, green tea leaf, licorice, polygonum cuspidatum, centella asiatica and scutellaria

Iceberg water: the ultrapure water collected from Newfoundland, Canada

The ingredients sound really nice and also the texture of the lotion is promising. The Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One has a gel-type, milky consistency and feels moist upon application. It has a light scent, which is not heavy, but fresh and also not too “masculine” either. The lotion is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy stain or heavy feeling. 

Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One

The Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One is a perfect product for lazy people, who want a simple one-step skincare routine. It is not designed for heavily moisturizing dry skin, but it gives a good amount of moisture and makes the skin feel softer- perfect for daily use. The design is sleek and in my opinion the bottle looks elegant aswell. This might work if your want to convince your boyfriend to take some care of his skin, too. Unfortunately, I do not know the retail price yet and neither any specific online store to get it from, but I will update if I have any news.

This product was provided to me by BNTnews for reviewing. Don’t forget to visit the other BNTGirls Kim, BellaMary, Celine,Alene,Joanne,Chermaine,MithaBlair and many more…check out their reviews for the March BNT Beauty Box. You can find my previous reviews for BNTnews >>here<<. And visit BNTnews for the latest Korean news and trends:

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Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior All In One

Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned and reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent to me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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  • misslovelyattitude 23. March 2016 at 16:51

    sounds like a product for me :D Lazy as I am :D

    • Frl. Schnee 23. March 2016 at 21:33

      It’s for men though :D